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City of Angels? Recap

Day One, 2011

Lucifer arrives in LA and walks down the street taking in the sights. He sprouts his wings and a homeless man notices. Lucifer realizes that humans don't react well to them and puts them away, and the homeless man quickly leaves. A woman jogs by and notes that her grandfather had a suit like the one that he's wearing, and asks if Lucifer is there for business or pleasure.

Lucifer is soon partying with the woman and her friends. Amenadiel arrives and freezes time, and says that it's time to take Lucifer back to Hell. Lucifer points out that they've never fight, and Amenadiel warns that it's dangerous for humanity to be exposed to divinity. When his brother refuses to go, Amenadiel says that Lucifer can either tell him or God. Lucifer asks to say goodbye and Amenadiel gives him ten minutes. He goes outside and see a man jog into a nearby alley, and then hears three gunshots. A masked mugger runs out of a nearby alley and the mugger shoots him in the chest. Amenadiel goes down and the mugger takes his necklace and runs off, and the angel revives a few seconds later.

Amenadiel goes back to Lucifer's bedroom and changes his clothing. Lucifer wonders why there are holes in Amenadiel's robe, and Amenadiel tells him to stay there.

At the station, Amenadiel reports a robbery to the desk sergeant: Chloe. He tries to describe its value and settles on "priceless without measure". Amenadiel is unable to give a useful description, and Chloe figures that he's giving a false report as a prank. Dan calls Chloe to tell her that he won't make date night. He says that he caught a body near where Amenadiel said he was rubbed, and Chloe turns back to see that Amenadiel has left.

Amenadiel goes back to Lucifer and tells him what happened. He insists that he needs to get his necklace back and law enforcement didn't help, so he needs Lucifer's help. Amenadiel figures that Lucifer understands humanity better than he is, and Lucifer agrees to help but tells his brother that he has to follow him.

Chloe goes to where Amenadiel was shot and finds a key fob with blood on it. She then finds Dan and he kisses her until she reminds him that they're at work. Chloe shows him the key fob and suggests that it's connected to his crime scene. Dan figures that his victim resisted and was shot, but Chloe doesn't think it was random. She offers to get a jump on it, and points out that Dan told her that she has to show initiative to make detective. Dan reluctantly agrees.

Lucifer takes Amenadiel to an outdoor restaurant and sends Amenadiel to get drinks. He then sits down at the piano and plays, and Amenadiel realizes that Lucifer is just trying to stall his return to Hell. Lucifer claims that he's distracting Amenadiel from the reality that he won't find the necklace. Amenadiel sees a report about the dead man, MMA fighter Aiden Scott. The angel says that Aiden was the man who ran right before the mugger shot him, and figures that they're connected. Lucifer figures that he can find out more info about Aiden but will need more time, and Amenadiel reluctantly agrees in return for a future favor.

At a high-end parking garage, Lucifer picks a car and steals it. Once he works out the gear shift, he drives off with Amenadiel. They go to a manor being used for a porn shot, and Lucifer explains that he recognized a woman in the newscast photo of Aiden. The woman is Misty Canyons, and Lucifer goes to have her sign his chest. An AD sees Amenadiel and assumes that he's a porn star, and leads him off.

Lucifer talks to Misty and says that he's a fan, and she admits that she likes porn more than waitressing. Misty says that she's never been happier or freer than in LA. The AD leads her to the set, where Amenadiel is waiting dressed as a window washer. They begin filming a scene as Lucifer comes over, and Amenadiel has no idea what's going on. He says that the man who killed Aiden has his necklace, and Mindy is shocked to hear that Aiden is dead. Amenadiel talks to her after they end the scene, and Misty tells him that someone asked Aiden to throw an upcoming fight. The angel figures that the mugging is connected to it, and Misty says that the fight is at Misty's the next day.

Chloe talks to Gil, the trainer at Aiden's gym. Once she confirms that Aiden ran the same route every day, Chloe figures that someone knew Aiden's route and was waiting for him. Gil says that Aiden had trouble with a promoter, Tio Sorrento, and his tattooed buddy.

That night at Rico's, Lucifer and Amenadiel arrive. Chloe is nearby, looking for Tio. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he's going to get a drink, while Chloe spots Tio's thug. He runs and she chases him.

Lucifer gets Tio's name from a bartender, and mistakes Amenadiel for a fighter. Lucifer plays along but Tio says that he doesn't book strangers. A man punches Amenadiel, who shrugs it off and knocks the man across the room. Tio is impressed and shakes Amenadiel's hand.

The next day, Lucifer and Amenadiel go to Aiden's gym. Lucifer says that they have to set up Amenadiel up like Aiden was so the killer will approach him as well. When Amenadiel wonders why they're there, Lucifer says that he has to learn how to fight to avoid attention. Amenadiel agrees and hits a bag, knocking it across. They continue and Amenadiel slowly gets the hang of it. Tio comes in and says that Amenadiel looks good, and Lucifer tells him that he wants to make money... win or lose. The promoter confirms that Lucifer would have Amenadiel take a fall, and admits that he tried to get Aiden to throw a fight. Satisfied, Lucifer punches him unconscious.

