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Dawn of Girth Recap

After 18 hours of coverage, Janet reminds her audience not to attempt the obstacle course and cuts to Rico. Rico asks Wray who says that he's sworn to secrecy about the big Spectrum announcement. Brenda offers to give it away for $70,000. Girth comes by and asks Wray for an autograph, and Rico overhears him and announces Girth's presence to the guests. Everyone is surprised that he's there to see Wray, and launches into how he was separated from the other Hemsworths. Everyone is impressed except Wray, who gives him an autograph. Girth insists that Wray is the greatest gift to s.f. and says that no one could imagine him as a doctor.

Once Girth leaves, Bobbie comes out and complains that there's only one fan left because the rest followed Girth. Once she learns that Girth was there, Bobbie tells Wray that she'll keep Girth away while he seduces Farley. He refuses to bed Farley, but the other cast members figure that he needs help. Stutter wants to kill Girth, and Wray tries to get him to promise not to while they take photos with fans. Dawn glares at Wray as he says that he's not going to bed Farley. He tells them that Jack is counting on them not to screw it up, and Tiffany tries to seduce Jack's cutout. Brenda runs off for fear of turtles, and Stutter goes to run an arms deal at his sculpture booth. Bobbie tells the remaining cast that they're having an Ambivalence party at the VVIP room, and tells Wray to sex Farley while she keeps Girth there.

Dawn tells Wray that she's reconsidering their position about having sex with him. He points out that they're in a cycle of sex and separation, and Dawn agrees to be friends... and then she tries to kiss him. Wray tries to stop her, and she tells him that he can find her in his room. She and Tiffany leave and Wray goes after them while Bobbie has the photographer take some photos of them so she can alter arrest photos.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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