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Metamorphosis Recap

Fifteen Years Ago

Jonah takes Catherine and Geoffrey to the library in the catacombs and says that it used to be his home. He says that he's giving it to Geoffrey, because they'll be doing things they don't want their neighbors to hear.

Later, the parents assemble in the library and don the red robes. including Gene and Alice Hernandez. Tina is examining the Staff, and they wonder what Victor is going to do with the box. Leslie brings in their first sacrifice, Brooks, and says that he's going to get into it. Victor opens the box and Leslie tells Brooks to go with the light when it comes with him. Brooks gets in and Victor closes the box. The box converts Brooks' body to energy and Victor explains that the energy can be absorbed by the human body. Leslie says that it isn't a death, and Brooks lives on in another.

The others are shocked, Leslie points out that they've all reaped Jonah's benefits. Geoffrey sees a hidden camera in the shelf, and Tina says that the video was uploaded to the Wizard server and that's where it's going to stay. Robert realizes that she set them all up, and she warns that Jonah would just as easily kill them or their children

Present Day

Leslie watches as Jonah picks out a tuxedo, and makes it clear that she'd prefer that Jonah stay in the shadows. Jonah tells her to tell Frank that he's a silent partner in the Church, and insists that it's his party. Leslie points out that it's a fundraiser for the school, but Jonah insists on going. She says that she wants Jonah to meet Karolina but it has to be the right way, and he wonders what the right way is.

Nico is getting ready for school when Alex calls and asks if she's changed her mind about that night. He says that she's going to help him hack into the Wizard server at the party gala, and Nico reluctantly agrees. Once she hangs up, she turns to discover Tina is in her room. Her mother says that training begins and Nico eagerly grabs the Staff and goes with her.

In Tina's office, Tina tells Nico to picture what she wants to have happen. Nico creates a soundproof barrier and then ends it, and Tina insists that it's science. She explains that they made it in the Wizards lab with unparallel technology. The on-off button pricks Nico, and Tina explains that it was designed to respond to her DNA. She says that Nico could have just asked to see the staff and Amy's diary, and Nico asks her why she thought Amy killed herself. Tina tells her daughter that she didn't think Amy was going to kill herself, and she never really knew what was going through Amy's mind.

Frank goes to Karolina's room and asks if she wants to come with him. Karolina is looking through David's drawings of Beings of Light, and Frank explains that they're metaphors for the light in human beings. She wonders if David ever saw actual beings, and Frank admits that he doesn't understand what David saw or wrote. He explains that he failed to go Ultra, and says that he might be done with trying. Karolina asks why he doesn't go to the PRIDE meetings with Leslie the way that the other parents go together. Frank admits that he doesn't know, but assures Karolina that they'll put the fun in fundraiser that night.

Victor examines the Fistigons and Chase says that they worked. Chase goes to meet with some friends and says that he doesn't need a ride, and Victor accepts his refusal. Once Chase leaves, Victor listens to a bug that he planted in Robert's car. Janet is with Robert and says that cheating is harder when Victor isn't being a dick. Robert tells her that it's the right time to tell Victor about their affair, and assures her that none of it is their fault. Robert gives her a gun but assures her that it's just a precaution.

At the coffee shop, everyone but Chase asks Alex what the plan is. Chase objects to everyone turning to Alex, but admits that he doesn't have a plan. They work out how they'll get to the fundraiser, and Chase offers to pick up Karolina much to Gert's dismay. Chase warns that once the video they download from the server is out, their parents will be put in prison forever. Nico suggests that they try talking to them one last time, but Alex figures that the time is over and they all agree.

Back at home, Alex is working on his tie when Geoffrey comes in and helps him. Alex snaps at him and refuses to pretend that nothing is wrong.

Tina asks Nico where she's going, and she says that she's going to Karolina's for the fundraiser. Her mother asks if she's going to meet up with Alex and smiles, and admits that she overreacted to the two of them being together in bed. Once she leaves, Tina tells Robert that she's hoping the gala will be a new start for their family. She kisses him and leaves.

At Karolina's, Nico and Karolina put on makeup together and help each other pick out jewelry. Nico accidentally starts to remove Karolina's bracelet until she stops her, and tells her that what she can do should never make her feel ashamed. Karolina wonders what her mother's actions make her, and Nico assures her that neither of them are their parents or what they're doing. Her friend says that she's never done what she wanted, and now she wonders if she's free to be who she really is and honest about who she wants to be with. As they look at each other, Gert and Molly arrive and explain that Nico invited them.

The teens take a limo to the fundraiser and Karolina starts drinking champagne. When they arrive, the teens go inside and joint he crowd. Molly assures Gert that she looks amazing and convinces her to walk down the red carpet.

Alex tells Nico that everyone there thinks that their parents are heroes. Molly worries that they won't see their parents if they're in prison.

Leslie notices that Frank is jumpy, and apologizes for him not making Ultra. He says that he needs to follow his own passion wherever that takes him. Jonah comes over and greets Leslie, and says that he's a member of the Church and a long-time admirer of Leslie. He takes Leslie away so that she can introduce him to someone and walks away with her. As they go, Frank remembers seeing Leslie and Jonah having sex when he went into the meditation room one time.