At the station, Chloe tells Dan that she squeezed the thug and learned that Tio fixes fights. She wants to talk to Tio's lawyer and maneuver a deal, but Dan points out that she has no evidence. He tells her to be patient and walks away.

At his apartment, Lucifer is watching a copy of Hot Tub High School when Amenadiel comes in. He has been questioning Tio but he claims that he doesn't know about the necklace. Amenadiel says that he figures that it's time to torture Tio, and Lucifer explains that he went down to Hell and brought Maze back with him.

Maze wakes Tio up and explains who she is. He's tied to Lucifer's bed, and says that he told Amenadiel that he doesn't know anything about the necklace. Maze prepares to torture him and considers her options. Aroused, she jumps on him and has sex. A few minutes later, she comes out and says that Tio doesn't know anything about the necklace. She explains that she got so excited with all of the possibilities in the real world that she had sex with Tio, and he wouldn't shut up afterward. Tio says that someone got to Aiden before he did, and placed $500,000 on Aiden losing. The promoter doesn't know who it is, and Amenadiel complains that Maze's torture has been useless. She takes offense but Amenadiel says that they have to focus on the necklace. Lucifer suggests that they persuade the thief to gamble on Amenadiel and then he takes the fall. Then they grab the thief when he drops off the money.

Chloe goes to meet with Tio's lawyer: Charlotte. The officer says that Tio is implicated in Aiden's murder and they'll go easy on him if he cooperates. Charlotte points out that Chloe has no leverage, well aware that she's a uni, and says that it will take more than rookie spunk to intimidate her. Chloe threatens to reveal that Charlotte is working for two rival crime families, and Charlotte invites her to sit down and talk.

That night, Amenadiel prepares to lose his first fight and tells Lucifer afterward that no mortal could defeat him if he was trying. He thanks Lucifer for his help and says that he turned to someone evil to find a criminal. Lucifer is surprised at being labeled "evil", and watches as Amenadiel goes out into the ring. A minute later, Lucifer comes out into the ring, taking the place of the intended fighter. His eyes glowing red, Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he wanted the Devil and now he has him.

Lucifer tells Amendiel that the human fighter has gone off to join the Renaissance fight. He hits Amenadiel in the face and Amenadiel insists that it doesn't count. Unimpressed, Lucifer beats him well aware that Amenadiel has to throw the fight. He continues taunting Amenadiel until Amendiel fights back. Lucifer says that Amenadiel is just as prideful as he is and the two of them fight for real. Amenadiel finally gets control of himself and says that he won't stoop to Lucifer's level because he's better than he is. When he turns away, Lucifer grabs him in a choke hold and tells him to fight. Amenadiel surrenders and Lucifer is declared the winner.

The next day, Chloe and Dan run surveillance on Tio. Tio told Charlotte that he'd help them find Aiden's killer, and he's going to drop the money off at a locker. Dan points out that if Tio doesn't follow the plan, they've lost. He worries that it will set her back, and Chloe says that the job is about taking risks.

As Tio goes to the lockers they're watching, Amenadiel and Lucifer are watching nearby. Amenadiel says that they've both stayed there far too long. Gil shows up and goes to the locker, and Chloe sends Dan to arrest Tio while she confronts Gil. Gil runs around the corner and Chloe hears him scream. By the time she gets there, the bag is on the ground but there's no sign of Gil.

Lucifer and Amenadiel take Gil to a safe location and ask him where the necklace is. Gil remembers that he shot Amenadiel, and offers to replace the necklace. Amenadiel insists that God gave it to him, and Gil says that Aiden was like a son to him but refused to cooperate when Gil ran into money trouble. They fought and Gil shot him and tried to make it look like a robbery. Amenadiel demands his necklace, and Gil says that it's in his safe at the gym. Lucifer is intrigued that Gil killed his "son" for refusing to play in his part, and reveals his devil face to Gil.

Soon, Chloe and Dan find Gil on the beach. He confesses that he killed Aiden and Dan congratulates Chloe.

That night, Amenadiel finds Lucifer at Rico's bar that he's bought. Lucifer says that he's not leaving, because he's realized that he's no longer an angel. If that's true then there's no reason for him to please God. Lucifer is abandoning God because God abandoned him, and he's accepting his role as the rebel. Amenadiel insists that Lucifer come back with him to Hell, and Lucifer calls in his favor from earlier. He tells Amenadiel to leave him alone, and reminds Amenadiel that it's a sin for an angel to break a vow. Amenadiel warns that Lucifer will suffer God's wrath, and Lucifer tells him that God knows where to find him.

Lucifer goes to the beach and Maze joins him. He extends his wings and following his orders, Maze cuts them off with her blade. Smiling, Lucifer looks up at Heaven.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 2, 2018

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