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The Sin Bin Recap

A woman, Maggie Cole, is running down the street to her car. She calls 911 and says that he is going to kill her, just as someone comes up on her.

At Lux, the guests are celebrating the weekend on Wednesday. Lucifer tells Maze that he's celebrating the fact that answers will be his now that they've captured Sinnerman. Maze point out that there are other things that Sinnerman could take way from Lucifer, like his life in LA. Lucifer isn't convinced, and says that they're bringing him in for questioning in the morning and then he'll learn the man's weakness. When Maze wonders how, Lucifer says that there are ways and breaks up an angel piñata for the guests.

The next morning, Marcus tells the officers that Sinnerman is in the house and no one talks to him alone. Chloe comments to Ella that Marcus is taking it well given that Sinnerman killed his brother. Ella is surprised at the news, and Chloe admits that she didn't know it was common knowledge. Unis take Sinnerman to Interrogation and Marcus and Chloe watch him through the one-way mirror. Chloe assures Pierce that it's over because they have plenty of evidence against Sinnerman. Lucifer comes in and says that he'll take first crack at Sinnerman. Marcus refuses to let anyone talk to Sinnerman but him,

While Lucifer argues with Marcus, Chloe goes in and questions Sinnerman. Sinnerman quotes Silence of the Lambs and chuckles. She tells him that she knows that he's not crazy, and Sinnerman says that there's a method to his non-madness and she'll figure it out eventually. Sinnerman asks what time it is, just as Ella comes in from Evidence with Sinnerman's ringing phone. Marcus and Lucifer come in as they answer the phone. It shows Maggie trapped in a reservoir filling with water, and Sinnerman refuses to say who his accomplice is. He tells them that she'll only survive if they let him take them to her.

Later in the conference room, the team listens to Maggie's 911 call. They figure if they find the accomplice then they find Maggie. The call to Sinnerman's phone was rerouted through an anonymous server. Lucifer figures that taking Sinnerman out will be faster than an investigation. Dan comes in and says that there's no sign of Maggie or her car. Marcus figures that it's an escape plan and tells them to find another way. Trixie is in the squad room coloring crime scene photos, and Dan says that he forgot to book Mrs. Baczynski for babysitting but he'll take care of it.

Ella brings up Maggie's driver's license and discovers that she's wearing a patch of a roller derby. Chloe and Lucifer go there, and Chloe explains that the two teams--the Dirty Divas and the Blazing Banshees--are notorious rivals. Chloe says that she's a derby fan, and Lucifer questions a player who says that Maggie--the Slayer--is missing. The player says that Maggie disappeared the day before after getting into a brawl with their blocker, Helena Handbasket. When Chloe tries to talk to Helena, she says that she's busy and refuses to answer questions.

When Chloe flashes her badge, Helena runs and Lucifer goes across the track to cut her off while Chloe chases after her. Lucifer grabs a beer and tosses it in front of Helena, and she slips and falls. They take her to the penalty box--the "Sin Box"--and Helena figures that Maggie ratted her out. She explains that Maggie stole her spot as lead jammer, and confirms that she has an alibi. Helena says that Maggie parks on a free lot a few blocks over.

Dan takes Trixie to a coffee shop and calls Mrs. Baczynski. He discovers that she's dead, and Charlotte comes over and Dan explains that Charlotte is her "work colleague". As Charlotte leaves, Trixie tells Dan that she has an idea.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the lot looking for Maggie's car. She complains that Lucifer isn't supporting her. They find the car and Lucifer immediately opens the door. Chloe sees a grenade wired to the door, and pulls Lucifer away. They get clear just as the grenade blows up the car.

Back at the station, Chloe complains to Lucifer that they have no way of tracking Maggie. She figures that they need to bust Sinnerman out and needs to have Lucifer's back since he's her partner. Chloe tells him that he has to do exactly what she says, and that first they need the keys that are in Marcus' office. She suggests that Ella comfort Marcus as a distraction, and tells Ella not to mention that she was involved. Ella talks to Marcus as he gets coffee and she talks about how she lost her dog and began the healing process. Meanwhile, Chloe sneaks into Marcus' rooms and gets the keys to Holding.

Ella keeps bugging Marcus, while Ella finally locates the key in Marcus' jacket pocket. Meanwhile, Chloe gives Lucifer a note to give to a bomb tech. She asks if that's what he wants, and he asks what she wants in return. Dan finds a present at his desk with a note saying that it's Sinnerman, and hers ticking inside. They call the bomb squad and the men in protective suits evacuate everyone out. Once they're I the van, Lucifer and Chloe remove their helmets and have Sinnerman remove his helmet. However, Marcus is in the driver's seat and says that he's going with them.

Charlotte ends up babysitting Trixie, who complains that it's boring there. The lawyer explains that she has children and they stay with her husband, and finally says that her kids don't want to see her. Trixie tells her that she's the mom and makes the rules, and then asks Charlotte if she and Dan are having sex.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Marcus take Sinnerman to the middle of nowhere, and Lucifer asks why Marcus is helping them. Marcus admits that it's the best way to find Maggie, but figures that it's a trap. They hear Maggie ahead and find her in a reservoir runoff. As Chloe and Marcus free her, they realize that Lucifer and Sinnerman are both gone and figure that Sinnerman and his accomplice have Lucifer.

