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Cross-Fired Recap

At the complex, Arcane is performing an experiment to amplify ultrasound. Graham comes in and reports that he put the speakers over a three-mile radius, and paid off the county commissioner to get a local school closed. Using Graham's home zip code and another number, Anton creates a passcode failsafe and then unleashes an ultra-sonic blast.

Swamp Thing hears an ultra-sonic blast.

Anton says that he's targeting Swamp Thing's mind, using the swamp as a huge tuning fork.

Swamp Thing moans in pain.

Anton explains that the sound waves should drive Swamp Thing insane. The equipment blows up, knocking Anton unconscious. Graham carries him out to the hallway, and Anton tells his assistant that they must capture Swamp Thing and cancel their agreement with the commissioner. He says that he had a dream and when he woke up, everything was different. Anton insists that everything is fine and he has to save Swamp Thing.

Later, Anton is in town and the waitress tells him that her daughter is grateful that Anton donated a computer lab to the local school. She admits that she's heard bad things about Anton but he's actually a pretty nice guy. Tressa and Will are eating there and figure that it's a set-up. Anton sees them and comes over, and they ask them to spare some time later. Tressa reluctantly agrees and leaves with Graham.

Swamp Thing staggers through the swamp, finding the speakers and smashing them. He mutters that he can't stand the pain.

Anton's men are working in the swamp, and Graham reports that Swamp Thing is heading their way. They find Tress and Will, and Will figures that Anton is setting a trap. Anton says that he's trying to save Swamp Thing, and ask them to communicate with Swamp Thing for him. He admits that he's hurt Swamp Thing--Alec--very badly, and asks for the chance to prove his sincerity.

Swamp Thing approaches and Will attacks the guards, yelling that it's a trap. He just avoids a net, and when a guard prepares to shoot at Swamp Thing, Anton leaps in the way and takes the bullet, and Swamp Thing runs off.

The next day at the hospital, Tressa greets Anton and he assures her that it's just a powder burn. He blames himself for breaking Alec, and Tressa thanks him for saving Alec's life. Anton explains about the sound-wave machine that he created, but he drove the madness from him as well. His machine started the earth vibrating at the same frequency, and he has to create counter-frequency. He explains that he created a passcode failsafe but doesn't remember what it is. Anton calls Tressa a friend, and she says that she isn't a friend but is willing to consider the possibility. She asks if he can get the failsafe if he reverses the process on himself, but Anton figures that Alec deserves the chance.

Graham and Will wait at the lab for Tressa to bring Anton in. The assistant explains that the equipment misfired and he lost "his" Anton, and tells Will that the power source is nuclear and self-contained. Without the passcode, he can't shut it down but Anton is the only one who knows. Will offers to help, saying that they have a mutual need.

Swamp Thing rampages through the area, destroying everything he comes across.

Anton puts a suppressor on the machine but is unable to come up with the number that he used. Meanwhile, Graham figures that Tressa likes Anton like he is. The assistant says that the "new" Anton is a lab experiment, and he doesn't deserve to be ordinary.

Checking the Cleveland zip code that he got from Graham, Anton comes up with three possibilities. However, he warns Will that the counter-frequency could kill Will and wonders that what he was before wasn't what he was meant to be. Anton has Graham get him the equipment to make an electromagnet.

Will and Tress watch as Anton and Graham work on the electromagnet. Anton explains that he's going to use the coil to preserve the person he is when he reverses the frequency. Will speaks up, saying that if it fails then he'll kill Anton. Graham warns that something might go wrong, and Anton says that something has gone wrong and he has to put it right. He says that he can't do it alone, and Will goes with him to assist. Anton talks to Tressa privately out in the swamp, and Tressa assures him that he has a friend now. He warns that he could become the man that he was before, and apologizes to her because it might be his last chance. Anton gives her a note and asks her to remember him the way he is now.

Back at the complex, Anton enters the electromagnetic coil chamber and then generates the counter frequency.

Swamp Tears his head apart from the pain.

As Anton clutches at his head in pain, Graham deactivates the coil.

The sound and pain fade from Swamp Thing's mind.

Tressa goes to Anton, and Graham says that he was trying to save Anton. Anton demands to know why Tress and Will are there, and Tressa realizes that Anton is back to "normal". She and Will leave, and Graham grins in triumph and leaps to obey his employer's commands.

Later, Tressa looks at the note that "her" Anton gave her. Swamp Thing arrives and thanks her, and tells her that trusting her heart only makes her wiser.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 17, 2017

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