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Tsunami Recap

As he car alarms in the garage go off, Chase and Janet tend to Victor's gunshot wound. Robert comes in and Chase angrily tells him to go. As he starts to shove Robert out, Tina comes in and tells him to stop. She picks up the gun and says that all that matters is Victor.

Nico meets with Alex and demands answers, starting with why he didn't go to Amy's funeral. He plays back a call from Amy on the night she died, asking him to come over because she needs to talk and Alex is the only person who knows.

Catherine and Geoffrey drive to the Stein home in response to Tina's text. Geoffrey tucks his gun in his belt, and Geoffrey points out that the last time she sent a similar message, they found the Hernandezes in pieces.

Nico realizes that Alex knew why Amy stopped coming to the PRIDE meetings, and starts to walk out. Alex asks for the chance to explain, and says that he's the one who should have seen it coming and stopped Amy from killing herself. Nico tells him to tell her the rest and she'll let him know if she agrees.

The Past

Amy and Alex play Battlefront, and she goes to get coffee refills. Alex accesses her laptop to run antivirus software for her, and discovers that Amy has been hacked. When Amy comes back, he tells her that someone is monitoring everything she types. Shocked, Amy grabs her laptop and walks away, saying that she's got it.


Alex tells Nico that Tina hacked Amy's laptop.

The Past

Nico meets with Kincaid and tells him that she was just trying to beat Tina for once by hacking her laptop. Kincaid says that Nico set off an alarm, and says that she's going to turn herself in because she set off an alarm.


Nico realizes that Amy would rather have died then face Amy, and that Tina knew the entire time why Amy killed herself. She says that Alex lied to everyone as well, and Alex tells her that he promised to Amy that he wouldn't tell anyone. Alex admits that he should have told her but didn't, and then Nico turned in on herself, but Nico doesn't buy it. He says that he was afraid that he'd lose Nico, and Nico figures that there's more to it. Tina sealed the house, didn't let her call 911, and brought Flores in. Alex suggests that Tina was worried that Amy found out something about PRIDE, and Nico points out that they never found Amy's phone. Her backpack was also missing, and Nico insists on searching Amy's room by herself.

Geoffrey and Catherine enter the garage, and Geoffrey quickly hides his gun when he realizes that Chase is there. Janet says that she shot Victor because he was having one of his episodes, and Tina points out that they can't call the police without them arresting Janet. The Wilders say that they think of each other like family, and Catherine has Janet take Chase up to tend to his cuts. When Chase refuses to go, Geoffrey assures him that they've got it.

Once Chase and Janet leave, Geoffrey wonders why Chase is there. Robert warns that Victor has lost a lot of blood, and they wonder where the Yorkes are.

Dale and Stacey take Molly to Graciela's home and when Dale tries to say how well it's decorated, Molly yells at him that he's making it worse. She suggests that he reconsider, gets a text from Catherine, and says that he and Stacey have to go right away. When Stacey tries to hug Molly, she backs away and tells them that they're tossing her out like trash. She tells the Yorkes to bite her, and as they go Dale shows Stacey the text: "Tsunami".

In the kitchen, Janet pours herself a drink and Chase tells her to pour him one as well. He asks what happens if Victor doesn't make it, and she wonders what happens if it does. Chase insists that Victor was different, and wonders if what Jonah gave Victor made it worse. Janet realizes that he still loves him, and says that it was the brain tumor or the treatment. The Yorkes arrive and Janet takes them to the garage. Dale warns that they're not medical doctors, and Tina insists that they need to do something. Stacey puts pressure on the bleeding artery, and asks for dental floss to stitch up the wound. Robert sees the Fistigons, and Tina says that Leslie wasn't invited because she's too close to Jonah and he already thinks that they're screw-ups.

Chase calls Gert, who is in the basement with Old Lace. She tells the dinosaur that she's not sleeping her room alone. Meanwhile, Chase gets her voice mail and then calls Karolina. He tells her what happened and asks her to come over, but then tells her to stay out of it and hangs up. Leslie comes into Karolina's room, and Karolina asks if Frank was acting weird at the open house. Her mother says that Frank is lost since Phil fired him and he failed to go Ultra. With that, she leaves. Karolina calls Nico and gets her voice mail, and asks her to call her. Leslie listens outside the door.

Stacey stabilizes Victor but Dale warns that he's lost a lot of blood and is in a coma. Leslie comes in and Geoffrey asks if she's calling Jonah. She says that she's going to call Frank.

Graciela watches as Molly eats, and then gives her a letter addresses to Molly that the Hernandezes sent her before they died. Inside is a key and a note saying to "Find Elian". Molly says that Elian is her stuffed elephant.

Frank arrives with the healing gloves, and Leslie tells him not to tell anything about her and Jonah. She warns that the blowback would be dangerous for all of them, including Karolina, and Frank tells her that he'll do what he wants.

Gert brings Old Lace into her room and directs him to a spot on the floor. She gets Karolina's call and Karolina says that she and Molly have been calling. Gert tells her that's over because the Yorkes sent Molly away to stay with a relative. Karolina says that she's coming to get her, and Gert realizes that Karolina didn't go there first because Chase kissed her and she doesn't like him but likes Nico, who likes Alex. Gert says that she'll pick Karolina up, and then discovers that Chase called her first.

