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A Life Earned Recap

As he extracts blood from Daisy, Kasius says that he has recused Earth and his vision has come to fruition. He explains that the surviving humans clung to the legends of Quake, and the Old Ones once said that S.H.I.E.L.D. would come from the past to save them. Kasius figures that Daisy and Jemma are connected, and asks how many of them are there. Daisy claims that no one is with her and Kasius figures that Daisy is there to help him. He explains that bidders are on their way to buy her, and with the money he'll have the means to leave the station once and for all. If Daisy doesn't cooperate than Kasius will disfigure Jemma.

At Grill's factory, Coulson, Mack, and Elena work as crushers. Coulson sees Melinda there, and she explains that they shut down all of the trawler flights. He and Mack haven't heard anything about Daisy, and Elena hasn't seen her. Grill activates Mack's metric and tells them to stop gossiping, orders them all back to work, and says that Kasius is holding a big auction so they need to produce more ore for Kasius to sell. He orders Mack to come with him and Mack has no choice but to go.

Grill points out a man, Gunner, and tells Mack that Gunner thinks that he owes Grill a lot of tokens. He wants Mack to rough him up, and Gunner is getting tech from the Kree on Level 35. Now that he's lost Zev, he wants Mack to be his new enforcer.

Daisy is taken to the chamber where Tye is sparring with an Inhuman, Ben. Ben can anticipate his every move, and easily defeats him. He goes over and Daisy realizes that Ben can read minds. He says that it's a relief when the Kree suppress his abilities. Tye orders everyone out except Daisy, and says that she gets a private viewing. Daisy looks up and sees Kasius and Lady Basha in the observation gallery.

Mack tells Coulson what Grill ordered him to do, and Coulson tells him and Elena to go together to talk to Gunner. Meanwhile, Coulson and Melinda will go to level 35 to get what tech they can.

Tye confirms that Inhumans fight for entertainment and profit, and says that Kasius wants a demonstration of Daisy's skills. When she refuses, Tye tells her to do it or Jemma will suffer. Daisy blasts him back. he says that wasn't what he meant and reactivates her suppression implant. Meanwhile, Basha admits that she had no idea that Kasius had Quake. He says that traders are on their way, and she offers to make a preemptive price. Kasius tells her that discussion of payment will take place during dinner, but she prefers to dine on her own ship. Basha leaves and Deke arrives to get his payment for bringing Daisy to Kasius. Kasius gives him a piece of Rhodium metal and Deke gratefully takes it. The Kree says that Sinara is concerned that others from the past may have come there as well, and tells Deke to bring any additional time travelers or their allies to him. Deke agrees and leaves.

Daisy is taken to the Servitor's quarters and approaches Ben. She asks if he's okay with the Kree holding exhibition matches, and Ben insists that the others can't find out because they won't do what needs to be done. Once they're gone, their families are paid to survive. Ben says that it's life and if they don't cooperate then their families suffer. He advises Daisy to try and win if they fight, because he will.

Deke returns to the Lighthouse, and Coulson and Melinda grab him. Coulson asks where Daisy is, and Deke tells them that it's all good and she helped Daisy onto a lower medical floor. He claims that Daisy said she was going into silent mode, and tells them what Daisy said to him as she went after Jemma. Coulson asks him about Level 35, and Deke says that he's never seen it. When Coulson says that they're going to find equipment to go to the surface, Deke agrees and Coulson plays the recording of the man on the surface trying to contact Virgil. Deke says that if they can find the people then it's in everyone's best interest, and leaves.

Mack and Elena find Gunner, and Mack admits that he's not happy beating up people for Grill. Elena says that she killed the Kree to save Mack's lie and would always choose him, and insists that they need to be practical. She learned from growing up in Potosi that they don't have to hurt Gunner to scare him. Elena promises Mack that they won't lose themselves and they go over to Gunner. Sinara and her escort walk through the halls and take one human's crude technology as he tries to weld it.

In his quarters, Kasius listens to classical music and then turns on Jemma's hearing and tells her Jemma that he's thirsty. She gets him a glass of water, and Sinara grabs her and throws her at Kasius' feet. A guard brings Daisy in, and Kasius says that he knows Daisy and Jemma are together. Sinara brings in Ben and shuts down his dampener implant, and Kasius says that the implant can get find out who else is with Daisy. Daisy insists that it's just her and Jemma. Kasius asks who the woman is who helped her when she helped Reese. Jemma says that she doesn't know, and Ben tells Kasius that both women are telling the truth.

