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Refraction Recap

25 Years Ago

After a lecture, a young Victor tells a young Janet that she's watching the key to time travel. She figures that it's a pickup line, and he sits down with her and explains his theory about time travel and refraction. Victor then introduces himself .

Later, Janet gives birth to a young Chase. Victor looks at his baby son in wonder and says that he understands why he says that it's the only thing that matters.

Years later, Victor arrives after Chase's game for the city championship. Chase complains that Victor wasn't there when he promised to come, and Victor half-heartedly says that he's proud of him. When Chase says that he doesn't know shit about shit, Victor slaps him. He tells Chase to say it again, and when Chase does Victor hits him again.

Present Day

Victor wakes up in his workshop and hears a recorded message from a future Chase talking to him through the time monitor. He says that he's sorry, and tells Victor not to pick up the Fistigons.

Catherine is going through Alex's bedroom while Alex is in the shower. Geoffrey comes in and his wife admits that she's snooping, trying to find out if Molly said something to Alex. Her husband points out that Alex could be acting different because he's involved with Nico. Alex comes in and wonders what they're doing there, and insists that he and Nico aren't a thing. His parents ask how Nico is handling Robert's affair, and Catherine says that she wanted Alex to have something nice to wear for the Atlas open house that night. Alex tells them that he forgot about it and they agree that there's nothing that any of them have to hear from the other. Catherine notices that Alex is running a decryption program on his laptop, but he closes it before she can examine it. Once Alex leaves, Catherine says that they need to be up in their son's business and tells Geoffrey that they need Dale and Stacey to keep a secret if they're going to deal with Molly.

Chase comes into Victor's workshop and finds his father staring at equations on a whiteboard. Victor says that he's worked out how to increase the Nemo battery range. He admits that Chase's teacher has done a better job teaching Chase than he has, and looks forward to speaking to him at the open house. Chase is surprised that Victor is going to the open house because he never has before, and Victor says that everything is going to be different and hugs Chase. Janet comes in and says that Chase has to go to school. Victor goes to take a shower, and Chase explains to his surprised mother that Victor is going to the open house. They wonder what kind of medicine Jonah gave Victor, and Chase brings up the affair. He points out that Victor was dying of a brain tumor, and Janet tells her son that she's not going to let anything stand in the way of their being a happy family again.

Nico is preparing for school when Robert comes in. He says that he won't be there when she gets home, but he'll be at the open house. Robert assures Nico that he loves her, and Nico hugs him. She suggests that he apologize to Tina and she'll forgive him, Robert doesn't want to, and Nico realizes that he's in love with Janet. She wishes him luck and tells him to enjoy it while he can.

Leslie helps two Church members say goodbye to their dying father Calvin. As the doctor prepares to turn the ventilator off, Frank comes in and tells him to stop. He has Calvin's children and the doctor step outside, and then extends his hands with the healing gloves that Jonah gave him and transfuses light into Calvin's body. Calvin revives and asks what's happening, and Frank tells him that he's giving him a second chance. The others come back in, and Frank tells the doctor that he did his new job. Outside, Frank tells Leslie that Jonah talked to him about his future in the Church. She warns that the family might tell others what happened, and Frank says that he's counting on it before walking off.

At Atlas, Alex complains to Nico about how they'll be stuck with their families for an entire evening. Nico says that it doesn't make any difference if her father moves out since they're all going to jail anyway, and asks Alex how he knew Tina's password. Before Alex can answer, Chase and Karolina come over and worry about their recent poor showings. Gert and Molly join them and Gert starts insulting them, and Alex reminds them that they're supposed to take on their parents, not each other. He says that he's still working on the video data, and says that his parents are watching him. Karolina wonders if they know they know, and Molly nervously drops her school project. She snaps at them and finally admits that she let slip to Catherine that they saw the ceremony. Molly complains that she didn't say anything because they treat her like a kid when she tries, When Gert points out that sometimes she's too honest, Moly storms off.

In their basement lab, Dale and Stacey are examining the sample of serum Dale took from Jonah. They confirm that Jonah's DNA promotes healing. As they hug, Dale spills a drop on his arm and it glows briefly before fading. He hesitates briefly but assures Stacey that he's fine.

Jonah returns to the meditation room and finds Leslie there. He says that he was at the construction site, and Leslie complains that he's undermining her authority. Jonah reminds her that she has authority because he gave it to her, and it's his religion. Leslie points out that she organized the Church while Jonah was "gone", and Jonah tells her that the Church is going down. He says that PRIDE is the only thing that matters, and she needs to bring the group back together. Leslie wonders if something is wrong, and Jonah insists that there isn't... yet.

Eiffel is rehearsing the Academy's dance number for the open house and Molly comes over. Molly asks if there's a spot for her, and Eiffel offers her the team manager position. She makes it clear that it's more about washing towels and filling water bottles, and Molly reluctantly agrees. Karolina comes over afterward and asks if Molly is all right. She assures the girl that she doesn't ruin things, and that they're still friends. The bell rings and they head to class.

Stacey returns to the lab with lunch and Dale rants about how they can use Jonah's serum to cheat death. He kisses her and goes on about how he loves her, and Stacey realizes that he's been infected. The Wilders arrive at their door and say over the camera that they need to talk about Molly. Stacey says that they're busy and can talk at the open house. As she signs off, Dale complains that it's hot.

