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Kingdom Recap

18 Years Ago

In prison, Darius approaches Geoffrey and says hello to him. Geoffrey tells him that he's meeting with his lawyer--Catherine Henderson--but finds a businessman Jonah waiting for him. As the prisoner makes it clear he's not going to plea bargain, Catherine comes in and objects to the violation of her client's rights. Jonah says that he has a deal for Geoffrey and is glad to have Catherine sit in. He wants to buy an old strip mall in South central that Geoffrey's uncle left to him, and offers $5 million. Geoffrey figures that there's a secret reason for the property's sudden value, and Jonah tells them that he just wants to see it reach its full potential. The prisoner figures that if Jonah wants in on the property, he'll need a partner. He assures Jonah that he can handle it from inside, but Jonah isn't interested. Catherine quickly says that Geoffrey will be a free man in a month and Jonah says that he's interested.

When Geoffrey returns to Darius, he says that he needs a favor from him and in return will look after his family for life. He wants Darius to say that he shot Osiris instead of him, and they'll both move up once he's out. After a moment, Darius agrees.


In the car, Darius tells Alex that he's going to show him who Geoffrey really is.

Nico calls Alex's voice mail and leaves a message for him to call her. Karolina wonders if it was people from her church who abducted Alex, and they figured out that they got the files. She breaks into tears and Nico hugs her. Nico then tells her that they have to stick together to get Alex back. Gert and Molly arrive, and Nico takes out the Staff, pricks her finger on it, and orders it to show them the way to Alex. After a moment it releases a burst of energy, following the car's heat signature, and Gert points out that they need a plan. Molly tries to tell them that she's really strong, but Gert figures that she's joking and tells her to save it for later. She says that Chase isn't responding to her texts, and Nico tells her and the others that they'll keep trying but have to find Alex as well.

As Chase and Victor make up the new Fistigons, Chase says that he's bored in school and prefers practical applications. He accidentally knocks a laptop on the floor and flinches, expecting Victor to hit him. Victor doesn't and admits that he's been hard on him because he wants Chase to exceed him. He says that there was a time before the money and obligations when his ideas were the purest, and working with Chase reminds him of that. Victor suggests that they work on one of his old inventions together and Chase agrees… unaware that Gert is trying to text him.

When the car stops, Darius tells Alex to give him his phone. Alex contemplates the gun in his backpack, but then gives Darius his phone. They're at his mother Nana B's house, and Darius realizes that Geoffrey never told Alex about him. Darius explains that Geoffrey had him take the blame for the shooting so Geoffrey could get out of prison, and swore that he'd never forget Darius. All Geoffrey ever came Darius was his old turf, but it isn't as lucrative as it was with Geoffrey. He threatened Nana when Darius asked him for what he was owed, and realizes that Alex already knows that Geoffrey is more than a businessman. Alex insists that he's nothing like him. Alex's phone rings and Darius confirms that it's Nico and she's left six messages.

Darius calls Geoffrey and puts Alex on video to show that he has him. Geoffrey says that he has Darius' $50,000, and Darius tells him that the new price is $1 million. He says to meet him at their old park to make the exchange and hangs up. Catherine comes in and Geoffrey says that it was a wrong number, and tells her that he has to step out to take care of something. As he leaves, Geoffrey calls Flores and tells him that he needs an unmarked car and three guys.

Karolina follows the magic trail.

When Victor goes to get coffee, Chase checks his phone and sees Gert's messages. He calls her back and she tells him what happened.

As they wait at the park, Andre tells Alex that they cloned Geoffrey's phone. He confirms that Darius isn't his dad, and he works for Darius for the money. Geoffrey runs up, shooting, and Andre gets the drop on him. Alex shoots him in the shoulder with Geoffrey's stolen gun, and Geoffrey takes the gun and check son Andre. When he turns back, Darius has put his gun to Alex's head.

The teens pull up as Darius orders Alex into his SUV. As they drive off, Nico tells Karolina to follow them.

Darius asks Alex if he thinks that he's a big man for shooting Andre, and tells the driver to stop at the stoplight to avoid police attention. Karolina pulls up behind them, and Nico gets out and uses the Staff to try and stop Darius' SUV. When it doesn't work, Molly runs up, grabs the rear of the SUV, and lifts it off the street. The wheels spin uselessly, and Karolina joins Nico as Darius gets out and prepares to shoot Molly. Karolina removes her bracelet and blinds Darius and his driver with blasts of light, and the driver runs off.

Karolina runs out of light and puts her bracelet back on. Chase arrives and blasts Darius with his Fistigons, and he high-fives Nico and the backfire knocks him back. Darius recovers and prepares to shoot them, and Nico tells the staff to "Protect us." It generates a barrier, slowing the bullets to a halt, and Darius gets in the SUV and drives off. Molly passes out on the hood of Karolina's car, and Alex runs back to the park.