That night, Gert talks to Karolina privately and asks if she's into Nico. She assures her friend that she's totally supportive, and Karolina figures that Gert wants to be with Chase. Gert denies it, and Karolina asks Chase to get her a drink. They both say that the other isn't being honest about who they like. Once Karolina goes with Chase, Alex and Nico come over to get Gert and break into the server room.

Molly texts Catherine saying that she wants the information the woman promises on her parents. Catherine texts back that she's working on it, and Molly warns her that time is running out. Geoffrey notices that Catherine appears jumpy, and she says that she's okay.

Nico tells Gert to flirt with the guard and be herself. She goes over and talks to the guard, Earl. He's reading a copy of Kafka's Metamorphosis, and Gert starts discussing the book. As they talk, Nico and Alex slip by into the server room.

Dale and Stacey are discussing Jonah and how he disappears from time to time. Meanwhile, Karolina grabs a bottle of vodka from the bar and heads outside. As Chase notices, Leslie and Jonah come over and ask if he came with Karolina. He goes to find her, while Molly sees Karolina head to the roof via the stairs. Chase goes after her.

Alex and Nico reach the server room and find it filled with server, and Alex finds the server with the video. He discovers that he can't plug in and Nico asks him if they could get the video from Tina's office.

Chase finds Karolina on the roof drinking. She says that she needed to be alone and Chase tells her that she can tell him whatever it is. Karolina sits up on the ledge and says that Chase doesn't have a secret like she does.

As Earl reads Kafka to Gert, Gert eyes the elevator. The car comes up as Alex and Nico go to Tina's office, and Gert goes to a nearby arcade machine on display and starts playing it to further distract Earl.

Alex manages to guess the password to Tina's office and they go in.

Gert talks about how Robert gave Tina the machine to celebrate their first anniversary. Kincaid comes in and warns that Tina will lose her shit if anyone touches it.

Nico finds a hidden switch that pricks her finger and reads her DNA. The computer turns on and Alex accesses the server.

Karolina drunkenly says that it's time for her to be reckless and go inside. She falls off the ledge... and hovers in the air, glowing. Karolina levitates back up to the roof and Chase admits that she scared the shit out of him. He kisses her and then says that he thought it would be a good time to go for it. Karolina just stares at her. Molly watches from the door.

Tina and Robert are giving a speech about the groundbreaking of the new school. Karolina and Chase come back in, and Victor has another headache. Tina thanks Robert for his commitment to PRIDE and to their family, while the other parents notice that Victor is moaning. When Tina assumes that Victor wants to speak and introduces him, he takes the mic and announces that his wife is sleeping with Robert. He then clutches at his head and collapses, and Chase runs to his father. Tina walks off and Jonah slips away into the crowd.

Chase and the others take Victor to a room, and Chase says that his father has a brain tumor. Janet had no idea, and Victor tells her not to blame Chase. He orders her to get away from him, and Chase agrees. Leslie says that she has a better idea than calling the paramedics. She goes to Jonah and tells him that Victor is sick. She insists that everything is under control, but Jonah isn't convinced. He tells Leslie to take him to Victor, and she leads him off.

Kincaid is playing the arcade machine with Earl when Tina comes by. Tina ignores them and takes the elevator to her office, and Gert texts Alex and Nico. Nico gets the text and warns Alex. They hide as Tina sits down and breaks into tears. When Nico starts to go to her mother, Alex stops her.

Jonah and Leslie enter the room and Jonah says that he taught the Yorkes everything that they know. Geoffrey leads Chase out and Stacey goes with them. Jonah says that he has a drug derived from the DNA of someone with an extraordinary immune system, and invites Dale to help him. he injects Victor with the drug and Victor starts recovering.

Tina comes back to the elevator, and Gert admits that she doesn't have a boyfriend. As Earl and Kincaid express their admiration for her, Tina goes back to the gala and Gert quickly excuses herself.

Alex tells Nico that once he decrypts the data, they'll have proof that their parents are killer. Nico points out that her mother was crying, and Alex says that he guessed that Tina's password was "password". As he claims that he got lucky, just as Chase comes over and tells them that Karolina can fly. He explains that Robert and Janet are having an affair.

Victor walks out and tells Janet that he has a new lease on life. Chase joins them and asks if everything is okay with them, and Victor hugs both of them.

Jonah sees Karolina and tells her that he's a friend of Leslie's. He introduces himself and kisses her hand, and Frank comes and tells Karolina that they're leaving. Karolina walks away, and Jonah tells Frank that he's seen his films but it's his work for the Church that he admires. When Frank says that going Ultra wasn't for him, Jonah tells him that he went Ultra but doesn't know it, and leads him away. Dale and Leslie look on, and Dale says that he wiped Frank's memories of Jonah. Leslie tells him that Frank doesn't remember, and there's nothing good for them to talk about.

Gert finds Molly and asks if she's seen Chase. Molly says that she saw Chase on the roof kissing Karolina, and Gert assures her that she did the right thing. Once she leaves, Molly approaches Catherine and Catherine asks what she meant about time running out. Molly says that she's just impatient and blurts out that she didn't see anything. Stacey comes over to collect Molly and take her home. Once they leave, Geoffrey comes over and Catherine says that she messed up and Molly was in the basement and saw everything.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 16, 2017

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