Frank tells Vaughn that Vaughn his new assistant and takes him to the storage room with the Church's original equipment. He finds David's desk and insists on taking it for his office. As Frank looks through the door, he finds a photo of Karolina and Jonah, with Jonah and Leslie's names on it, and remembers seeing Jonah and Leslie making love.

That night at the open house, Mrs. Tekuza greets the parents. Dale is snoring, and Stacey tells Gert that it's a reaction to allergy medicine. She wakes Dale up and he puts on sunglasses because the light is too bright. Robert comes in and waves to Nico, while Tina pointedly ignores him and tells Nico not to go near him. Alex glances at his parents, and Karolina tells her mother that she's sure Frank will show up. Victor raises his hand to ask if he can interface with the faculty so he can thank all of his son's instructors. Tekuza assures him that all input is welcome and has everyone go to the student's classrooms.

As Molly watches a video of the dance club, Gert comes over and asks if they're her people now. A dancer gives Molly a bottle to fill up, and Molly tells her foster sister that hydration is important. She says that she has friends, which is more than Gert can stay. Gert goes over to her anti-patriarchy club and they says that she abdicated so they're taking over. They turn and ignore her, and Gert finds Karolina. Karolina says that there's no Gibborim booth this year, just as Frank arrives. He briefly hugs Karolina and goes to find Leslie.

Robert approaches Nico and assures her that things will feel normal soon, unaware that Janet plans to stay with Victor. Tina is watching from the balcony above, and Leslie approaches her. She tries to reassure Tina, saying that she's always been her right-hand woman in PRIDE. Leslie reminds Tina that when she had to make hard decisions about Frank, Tina stood by her. She tells Tina that it's time to double down rather than back off, and Tina wonders if she can. Leslie asks if Tina would take Robert back if Leslie confirmed that Robert and Janet were ending the affair, saying that it would mean a lot to Jonah. Tina tells her that family is everything.

Leslie then approaches Janet at the hors d'oeuvres table and asks her if she's focused on the health of her marriage. When she says that PRIDE is the most important thing for all of them, Janet tells her to leave the rest of humanity out of her affair. She finally tells Leslie that the affair is over and walks off.

Robert approaches Victor, and Victor thanks him for taking care of Janet when he couldn't. He offers his hand and a surprised Robert shakes it. Victor then yanks Robert over and glares at him, and Janet sees them and comes over tells her husband that they have to meet Chase's physics teacher. Smiling, Victor goes with her as Leslie watches.

As Dale and Stacey go through the booths, Dale undergoes withdrawal and wonders what Victor is feeling after the injection. The Wilders come over and ask if they have a minute, and the Yorkes have no choice but to agree. Chase and Karolina see them go off together and figure that it's about Molly. Chase tells Karolina to text everyone to meet up, and she tells him to do it.

The Wilders tell the Yorkes that Molly knows and they have to move quickly to keep it off of Jonah's radar. Geoffrey says that they'll handle Alex and the Yorkes have to handle Molly. Catherine shows them the Hernandezes' will. Dale and Stacey refuse to do it to Molly, but Catherine insists that it will make Molly feel safe. Geoffrey points out that if Jonah or Tina find out, there's no guarantee of Molly's life.

The teens gather and figure that the Wilders and Yorkes know that they know. They figure that it's out of their hands, and Nico says that it feels like they're living fake lives. As the video continues decrypting, Chase tells everyone to stay in touch in case anything happens.

As Leslie texts Jonah that order has been restored, Frank finds her and says that they need to talk about the photo that he found.

Victor grabs Coach Alphona, slams him into a wall, and tells him to reinstate Chase to the lacrosse team. Alphona quickly agrees and Victor walks off.

Frank demands an explanation for his fragmented memories and who Jonah is. Leslie says that Jonah came to David years ago confirming what David had been thinking about his entire life. She confirms that Jonah is the Being that David wrote about, and admits that she had a relationship with Jonah and she was--and is--ashamed of.

Robert finds Janet alone and wonders why she isn't returning his calls. She says that she considered doing scientific research but now she's Victor's wife. Robert warns that she's locked in a cycle of abuse, but Janet insists that it's impossible to understand from the outside so she's not going to explain. She's just going to take the extra moment that she's been given. Janet walks off and Tina approaches Robert.

At Timely, Alex is watching his laptop decrypt the file as Nico arrives. She asks him again how he knew Tina's password, figuring that he did more than guess and demands an explanation.

Molly returns to her room and finds her things packed. Dale and Stacey tell her that she has a second cousin in Montebello and she was close to Molly's birth parents. Molly figures that the Yorkes are giving her away as Gert arrives. She demands to know the truth and Molly starts to lose control. Gert takes her to her room and warns her that she can't use her powers. She figures that the Yorkes are sending Molly away because she saw the ceremony, and promises Molly that they're sisters and they'll get Molly out of it. However, she says that for now Molly has to go.

Chase is in the workshop working in the Fistigons when Victor comes in. He reminds Chase that they agreed that Chase would never come in there without him. Chase points out that they've been working together, and Victor reminds him that he paid for it all. The teenager says that it's exhausting keeping up with the changes in their relationship, and Victor dismissively tells him that he's making Chase a man but Chase doesn't want that. When Chase tries to walk off, Victor grabs him and Chase punches him. Victor grabs a Fistigon and blasts Chase back through a divider panel. He prepares to blast his son again, and Janet arrives and shoots him in the chest.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 19, 2017

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