As the police arrive, Chloe calls Lucifer and gets his voice mail. Marcus blames himself for letting Sinnerman out, and Chloe suggests that they talk to Maggie. Maggie tells them that the accomplice chased her to her car and was wearing a mask. When Chloe mentions that the car blew up, Maggie says that the accomplice must have put the grenade in later and Chloe points out that they didn't mention a grenade. Maggie sys that she made it all up and she abducted herself. All she wanted was to be the team's lead jammer but couldn't compete with the current one, Faith, so she went to Sinnerman to get a favor. Faith died in a car accident, and Sinnerman demanded that Maggie fake her own kidnapping. He threatened to kill her if she didn't do it. Chloe figures that there was no accomplice and Lucifer kidnapped Sinnerman.

Lucifer takes Sinnerman to his hills estate, wakes him up, and draws eyes on his eye bandages. Sinnerman refuses to tell him anything, and Lucifer promises that he will. He says that he will give his devil face back and his wings off because no one decides who he is but him. Lucifer slams Sinnerman into the wall, and Sinnerman taunts him with a fake ritual. He asks if Lucifer will torture a blind man, and Maze comes in. Lucifer explains that she's Hell's most brutal torturer and Maze takes out a knife.

After working on Sinnerman, Maze tells Lucifer is a human and got nothing from Sinnerman. She warns Lucifer that angels aren't allowed to kill humans, and Lucifer gets an idea. He figures that he needs to kill Sinnerman.

Back at the station, Chloe, Marcus, and Ella try to figure out where Lucifer is. Dan has photos from his Lucifer files of every place that Lucifer owns. Chloe admits that she placed the fake bomb on Dan's desk, and realizes where Lucifer is.

Lucifer figures that he'll lose his wings if he kills a human. Maze warns that God will be pissed, but Lucifer insists that he has stop Sinnerman before he takes someone else from him. Maze agrees and hands over the knife, and then walks off figuring that God's wrath is coming.

Chloe tells Marcus that Lucifer would have taken Sinnerman to his property with the best view. She hopes they get there before Lucifer does something he can't take back.

Lucifer contemplates how to kill Sinnerman and prepares to behead him. He then stops and complains that Sinnerman doesn't look threatening. He draws more evil eyes on Sinnerman's bandages and tells him to stand up and face him like a man. Sinnerman staggers to his feet and Lucifer complains that there's no pleasure in killing a starving bear. He offers to feed Sinnerman caviar, and Sinnerman figures that he's stalling. Lucifer says that he's savoring the moment, but Sinnerman figures that Lucifer doesn't have what it takes to kill a man. He calls Lucifer a coward.

Marcus and Chloe pull up and see Lucifer's car. They go inside.

Furious, Lucifer grabs the knife and tells Sinnerman to shut up. Sinnerman points out that Lucifer is the one doing the talking, and dares him to strike him down like God would. Lucifer grabs him and admits that he doesn't have it in him to kill a human. Sinnerman says that he has to do it, and Lucifer realizes that he is the trap. He figures that Sinnerman needs to die and has to have Lucifer do it. As they struggle, Marcus comes in and shoots Sinnerman dead.

As the police secure the home, Marcus tells Chloe that it's the only way it could end. She finds Lucifer when he requests her, and says that something strange happened there. He explains that he wasn't in danger, and Chloe complains that Lucifer didn't follow her lead. Lucifer says that it was Sinnerman's plan to die all along, but Chloe doesn't believe him and says that Marcus smoothed everything over. He says that he did it for them, but Chloe tells him that he still went behind her back and walks off.

That night, Dan arrives at Charlotte's office and finds Trixie and Charlotte giggling. He suggests that she and Charlotte get coffee, and Trixie says that dinner would be romantic. Dan and Charlotte both agree and leave. Charlotte calls her husband and demands to see her kids, reminding him that she's their mother.

At the station, Lucifer is looking through Sinnerman's belongings and tells Ella that there must be something. She sees Marcus and gushes over how he killed Sinnerman. Marcus yells at her to stop talking and goes to his office. Lucifer hears him and finds a photo of a young Sinnerman standing next to a man.

Later, Lucifer calls Marcus to Lux and says that Sinnerman was the accomplice working for someone. He shows Marcus the photo of Sinnerman as a boy and points out that the man in the photo has a tattoo similar to Marcus'. The man would have to be either very old or immortal. Lucifer grabs a knife from the bar and stabs Marcus in the chest. Marcus falls to the floor and apparently dies. Lucifer pours himself a drink and waits, and Marcus finally comes back to life and pulls the knife out. As he gets to his feet, Lucifer figures that Marcus is Caine, the first murderer. Marcus sits down next to Lucifer and tells him to pour another drink.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 12, 2017

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