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The Chains of Forever Recap

In Houma, Celia laments how the search for eternal life has caused her and her husband Robert's relationship to fall apart. The couple meets with a book seller and offers him books in return for the Volcanberg maps, showing the world in 1532. He gives them a moment alone with the maps, and Robert confirms that it's the missing piece. The book seller comes back as Robert traces the Fountain to somewhere near Houma. The man realizes that it's a map for the Fountain of Youth, and tells them that a rich man would pay handsomely for the map. Robert insists that it's not for sale but the book seller makes a phone call.

At the complex, Anton takes the call and tells Graham that he's received word of something that may be another legend or a great truth.

Celia and Robert arrive in Houma and Celia remembers how Robert was when they first met. Now he's afraid of death and it has changed him. Robert insists for one last chance and promises that they'll have it together. They go to the Kipp house and ask for a swamp tour to LaVec Bog. Will warns that it's pretty far in, and Celia talks about a pot of gold being there. Robert offers Will whatever he asks, and Celia irritably says that he's offering their marriage. Will declines and the couple leave.

At the Houma Inn, Graham searches the couple's hotel room. Outside, Robert and Celia argue and he says that they only have a month unless thy get to the Fountain. They go in and Graham fires a shot into the air and climbs out the window. Robert insists that it proves that the Fountain is real because someone else is interested, and Celia tells him that he's afraid of life. Her husband says that she's going on with or without her, takes a gun out of the closet, and leaves. Celia looks at an antique phot of herself and Robert.

Back at the complex, Anton insists that the couple wasn't supposed to be harmed. Graham tells him that he deliberately missed, and Anton says that he must have the map. He explains that the couple checked out of the hotel and disappeared, and tells Graham to have the airport and ready his plane in case he has to pick something up.

Celia meets with Will and says that Robert is obsessed with the Fountain. They have tea and she asks Will to find Robert, and insists on going with him. Celia warns that Robert has a gun with him, and doesn't know if he would use it or not. She figures that Will is safe if she comes along.

Robert makes his way through the swamp as Swamp Thing watches him. The man moans in pain and collapses, exhausted, as Swamp Thing senses a glowing aura surrounding him.

Will and Celia go to an old trapper's shed that Will figures that Robert would go to. He suggests that Celia should find Robert a psychiatrist, and she tells him that she loves Robert and they've been together a long time. They continue to the shed and Robert attacks will with a club. When Will disarms him, he draws his gun and tells Celia that Will knows too much and has to die. Celia begs him to get hold of himself, and Robert tells Will to get out. Outside, Swamp Thing approaches Will and says that he can sense that Robert is almost two centuries old... and dying.

At the complex, Anton tells Graham that he's located the Fountain. It's on property that he owns, and Anton explains that he probed the book seller's mind for what he saw of the map. He reveals that the man is hooked up to Anton's equipment and brain dead.

It rains and Swamp Thing stands in the downfall.

Robert tells Celia that he's glad she followed him, and that the Fountain would mean nothing without her. Celia asks him to come back with her and forget about the Fountain, and takes out their matching lockets holding water. She reminds Robert that when the alchemist gave them the liquid, there would be no more. Celia insists that it has to end and asks Robert to come back with her. As they start to kiss, will comes in and sys that he's there to help Celia out of the swamp. He tells Robert that the Fountain doesn't exist, and reveals that he knows the couple is two hundred years old. Robert explains that an alchemist made the Aqua Vitae that would let them live until the potion was used up. He figures that Celia told Will what they're doing and the two of them plan to kill him and take the water for themselves.

As Robert draws his gun, Swamp Thing comes in, shoves Will aside, and absorbs the bullets meant for his friend. Celia faints, and Robert takes her locket and runs off. When Celia wakes up, she says that Robert was a good man once. He saved the alchemist's life and the alchemist gave him the Aqua Vitae in return. Swamp Thing explains that it's the couple's body chemistry, activated by the elements in the Aqua Vitae. When the couple started arguing, they started to age. Swamp Thing realizes that their love altered their body chemistry, and Celia isn't growing older because she still loves Robert. Will warns that Robert is heading for LaVec Bog.

An aging Robert finds the Fountain and puts the water into the locket vials. Meanwhile, Anton and Graham arrive and Anton prepares to test the water. Robert shots Graham and accuses Anton of stealing the water. Anton says that he's only there as a scientist, and they struggle. Robert spills the water and Anton prepares to kill him. Swamp Thing, Will, and Celia arrive and Swamp Thing warns that the water will kill him. Graham says that the water is fed by the runoff from his cyanide experiment.

Celia tells Robert that there is no Fountain, and without their love immortality is impossible. Robert admits that he gave her up for an unobtainable dream, and now he has nothing. He drinks the poisoned water and Swamp Thing holds Will back. Robert says that he did it and then collapses dead.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 24, 2017

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