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Nice Jacket Recap

Suzie interrupts the boy to say that the story ends the way she wants to. She describes her horrible life and how a wizard from another world gave her a chance to live the perfect life she became. Everyone loved Suzie and everyone lived happily ever after... or else.

Sherlock wakes up and sees Tina and Farah. He calls to the dying women, and Farah points out that they've all been shot. They discuss how they all shot each other, and Farah tells them to put pressure on their wounds. She gets up and tries to get to the truck to get help, and collapses. Farah admits that her plan isn't going to work.

Dirk appears in Blackwing and finds Bentley looking at him. He heads through the facility as the Kellum knights fight the soldiers. Dirk bumps into Lieutenant Assistent, who draws a gun on him and asks if Dirk is responsible for the invasion. He considers shooting Dirk when Dirk says that he's kind of responsible, but Dirk tells him that he can end it if Assistent takes him to Project Moloch. The enemy forces move in from both sides, and Dirk and Assistent take cover. Assistent complains that Friedkin is an idiot, and Dirk tells him to stop panicking and take him to Project Moloch.

In the control room, Ken monitors the situation.

Screaming, Todd and Amanda hold the portal open as the Beast looks on. The siblings suddenly find themselves in a black void with blue lights. Amanda explains that they're out of their bodies in the back stage of reality, and she's seen it in her visions. They hear a sound and Amanda tells Todd not to let the pain pull him back to his body. She warns that if Suzie arrives while they're out of their bodies, it would be a bad thing.

Dirk tells Assistent to let him into a random room. Mona and her guards are inside, and Mona calls to Dirk before turning into a cannon and firing a blast.

The Rowdy 3 prepare to stop Suzie and hear her laughing in the fog. She freezes them with a spell, but the Rowdy 3 try to feed on her life energy. Suzie blasts them back and she staggers on to the ruins over their corpses.

Dirk and Assistent wake up and Mona hugs Dirk. She admits that she didn't know the Boy was in Blackwing the entirely time, and was trying to help the snail in her mind. Assistent warns that they'll never make it to the East Wing where Moloch is, and Mona agrees to take them there fast... if they can turn into a bug. Since Dirk can't, they need another plan and she picks up a helmet.

Suzie enters the chamber and blasts Amanda and Todd. Amanda is knocked unconscious as the portal clothes, and Todd goes to his sister. Suzie blasts him but the wand goes dead. Todd demands to know what her problem is, and says that no one knows why she's involved. Suzie doesn't care what she's doing as long as she's had her second chance, and Todd tells her that she has to change herself rather than anyone else. She admits that she might be a bad person but it's better than being good, and Todd realizes that her wand is messed up. He draws the air gun and shoots her.

Dirk drives through the complex on Mona-shapeshifted as a motorcycle a--d reaches Project Moloch. Friedkin grabs Dirk and puts a gun behind to his head, and threatens to shoot Dirk before Mona shapeshifts. He refuses to let Mona go because then everyone will think that he's an idiot. Dirk tells him that they have to return Moloch to Wendimoor to end everything. After a moment, Friedkin lets Dirk go and says that it's his fault because he brought Moloch there after his stroke. Putting the gun against his head, Friedkin says that he just wants to be right for once, and wonders if he's the bad guy. Dirk tells him that Blackwing is the problem because it tried to contain the uncontrollable, and it's Friedkin's chance to make things right. Friedkin puts his gun to Dirk's head and says that it's his problem, and Mona asks him if it's more important to be in charge or doing the right thing.

Friedkin goes out into the hall and guns down the Kellum knights, and tells Dirk that it's clear. Dirk takes the comatose Moloch out in a gurney, and the go to the portal. It's gone, and Dirk warns that it's bad.

Todd wakes Amanda up and hugs her. They hear Suzie laughing outside and Todd tells Amanda to open the portal while he covers her. He fires the air gun at Suzie as she comes in, but she keeps coming.

Dirk realizes that something happened, and Bedevil comes in and stabs Friedkin through the back. Ken arrives and shoots Bedevil in the head, and then blasts Mona with a freezing blast and says that they're not going anywhere. He then orders his people to lock the room down.

The Beast leaps on Suzie, who drops the wand. She knocks the Beast off and Todd grabs the wand. As Amanda opens the portal, Suzie tries to pull the wand to her and Todd fights back. Meanwhile, Amanda opens the portal.

Dirk tries to tell Ken what's going on, but Ken tells him that he wanders into situations and messes up everything. He refuses to let the debug function of reality walk out on his watch, and Dirk realizes that Ken won't kill him. As Dirk prepares to toss Moloch into the portal, Ken shoots him in the leg. As Dirk moans in pain, Friedkin wakes up.

Todd and Suzie fight over the wand, and Suzie finally manages to grab it from him. She encircles him in bands of energy and crushes him.

