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Gum Drop Recap

Wray arrives at the network audition and takes a number. Two of the Australian auditioners recognize Wray from Spectrum, and they're surprised that they're making Wray audition. One of them gives Wray his number, and figures that he won't get the part of Dr. Trimmings. Both men say that they're lovable everymen types even though they're from Australia.

An assistant, Cindy, escorts another auditioner out and tells him that it didn't go his way. She warns that it's a cold room but they shouldn't let it throw him, and decides to squeeze Wray in even though it's lunch time.

In the audition room, three children are the social media team. Cindy explains that Diego went to lunch early and explains that she's streaming the session to him. She warns that there's a delay but Diego can see him. When Wray asks if he can wait until Diego comes back, Cindy glares at him and warns him not to waste their time, and says that he's got it. She explains that no one is looking at Wray because they're simulating a modern audience, and the audition team looks over Wray's resume.

Wray reads with Sarah, who is a big fan of Spectrum. They do the first scene where Trimmings only has a couple of lines, and Sarah does most of the lines of the other two characters. Wray finally limps in and does his lines, although Sarah steps on one of them. Cindy ends the scene and gives notes to Sarah, and Wray finally asks Sarah to stop chewing her gum. He complains about how no one is paying attention. Diego watches his rant and assumes that Wray is playing the part of a doctor.

As Wray leaves, he asks Cindy where she was when Sarah stepped on his line. Sarah goes back to chewing gum, and Wray tells her to drop it and says that he only has a few shots at a job so he needs some backup. Diego, watching a few seconds behind, yells at him to go for it.

Wray points out that they're all on the same sinking ship, and he says that it's their behavior that makes him an asshole. Cindy orders him to get out, just as Diego calls and tells her that she wants Wray to read for the lead. He starts by apologizing to all of them. Afterward, Cindy leads him out and says that he opened their eyes, and assures him that he got her vote. Jerry is coming in to read for the Timmings part, and admits to Wray that it's a great script. Wray flicks him in the eye to give him a squint.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 21, 2017

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