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I'm with Stupid Recap

Cash and Raaker argue over Cash's piloting, and the ship starts to slow down. Raaker orders Cash to set down in the trees.

Bucky finishes the clip and introduces Wray, who isn't there.

In the boiler room, Wray and the others are setting up for Lou Ferrigno's production of Of Mice and Men.

Bucky swears and asks who wants to watch the clip a fifth time. The audience boos and Bucky boos them back.

Wray and Lou do a scene while the voiceover guy provides owl hoots. He finally "flies" off, and Wray bursts into song. Lou plays with a dead mouse and Wray knocks it out of his hand. They go to Leslie's dance routine about Curley's "wife", and then shoot Jerry the "dog". Jerry keeps howling even when he's supposedly "dead" and despite several gunshots to the head.

The cast gathers for a big musical number about Lenny and his rabbits. Bobbie then plays Curley's wife, seducing "Lenny" and singing "Lenny for Your Thoughts". She insists on dancing with Lou and putting his hands all over her. They then do the scene where "Lenny" kills her, substituting a dummy and silhouettes behind a curtain.

Later, "George" leads "Lenny" off as the mob chases after them. As Lou sings about "Lenny"'s dream, "George" shoots him in the head. Bucky arrives and complains that they're not at Long Con, and complains that it's ruined. Wray says that they can turn it around and the cast breaks into song. Bucky demands to know why they're singing, saying that they sound like jackasses, and Wray says that they can make the show a Long Con exclusive. Impressed, Bucky tells them to get up to the hall and perform.

On stage, Wray and the others present their exclusive musical, I'm With Stupid. The audience takes videos and everyone applauds wildly every number. Leslie apologizes for hitting Wray because he couldn't reach Lou, and asks for Vaseline. Karen is the decoy for the real stage manager. Jack calls Wray and sends that he's trending worldwide because the musical is being streamed. Since Wray was wearing his Spectrum shirt, they've been invited to Shock-A-Con. Jack goes to christen a cruise ship but first congratulates Wray on his good work.

When Lou comes over, Wray says that he's glad to do the musical off-Broadway in LA. Lou tells him that due to the buzz, they're going to the real off-Broadway but they need a leading man type from England to play George. However, he puts a pin in Wray for the tour company. Disappointed, Wray looks at himself in the mirror and bangs his head on the makeup table.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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