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Dick Lansing Recap

Wray goes to a juice bar to meet Bobbie. She explains that her new office is across the street and tells Wray that they're only looking at 20-somethigns for her part in Doctor Cop Lawyer. Diego wants Wray for the part of Dr. Richard Trimmings, the limping, lispy sidekick. Bobbie tells him that he has a network test for the role the next day, and assures him that she fought to get him the lead, but they gave it to the Hemsworths. She assures Wray that he's a talented character actor, and gives him the script in person because she had to ditch her burner phone. She then tells Wray not to tell anyone that he saw her and leaves.

As the bartender John Boutell looks on, Wray complains about how leading men in Hollywood don't have humps. John drowns out Wray's complaints mixing smoothies. Wray doesn't notice, and finally figures that he has to be the best damned character actor that he can be.

At the Imagensium, Jerry teaches a class on motion-capture. He has the students do Pacific Northwest woodland creatures, and reminds them not to do apes. Wray comes in and Jerry welcomes him to his lab and then has the students do fall trees, and dismisses another student for doing apes.

Jerry has the students form a chair for Wray to sit on, and has Wray give the character's hard-scrabble backstory. He has Wray make up a story for the lisp and squinty eye, and Jerry starts the scene by having his students do a hospital. They perform an autopsy on the lead character's dead wife, and then Jerry has Wray suit up for a class. Afterward Jerry and Wray do another scene finding out the killer's face, and the students applaud. Jerry tells Wray to make sure he shows the network the character, and gives him one of his nipple balls.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 21, 2017

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