Dirk tells Ken that he has to be going, and Friedkin draws a gun on Ken and says that he can't fix it by controlling Dirk and the others.

Todd tells Amanda to keep the portal opening.

Friedkin tells Dirk to go, and Dirk picks up Moloch.

Suzie steps over Todd and prepares to kill Amanda. There's a blast of energy and both women collapse.

Friedkin and Ken stare at the portal that Dirk went through, and after a moment Ken shoves Friedkin and walks away.

Dirk arrives through the portal and goes to Todd. As he and Amanda look at their friend, the Boy draws the wand from Suzie and tells everyone to rise and shine. He dispels Todd's bonds with a gesture, and says that he doesn't remember Suzie. She says that she's a good guy, but Todd and the others tell the Boy that she's a bad guy and he makes her vanish with a gesture.

The Rowdy 3 come back to life.

The Boy says that his name is Francis, and thanks Dirk for bringing him back. He explains that he couldn't change or make anything while he was in a coma, and if he got to Wendimoor then he knew he could fix everything and make it perfect. Francis tells them that their friends stop the Mage in the real world, and now Farah needs their help. He says that he'll make one last thing in the old world and sends him back with it, and then tells Amanda that the Rowdy 3 is okay and he'll send them back with their car. Amanda wonders what will happen to her, and Francis says that she has things to do in the other world.

Todd drives to the quarry in a truck marked "Amboolents" and confirms that Farah, Tina, and Sherlock are alive. Farah apologizes to Todd for what happened and moans in pain.

Mona appears with Dirk and helps him to Francis. Francis thanks her for her help, and Dirk asks him why he is. Francis says that they're supposed to help fix the broken universe. Dirk helps people be where they should be. He's supposed to make things but then his dreams caused a problem that Dirk had to fix. Francis wishes that his life in the other world could have turned out better, but he has to create his own family. Dirk says that he's really to go home, and Francis sends Mona and Dirk back to their world and wonders what to do with the Beast.

Later, Francis finds Bart standing amidst a pile of Kellum corpses. Bart asks if he's going to fix everything, and admits that she messed up and it led to people dying. Francis invites her to stay in Wendimoor, but Bart figures that she'd just ruin his perfect world. She says that she's a weapon, not a person, and Francis tells her that he hopes in time she'll find that it's not true. He asks where she wants to go.

Friedkin wakes up in the void, unharmed. He looks at the lights and realizes that he gets it.

At Blackwing, Ken examines the bodies of the Kellum knights. Wilson comes in and says that it's a disaster, and Ken tells her that they contained the intrusion. He explains that what they're looking at is a metal unlike anything found on Earth. Now they have conclusive proof of the supernatural: the greatest discovery in human history Wilson smiles and congratulates Ken on the spin, and calls him Supervisor Adams.

At the hospital, Sherlock, Tina, and Farah are playing cards and discussing the future. Sherlock complains that he missed all of the good stuff, and tells Tina that he always knew she'd be a good cop. He says that Farah is no longer on the FBI's most wanted list, and Blackwing is cleaning the whole thing up. Sh3erlock tells Farah to keep the deputy badge he gave her.

Amanda and the Rowdy 3 meet with Todd and Dirk outside of Bergsberg. She tells her brother that something big is coming and reality is falling apart at the seams. Someone has to find the people like Dirk before Blackwing does, and invites Todd and Dirk to come with her. She says that the six of them are going, and the Beast comes out and gives Dirk a traffic cone. The Beast kisses him on the cheek and then rejoins her new team. Todd wishes Amanda luck and they hug. She leaves with the Rowdy 3, and Dirk figures that eventually the Beast will connect to something. Todd points out that he still has the air gun and they high-five. Dirk asks if he's okay, and Todd says that he really is. He points out that Dirk solved the case, and Dirk tells him that it was an easy one. They wonder what happened to Suzie.

Suzie wakes up on a sky train in Wendimoor. She's back to normal, and there's no one on the train. Suzie screams in terror as the train goes off into the sky.

Panto and Silas find each other and kiss.

The Trosts and Jepsens, all resurrected, greet each other.

Francis meets with Wakti and the council.

Bob and Scott play with their dog.

Amanda takes the wand out of her jacket and it glows.

Dirk, Todd, and Farah set up their Holistic Detective Agency. Mona peers at them from the corner and gestures to the audience not to say anything.

At Blackwing, Priest looks on as Ken tells Bart that there have been changes to the program since her last visit. Bart says that she's sick of the world, and Ken tells her that they're going to figure it all out together. He tells her that he's big business now and they're going to have a lot of fun. Bart tells him that the universe is making it feel like she should kill him now, and Ken figures that she won't. He says that he's going to bring everything under control and leaves with Priest. Outside, Priest wonders if Ken thinks that he's one of the good guys. Ken says that in his world, there are no good guys.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 17, 2017

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