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Back to the Past Recap

At Shock-A-Con, Janet Carney presents the Shock-A-Con Talk-A-Thon. Rico Java is down on the floor, and Janet promises 24-hour-a-day coverage. Rico talks about the Spectrum reunion, and how everyone from the cast who is still alive made it. He brings in Finley Farrow, star of an upcoming trilogy, who talks about the obstacle course plays on the movie. Finley talks about the obstacles facing young people, and Janet says that no one has made it past the last obstacle, the Blades of Damocles. The camera shows a fan not making it past the Blades, and Farley wonders if she's okay. Rico asks her about Doctor Cop Lawyer, and Farley admits that she doesn't know.

Wray and Bobbie go to Wray's hotel room and discover that there's nothing there but wrappers and peels. Bobbie says that she's straightened up, and Wray discovers that the bed is damp. Bobbie tells him that Hawk Hemsworth has passed on Doctor Cop Lawyer. However, they found a lost Hemsworth who has been on walkabout. His name is Girth, and Finley has final approval of the casting of her co-star. Bobbie tells Wray that he has to seduce her, and Girth will be there as well. Wray says that he needs to get some rest before meeting the Spectrum cast because they're nuts.

Stutter is hiding in the room camouflaged as a potted plant. He offers to kill Girth, saying that he's not a citizen so it's not murder. Stutter describes how he makes his own guns and offers Wray a piece of rock that will be a gun. He explains that he's on stakeout and points out Tiffany drinking. Stutter tells her not to after three months' sober, and Tiffany says that the crowd wants pieces of her. She discovers that Bobbie has filled all of the bar bottles with water, and Stutter explains that he's Tiffany's court-appointed guardian.

Stutter's rock goes off, and Brenda comes in and worries that people are hooting at her. She explains that the Pounders are after her, and remind Wray that she owes Pounders money for her gaining weight. Wray orders everyone out, and Bobbie tells him that she's going to dig up some dirt on Girth. Wray discovers that Dawn is there and says that her room is next door. She takes Wray to the bed, realizes that it's wet, and they quickly stand up. Wray says that he's too tired to fight it and takes his watch back off. Dawn insists that motherhood has changed her and her twins are next door, and says that she came to his room to tell him that she's not coming to his room. She goes to breast feed one of her four-year-old twins and the other one has been getting handsie. Stutter is posing as a mattress and tells Wray that Jack is in the VIP room.

Wray goes to the VIP room and the guard Rodrigo frisks him until Jack comes over and explains that Wray is his friend. Jack shows Wray his life-size cardboard cutout and explains that all of the VVIP gets them but Wray is only an IP. Wray checks the potted plant to make sure Stutter isn't there, and explains that the rest of the Spectrum cast is there. Jack asks him to keep an eye on them while he secures financing, and Wray says that he can handle it. He explains that it's between him and a Hemsworth for the lead in Doctor Cop Lawyer, and Jack asks everyone to leave. Stan Lee grabs his cutout and goes, and Jack says that he lost his agency to a Hemsworth. He admits that his movie career is suffering, but figures that he's going into his past so that he can move forward. Jack gets called to his relaxation massage, and Wray says that he's been living in his past for the last ten years and it's lonely. He then looks over and discovers that Jack has left his cutout to listen.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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