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A Shot with Finley Recap

At Shock-A-Con, Janet continues her 24-hour coverage and reports that claims adjustors and authorities have been given unlimited access to the Ambivalence obstacle course. Rico insist that there's nothing to report, and they argue about how hard the job is. Janet starts to crack under the pressure of the Talk-A-Thon music.

Wray gets into the party and finds Tiffany preparing to drink a martini. He stops her and drinks it himself. Bobbie has staked out the party as a bartender and says that soon Finley will be under Wray. He says that he just needs to talk to her, and Bobbie points out that Girth is hitting on Farley. Tiffany orders tequila for Wray to drink and tells him to show his tits. She's shocked at his chest hair.

Wray and Tiffany go over to Farley, who says that she's been looking for him all weekend. She introduces Girth, who starts hitting on Tiffany. Farley congratulates Tiffany on her sobriety, and Wray offers drinks. When Farley points out that it's inappropriate, Wray says that he shows Tiffany to real situations and she slips away.

Bobby comes out dressed as an aboriginal priestess and calls Girth out. She hits him in the head with a bullroarer, quickly blames a guest, and runs off. Girth goes to get the wound stitched up, and Wray talks himself up for the lead of Doctor Cop Lawyer. Farley says that his audition was agonizing in a good way, and he brought desperation to the part. When Farley says that the character seems lost, Wray breaks into tears until Farley says that she was kidding. He says that he was kidding, just as Brenda joins them. Brenda tells Farley that Wray is a thoughtful performer and asks if she can borrow $65,000 because of her weight-loss debt. She sees a waiter in black and runs off, knocking drinks on Farley.

Wray says that he wants a new cast because the Spectrum cast is new. Security guards take Farley out, and Stutter emerges from hiding to show him a non-lethal bean-bag sniper rifle. He leaves and Wray drinks alone.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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