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Rewind Recap

Fitz is sitting at the counter with the others at the diner, eating. Jemma points out that he's not eating, and Fitz says that he's not eating. As the waitress offers them pie, the lights flicker and everyone raises their hands. Fitz says that it's his fault, and tells Jemma that he's going to take responsibility. The lights flicker and everyone but Fitz disappears. Lieutenants Evans and Lucas and their soldiers come in and arrest Fitz, and Hale demands to know where the other six are. Fitz has no idea what happened, and the soldiers lead him off as he yells that he needs to find the others.

Later, Lucas and Evans question Fitz and ask how the others got out. He insists that he doesn't know what happened to the others, and Lucas points out that the security cameras blacked out two minutes before they arrived, and a beer truck disappeared outside of the diner at the same time. Fitz suggests that they abducted the others and are messing with their minds like they're messing with his. General Hale comes in and says that Daisy shot Talbot in the head. She figures that the LMD was built by S.H.I.E.LD., and Fitz admits that he killed Jeffrey while Holden build Aida. When Fitz tries to leave, Hale stops him and warns that if he doesn't cooperate then he'll be there for a very long time.

The soldiers lock Fitz up. Later, they drag him out and Lucas questions him about the location of the others. Fitz insists that he doesn't know where his friends are, and says that he wants to know so he can make sure that they're safe. Evans confirms that he's telling the truth as Fitz says that he'll do what he can to find them. They report to Fitz, and Lucas suggests that they let Fitz help them find the team. Hale agrees to give Fitz paper, pencil, and a TV to watch soccer.

Fitz spends the days in his cell working, eating, exercising, and watching soccer. He then tells Evans that he might have suffered from schizophrenia and did something with the others and blocked their memories. Evans says that everyone there had the same two-minute lapse in memory and it wasn't him, and Fitz says that he'll need more books. He also asks Evans to post a letter to a fanzine criticizing a soccer keeper Lucas tells her to redact the keeper's name and give it to the codebreakers.

Later, Fitz continues going about his routine. He loses his temper at the soccer players, and is finally taken to Evans again. He describes his theories and gives her another letter to post, and then goes back to his routine. Fitz gets a copy of the fanzine and confirms that his letter was published.

Six months later, Evans and Lucas demand an answer from him. He suggests that his teammates were abducted by aliens, and Hale comes in and says that he's been wasting their time. As a soldier prepares to take Fitz away, Hale gets word that Fitz's attorney is there: Lance Hunter. He walks in and tells them to get the hell out and leave him with his client.

Once they're alone, Fitz and Lance hug and Lance points out that his letters are crap. Fitz yells at him that the letters finally got Lance's attention after six months, and they hug. Lance explains that they're in a secure military installation that officially doesn't exist, but they had to let Lance in due to the law. Fitz says that he needs Lance to smuggle in mechanisms so that he can escape. Lance checks his watch and directs Fitz around the cell. He then triggers an explosive in the wall, explaining that it's his escape plan. They run out and spot a helicopter arriving. It crashes and Lance explains that the pilot Rusty was supposed to get the soldiers' attention while they escaped on the ground.

The two men escape on foot to a waiting RV and drive off.

Hale questions Evans and Lucas, and Lucas figures that the letters were coded. A MP reports that they spotted a RV on surveillance, and tells them to find the two men and lead them to the others.

As Lance drives off, Fitz goes over the news reports about the disbanding of S.H.I.E.LD. since he's been locked up. Lance explains that he's been working as a mercenary, and he and Bobbi almost got married until the ninjas showed up. He asks about Fitz and Jemma, and Fitz says that distance is their curse. Fitz suggests that they check the beer truck, and Lance explains that Rusty could tap into surveillance with his equipment. They pull over and access the equipment, and spot the beer truck on the surveillance footage. All of the surveillance cameras go dark for two minutes, and then the truck switches exteriors to a postal truck and drives off.

Enoch is at home when Fitz and Lance come in and hold him at gunpoint. He says that he's been expecting them, and tells them that there's no need for violence. Fitz remembers Enoch from the diner, and Enoch tells them that they're in the year 2091. He goes to his study which is covered in alien writing, and brings up video of the others being teleported to 2091. Enoch explains that he was sent there 30,000 years ago to monitor humanity. He's a Chronicom from Cygnus, and he fulfilled a prophecy by sending the team to the future. Enoch didn't send Fitz because the Seer didn't mention him in the prophecy. The stone can only be activated from the other end, and Enoch warns him that it isn't wise to take Fitz to the Seer. Fitz slams him down on the table, puts a gun to his head, and orders him to take him to the Seer.