Catherine asks Leslie if Frank is back in, and Leslie tells him to focus on what he's doing. The gloves glow and Frank starts healing Victor. Victor squeezes Janet's hand as he twitches, and then his heart stops.

Gert and Karolina pull up to the Stein house with Old Lace in the back, and they duck down as Jonah pulls up and drives into the garage. Leslie denies calling him, and Jonah thanks Tina for calling him. The others glare at her, and Tina points out that they didn't have any other choice after Frank killed Victor with the gloves. Jonah takes a case out of the trunk and tells the men to put Victor in one of the boxes. He says that he'll revive Victor the way that he gets revived, and Robert realizes that he needs another body to convert. The case expands into the second box and Jonah says that they'll sacrifice Janet.

Gert breaks into Chase's house and explains that she and Chase used to sneak to the roof to use Victor's telescope for astronomy class. Old Lace jumps across the roof of the patio and down to join them, and they continue inside.

As Molly and Graciela set up the foldout bed, Molly takes the elephant out of her suitcase. She says that she left him on a train one time, but they drove to the next station and found it. Graciela says that they can go down to the Metrolink the next day, and Molly tells her that she likes that Graciela is her family. Once Graciela leaves, Molly puts on her shoes and sneaks out the window.

Chase goes downstairs to the garage, and Frank stops him and says that he shouldn't be there now. He tells Chase that Victor will be okay and Jonah is there. Karolina comes down and tells her father that she's got it, and tells Chase to go back to his room where Gert is waiting. Once Chase goes, Frank says that there was an accident and Victor got hurt. Karolina figures that PRIDE is involved and says that Frank is the only one who is good. He wonders what she means.

In his room, Chase discovers that Old Lace has been eating his plant. Gert explains that Old Lace listens to her and protects her, and will protect them.

Janet asks why Jonah gets to decide and points out that they would have done the same thing. She says that Jonah's fault because the serum did something to Victor. Jonah says that it isn't going to happen, and Tina points out that PRIDE can survive without her. Janet says that she could have done something else but her life became about managing Victor. They got Jonah's gifts, fame, and fortune, and she got an abusive megalomaniac. Leslie tells her that it's time to embrace the light, Robert suggests that they sacrifice Frank since he's not in PRIDE, and Leslie admits that it's a good idea. Jonah says that Victor is the only one essential to the project so they'd better choose quickly. If he doesn't revive Victor, then all of the parents die as well as their children.

As the parents argue, Dale grabs Janet's gun and says that he's not going to risk his girls. Geoffrey puts his gun to Dale's hand and tells him to put it down, and Dale immediately does so and apologizes. When he drops the gun, it goes off and shatters a nearby divider panel. Jonah says that it's a family problem, and either Janet gets in the box or Chase does. Janet agrees, and Robert tells the others that he has something private to say to Janet before it's too late. Jonah gives them two minutes and steps out with the others.

Nico searches Amy's room and finds her sister's backpack under the bed. She finds Amy's phone inside and plugs it in to charge it up.

Janet says that she's doing what's best for everyone, and it's her time. Robert tells her that she should say goodbye to Chase, and Janet goes to Jonah. He refuses, but Catherine says that she deserves the chance. When Geoffrey says that they wouldn't be in the same position, his wife asks if he's sure. Dale and Stacey point out that Robert is getting in the box, and he aims the Fistigon at them as he goes to keep them from stopping him. Janet and Tina tell him to stop, but Robert wonders why Tina cares. He refuses to let Janet die for protecting her child when he couldn’t do the same for Amy, and tells them that it's the honorable thing to do. Jonah says that Robert is expendable, and Tina takes out the Staff and destroys the sacrifice box.

Alex calls Nico and asks her to call him back so they can talk. The video finishes decrypting and Alex calls the others to join him.

Leslie wonders why Tina destroyed the box to save Robert, and Tina tells her that she wouldn’t understand. As Leslie prepares to attack her, Jonah says that they've had enough drama for one night. He tells Leslie that he's fine, and Leslie apologizes. Tina accepts her apology, and Robert bows to her and takes her hand. Janet goes to Victor's body and wonders what happens to him.

Nico gets a ride to Timely and tells Alex that she found Amy's phone. She points out that she found it no thanks to Alex, and asks if he watched the whole video. Alex tells Nico that it's the worst thing that he's ever seen.

Jonah seals Victor in the remaining box and explains that the inner coil should keep Victor alive but comatose for a while. The men carry the box away.

Janet goes into Chase's room and tells him that PRIDE is taking care of Victor. Chase says that he wants another chance with his father, and Janet says that he would love that before walking out. Gert and Karolina come out of hiding and say that Alex texted them and they have to go.

Molly goes to the Metrolink and finds the locker that the key goes with. Inside is a VHS tape.

Alex says that that their parents don't like what they're doing, and wonders what they're up to. Gert, Karolina, and Chase arrive, and Chase says that if something happens to PRIDE then Victor dies. He insists that the video can't get out, and Karolina agrees with him. She figures that Frank can help them, but Alex insists that the rest of them are going ahead with it. Chase tries to grab the laptop from him, and Alex shoves him away. They fight and Alex drops the laptop, and Chase grabs the laptop and smashes it.

Amy's phone finishes recharging, and flashes a text message: "He found out. LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW!!!"

The Past

Amy is packing her things and erasing her laptop's hard drive. A man comes in and Amy stares at him in horror.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 27, 2017

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