Sinara doesn't believe him, and Kasius asks Daisy if Daisy and Jemma came through time together or separately. He shuts down Jemma's hearing and has Daisy relate a story about how men abducted her and Jemma at the diner and knocked them out. Kasius turns on Jemma's story and tells her to give the same explanation. Jemma relates the same story that Daisy did, and Ben confirms that they're telling the truth. Satisfied, Kasius has Ben and Daisy taken away. He tells Sinara that he shares her concern but they have preparations to make and she's not the only one working on it.

Deke takes Coulson and Melinda to level 36 and says that he'll get them in from above. Once he climbs out through the roof, he brings the elevator up and lets them out on 35.

As Daisy and ben are taken to the arena, Ben tells Daisy that he covered for them. He can let people read his minds but the Kree don't know it, and he told Jemma what Daisy said. Ben explains that it was his first chance to read Kasius' mind, and he saw shame. Kasius hates the place and when the gala is done, he's going to destroy the station and everyone on it. Daisy says that it's time to change the rules of Kasius' game.

Elena and Mack approach Gunner and tell him that Grill wants his money. Gunner refuses to cave, and Elena says that if he doesn't pay then Mack will beat him.

Coulson, Melinda, and Deke find a lab and spot a Kree guard.

Gunner tells Elena to tell Grill that he's putting things together. Mack grabs him and says that they can make Gunner's package that he's waiting for disappear.

Deke hears something crying in the distance, and tells Coulson that it's not Roaches.

Mack repeats his threat to get the package, and Gunner vows to kill him if he does.

Coulson and his people find the package meant for Gunner. It's a baby, and Deke figures that the Kree are filling the vacancies.

Gunner tells Mack that he's thick for making such a threat, and Elena points out the baby toys on the floor. Mack apologies and Gunner says that children are rare on the station because of people like Mack. He tells Mack that people like him don't deserve a child, and Mack beats him until Elena pulls him away.

Deke explains that people don’t get pregnant anymore. The Kree sterilize humans through the food, and deke was one of the last ones born the old way. Now Kasius creates the human population and increases the chances that they become Inhumans. As Deke explains that they don't think about the details, Melinda punches Deke and then says that the lab got a sample from Daisy. She's been captive longer than Deke says that he was with her. Coulson figures that Deke sold Daisy out. As Deke tries to explain, two Kree guards come in and Coulson knocks Deke out. Coulson attacks one without much luck, and Melinda manages to knock one out. Together, she and Coulson knock out the second one. More guards move in, and Melinda tells Coulson to get Deke out while she holds off the others.

Sinara comes in and unleashes her spheres. Melinda flips over them and hits Sinara, and attacks Sinara. The two women fight and Melinda tries to fight despite her injured leg. Sinara hits the wound, slams Melinda onto a table, and calls one of her spheres back to her hand.

Once Coulson confirms that Deke is all right, he punches Deke in the face and demands to know where Daisy is. Deke says that Kasius would have killed hundreds if Daisy was on the loose, so he turned her in. He tells Coulson that he was 9 when his mother was dragged away, and she was one of the Old Ones. Deke's father took up the torch and he was sent to the Roaches like the rest of them. He explains that the man who contacted Virgil was his father, and he wants to be there when they find him. Coulson still doesn't believe him and tells Deke that he'll need to prove his good intentions. He orders Deke to hand over the payment he got for Daisy because someone needs it more, and Deke hand it over. Coulson says that he's safer with him out of the mix. Mack and Elena arrive and Mack welds the door shut while Elena says that they haven't heard anything from Melinda.

Gunner looks on as a woman who has paid him feeds her new baby.

Back at the factory, Elena finds Mack brooding in the shadows. He admits that he lost himself, and wonders if he's a great dad. When the real Hope died, she never came home and Mack eventually put her things away. But it was harder losing the Framework Hope and he can't get over the pain. Mack wonders what kind of father it makes him, and Elena tells him that his hope for Hope was real and that makes Mack a great father and a good man. She assures Mack that they'll get through the place intact... together. Grill comes over and congratulates Mack, telling him that Gunner just paid him off. He says that Mack fits right in and walks off.

Sinara goes to the gala and tells Kasius that she's dealt with their newest guest. Ava then introduces Kasius, and he tells the traders that they've come for an exhibition leading up to the main event. The guards bring in Daisy, and Kasius introduces her as Quake, the destroyer of Worlds. He asks if there are any requests before they begin, and a masked man steps forward and tells Kasius to forget the exhibition. He removes his mask, revealing that he's Fitz, and says that Daisy should fight to the death.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 16, 2017

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