Enoch takes Fitz and Lance to a playground and says that Fitz didn't need to help him. Polly Hinton is watching her daughter Robin sketch.
The soldiers break into Enoch's house and finds Enoch's writing.

Polly greets Enoch by name, and Fitz recognizes her and her daughter. He approaches Robin and picks up the bird carving of a robin that she has. Fitz introduces himself, saying that he's a friend of Daisy's, and Robin hesitates briefly and then continues drawing.

Evans discovers that there are crayon drawings on the refrigerator but no kid's room in the house. She figures that the child who made the drawings is the key.

Lance looks at Robin's drawings, which show the future. Enoch explains that the symbols Robin is drawing are thousands of years old and not known to anyone on Earth until Robin. Robin points out the soldiers approaching, and Enoch gives everyone earpieces. As Evans and Lucas say that they're all coming with them, they disappear. Lucas realizes that they've lost a half hour of time.

That night, Lance takes Fitz and Lace to Lake Ontario, where he took the others. They arrive the next day to an installation beneath a lighthouse. Enoch doesn't know where it is or who built it.

Evans and Lucas tell Hale that the escapees disappeared, and she tells them to identify Robin and Polly. Hale tells them to find and control Robin because they need every weapon in the fight.

As he unloads supplies, Enoch tells Fitz that Robin is no longer safe, and it's better not to interfere with her. He explains that he sent the others to the future to prevent an extinction-level event, but he doesn't know what happens.

Fitz looks at photos of Jemma and makes meals. Robin continues drawing, and Fitz tells Lance that Robin's father was an Inhuman. She and he had visions of people's impending deaths, and Daisy was unable to save him when he saw his own death. Lance figures that Fitz and Jemma are together now, and Fitz figures that the universe doesn't want them together. His friend says that Fitz and Jemma are perfect for each other, and Fitz explains that what happened in the Framework came from inside himself. Lance admits that he liked the side of him that got Enoch to help them, and Fitz points out that it also got people killed. He tells Fitz that he's not a killer, and just needs to learn to control it. Lance tells him to ask Robin why he was left behind.

When Fitz takes breakfast food over to Polly and Robin, Polly explains that Robin hasn't said much since Terrigenesis. Robin's mind has been scattered because all times are the same to her, and sometimes she doesn't know that Polly is her mother. Enoch has helped Polly understand and accept, and Polly tries to get Robin to explain why Fitz isn't with his friends. The girl says that Fitz has to save them, and shows him a drawing of men standing around Fitz's corpse.

Enoch tells Fitz and Lance that he can help now that Robin has made a prophecy. He explains that he came to Earth in a capsule and it was discovered years ago, and it might be able to take Fitz to his friends. Enoch says that it's at Blue Haven Ridge, and Lance tells Fitz that it's the base they just broke out of. Fitz tells him that they're going back in.

The two men drive the RV back, and present fake IDs to go in as repairmen. The MPs call to confirm their clearance and then let them in. Once inside, Lance and Fitz switch to soldier uniforms and release two ferrets. The ferrets set off the perimeter alarms, and when one soldier investigates, Lance knocks out another one. He and Fitz go into the warehouse where the pod is stored and find the vehicle. Fitz activates the control panel and confirms that it's active, and Lance finds the Zephyr stored there.

Lance and Fitz load the pod onto the Zephyr and find the icers stored there. The soldiers arrive and Fitz opens fire on them. He tells Lance to prepare for liftoff while he holds the soldiers off. Lance does so and the zephyr lifts off.

Hale tells Evans and Lucas that she doesn't trust them because they've let them go. She shoots each one in the head and then calls in a cleaning crew.

Fitz and Lance fly to the lighthouse and Fitz stores equipment so it will be waiting for him in the future. He then prepares a cyro-freeze chamber so he'll wake up in the future. Enoch explains that he summoned a Chronicom vessel and Fitz will circle a planet until he wakes up. Fitz writes that he's coming on the postcard and leaves it with Robin, and Lance promises that he and Bobbi will look after Polly and Robin. He tells Fitz not to die and they hug, and Fitz enters the chamber where Enoch freezes him.

Seventy-four years later, Fitz wakes up 365 million miles away. Enoch is waiting and helps Fitz out, and explains that he put a plan in motion. They have a few days before they arrive at the Lighthouse, hands him a mask, and says that it will give him time to prepare Fitz to face off against some of the most ruthless beings in the universe. Fitz says that he can do it.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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