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Shock to the System Recap

The next morning, Janet passes out from exhaustion and even the boom dude can't wake her up. He reads her dialogue for Rico being at the obstacle course.

John wakes up Wray at the bar and gives him a drink of water. He asks for peppermint schnapps and wonders why John looks familiar. John tells him a story about a boy who worked on a starship troupe and living his dream, and Wray realizes that John is Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers. John slaps him and says that Wray is the boy, and he already has respect and a job that made him famous with Spectrum. He tells Wray to move forward or his spaceship will leave him behind. Wray realizes that he's late for his panel, and turns to realize that John is leaving. The new bartender transforms into an alien and screams at Wray... who wakes up and has a nightmare that John is an alien. Wray wakes up and hears the fans chanting as Rico announces that Wray isn't there.

John is at the stage and goes out as the fans chant Spectrum.

Wray makes himself through the crowd, and Girth spots him. He complains that Wray's crazy agent tried to put him out of the running for Doctor Cop Lawyer. Wray yanks himself away and Girth lets him drop to the floor. He dares Wray to fight, and Wray insists that he doesn't want to fight. He punches Girth and cuts his hand, kicks him, and runs off.

Rico and Finley are at the obstacle course explaining that they're going to distribute the money to the orphans. Wray runs past them into the obstacle course and Girth goes after them, and Rico announces that Wray challenged Girth to the obstacle course of death.

Wray runs through the maze and dodges sliding walls.

Jack is talking to the audience when Tiffany crawls out from under a table and says that she isn't feeling anything and it feels great. She leads the audience in a cheer of Spectrum.

Wray continues dodging traps and Girth follows him. Brenda runs past as three men in black turtlenecks from Pounders chases her. They attack Girth, who beats them up. Meanwhile, Brenda finishes the obstacle course and runs out.

Dawn arrives on stage with her very un-twinnish twins. Brenda runs up and joins Jack, Dawn, and Tiffany, and realizes that the fat on her neck is just loose skin.

Wray dodges deadly axe blades as Girth says that it's a bit dangerous.

Up on the catwalk, Stutter prepares to shoot Girth with a sniper rifle. A blade hits Wray and he falls into the pit, and Girth jumps after him. He carries Wray out on his back.

Stutter joins the Spectrum cast on stage.

Girth drags Wray out of the obstacle course. Finley tells them that she made her choice for the lead: Wray. She tells him that he exudes brokenness and hates drama on set, and she's going to hook up with Girth. The loudspeaker woman calls Wray to the stage, and Finley tells him when they start shooting.

Wray arrives on stage and tells Jack not to tell the audience the news without him. Everyone applauds, and Jack says that they will start filming the Spectrum movie... at the same time that they start filming Doctor Cop Lawyer. Wray looks at his cast mates and Jack points out that an audience member wants to know how excited Wray is to be returning. Wray says that he wants to play Dr. Blade Slater in Doctor Cop Lawyer, and he can't do the movie because they shoot at the same time. Jack asks if Wray is going to turn his back on the cast and crew, and points out that a passed-out Tiffany is in no shape to do a movie. She farts--a lot--and finally wakes up.

When Wray points out that Brenda has a scrotum on her throat, Brenda says that he's a jerk. he then points out that Stutter shot him in the head with a beanbag, and Dawn tells Wray that he's the father of one of his twins. She sends one boy over to give Wray a hug, and Jack points out that Wray helped him get the job. Wray reminds Jack that he said he had to go back to his past, and that there is no standing still and he's been standing still since Spectrum was cancelled. Jack asks if he's turning his back on him, and Wray tells him that it's not about Jack or the fans or the cast. It's about him, and he's taking his chance as he walks away.

Tiffany suggests that they move the air date, and Wray quickly goes back on stage and says that he could do both. He asks everyone to forget what he just said, and an audience member asks Wray if he just said what he said. Meanwhile, Jack texts Diego and says that he's interested in Doctor Cop Lawyer after all.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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