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Pin Cushion Recap

At Long Con, Bobbie tells Wray that he didn't get the role. She explains that it's between him and another person for the role. Wray points out that Diego said he had the role, but Bobbie tells him that he's been "pinned" and it's down to him and the last Hemsworth, Farnsworth. She confirms that he has the Spectrum shirt, and tells Wray that Jack needs him to get the crowd excited for the movie. Bobbie also tells Wray that Lou Ferrigno is doing a stage adaptation of Of Mice and Men. Lou is at the buffet table, and Bobbie says that she pitched Wray to him and it's off-Broadway.

Leslie Jordan comes over and starts flirting with Bobbie. Wray compliments him on his superhero movie where he played a manly supervillain, Dr. Fussbudget. Bobbie flirts back and Wray quickly goes over to talk to Lou. He says that he loves Of Mice and Men, just as Karen come over dressed as Lou so she can be as a decoy if he gets into trouble. He point out that she should develop more muscles to look like him.

As Karen leaves, the event founder Bucky Blankets comes in and welcomes the guests. She warns that the route can be tricky and buddies Wray and Lou up. They head through the service corridors and Wray talks to Lou about Of Mice and Men as Jerry tags along. Jerry wants to play the dog until Lou tells him that it's not about awards or a paycheck. Wray says that he misses the theater and Lou shows him his adaptation. They wander off and Karen runs to catch up and misses them.

Bucky takes everyone else to the con hall and does a head count. She discovers that Wray and Lou are missing.

Lou and Wray wander into a boiler room and the door closes behind them. Lou sets the scene and Wray discovers that Lou is playing George and Wray is playing Lenny. Wray realizes that he's the hulking character while Lou is the slim and quick character. Lou asks if Wray is a tenor or a baritone, and Wray realizes that it's a musical. He quickly says that he has to go promote the Spectrum movie, and discovers that the door is locked. Lou plays the overture on his phone.

In the con hall, Bucky tells the audience that there's a delay with the Lou and Wray signing. Karen comes out posting as Lou but doesn't fall anyone. Bobbie privately tells Bucky that she doesn't get a cut unless Wray signs so she goes to find him and invites Leslie to go with her. He gladly agrees. They wander into the boiler room and it closes behind them. Lou has them take parts in his adaptation, just as the Tooth Fairy comes in and the door closes behind him. He explains that he was looking for the backpack with his medicine, and recites Wray's line from Spectrum.

Bucky stalls by explaining her nickname. The audience boos her. Meanwhile, Jerry leads several attractive female guests "to safety". Meanwhile, the other guests leave in disgust.

Leslie punches Wray repeatedly as two more guests come in and the door closes behind them. Lou incorporates them into his makeshift production, and Wray says that he's playing the wrong role. Leslie, playing Curley, keeps punching Wray. Lance and the guests arrive and the door closes behind them. Lou gives Jerry the dog part and tells Wray to stay in character. Wray tells a puzzled Lou that he should play Lenny, and says that they should watch the door. Lou wonders if he wants out, and says that the only way out is through art.

Karen comes in and manages to hold the door. However, Wray tells her to close the door so that they can do the play, and Lou agrees to give his Lenny idea a shot.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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