Geoffrey is dragging the wounded Andre into his car when Alex arrives. Andre says that he was just doing his job, and Geoffrey tells Alex to get on a bus and go home while he takes care of Andre. Alex figures that he's lying and Darius told him everything, and Geoffrey orders Alex to leave. The teenager does so and the bus leaves. Once he's alone, Geoffrey calls Catherine and tells her that he has a live one who won't last for long, and they need to do the sacrifice.

In the meditation room, Leslie assures the figure that she's still there for him. She tells him that they'll find a sacrifice. The figure says that he loves her.

The teens go to the coffee shop and congratulate each other. Alex arrives and says that they have to save Andre. He figures that their parents are going to sacrifice Andre, but the others say that they have to talk things over. Molly dozes off again and when Gert wakes her, Molly tells the others that Gert has a dinosaur that follows her commands. Alex figures that if they can't save Destiny then they can at least save Andre, and the others agree.

As PRIDE gathers to perform the sacrifice, Leslie tugs at her bracelet. As Janet helps Robert and Victor move the box into position, Janet briefly touches Robert's hand and Victor notices. Tina says that she didn't have time to get the Staff but things will be fine without it. Meanwhile, Leslie asks Catherine how Andre got shot, and Catherine tells her to just be glad Geoffrey found a sacrifice.

At the guest house, Alex tells the others that the coaster switch doesn't work anymore. Molly summons her strength and prepares to yank the door open.

Stacey tends to Andre's wound, and tells the others that they have to keep him alive until the ceremony. Dale gives him the chalice to drink from.

The teens run down the stairs to the catacombs.

Andre passes out from the drugged liquid.

The teens get to the balcony overlooking the sacrifice chamber but find no one there. They figure that their parents took Andre somewhere else, and Alex curses and goes back upstairs. Nico goes after him and Alex says that he shot Andre. He blames himself for providing the parents with their sacrifice, and doesn't even know if Geoffrey is worth protecting. Nico tells him that none of their parents are who they thought, but they're still their parents and she's glad that they got Alex back as she takes Alex's hand

As Alex and Nico start to kiss, Karolina comes in and says that Chase found a hidden camera in the sacrifice chamber. Alex confirms that the camera isn't on, and the footage is being offloaded to a remote server. He tracks the IP address to the Minorus' company, Wizard Computers. Chase figures that their parents have a good reason to make the sacrifices, but admits that he can't think of a reason that justifies their actions.

Geoffrey puts the figure in the other box and Victor seals it. Energy flows from Andre's box to the figure's, and Victor confirms that the figure is gone. Leslie says that it worked and tells the others that they can go. After a moment, they all leave and Leslie cries with relief.

Alex is checking the Internet and discovers that there's no report of Andre's death. Geoffrey comes in and Alex asks him where Andre is. When Geoffrey claims that he's fine, Alex tells him that he's not a good person and orders him out. Geoffrey angrily reminds him that it's his home, and starts to slap him. He gets control of himself, but Alex points out that he hurt Darius and Darius was Geoffrey's best friend. Alex goes to the guest house, and Catherine comes in. When Geoffrey blames himself as a bad father, Catherine tells him that Darius is the problem. Geoffrey says that he'll take care of Darius if he comes back, and Catherine tells him that it will be "when". She says that she doesn't want any secrets between them and they hug.

In her room, Karolina looks at a photo of her and her parents, and angrily shoves the books and photos away

Gert and Molly go to the basement and open the door to Old Lace's habitat. Old Lace comes over and Gets pets her, and assures Molly that the dinosaur won't hurt her. As they sit with her, Molly wonders why their parents are doing all of the horrible things. Gert figures that they're horrible people.

Nico sneaks into her mother's office to return the Staff. Tina comes in and says that it's okay, figuring Nico was bound to discover what it could do. She says that the Staff will only work for the two of them, and tells her to keep it for the night because she trusts her and hope that Nico will eventually trust her again.

Chase returns to the workshop and says that he went out with his friends. Victor tells his son that he and Janet had to run out as well, and shows him his old invention: a time machine that picks up images from the future. He's solved the problems he had with it, and turns it on. Nothing happens, and Victor slams it on the floor in frustration. He then clutches at his head in pain, and once he recovers tells Chase that he has a form of brain cancer. Victor admits that he hasn't told Janet, and insists that he can come up with a cure. Chase hugs him and they leave together. On the floor, the viewer shows a devastated LA of the future, buildings crashing down.

Frank is meditating in the crater, preparing for Ultra. Frances and Aura come in and tell him that he didn't make it although he felt that he was close.

Leslie goes to the meditation room and finds the figure--Jonah, fully restored --sitting up. He says that he feels fantastic like he always does, and Leslie points out that she had to find a way because the gala is only a few days away. He kisses her and says that the gala means nothing, and that he feared that he'd never look into Karolina's eyes. Jonah tells Leslie that he wants to meet Karolina.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 15, 2017

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