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Fun & Games Recap

Flint is sleeping in a storage room when he's woken up by workers. He finds a pair of scissors in his backpack and then enters the Lighthouse. He gives Gretchen some contraband and she pays him what he can. Flint gets to Grill and offers him the scissors for money. Grill finally gives him some fruit. As Flint continues on, the Kree soldiers capture him and the commander says that they've been looking for him.

Coulson, Elena, and Mack figure that the ships are there for Daisy, and there's no sign of Melinda. Tess finds them and says that they're harvesting the children.

Fitz and Enoch look on as Lady Karaba joins the others there to bid on Daisy. Senator Gaius Ponarian arrives and Enoch admits that he's repulsed by him. Enoch assures Fitz that his background shows that he's the most reprehensible person in the room, with a cover as a vile space marauder. Fitz says that they should drop the charade, find the others, and shoot their way out. However, Enoch warns that the chances of survival would be slim. Jemma comes in and Fitz sees her, and Enoch offers to broker a meeting with her.

Kasius and Sinara watch the bidders and Kasius says that after years of sneering at him, they're clamoring for his favor. Neither one of them recognize Fitz, and Kasius goes over to greet Ponarian.

Fitz approaches Jemma and says that he's missed her. She doesn't hear him because of Kasius blocking her hearing, and Fitz doesn't realize at first. He proposes to her and she doesn't respond, and Kasius comes over and asks if there's a problem. Fitz claims that Jemma ignored him, and Kasius explains about how he deafens his servants so only they can hear them. When Fitz objects, Kasius restores Jemma's hearing and explains that she traveled through time with Daisy. He says that she comes with Daisy to provide "motivation", and Fitz says that he's found that pain is the only motivation he needs. Kasius sends Jemma to check the Harvest, and explains that earlier his men were conducting Terrigenesis on the Lighthouse humans.

Tessa explains that Kasius put all of the 18-year-olds through Terrigenesis months ago, and points out Flint. She explains that his parents were killed in an accident, and Virgil was supporting him with odds and ends. Tess goes over to Flint, who says that he wasn't supposed to get misted for another two years. She assures him that it's no big deal, and Flint says that if he does turn then he won't come around begging for scraps. Tess tells him that she doesn't mind and hugs him, and the Kree Watch Commander says that it's time. Flint and the others step onto the platform, and the Kree begin Terrigenesis. Flint is cocooned and Elena turns away as the boy is immobilized. After a moment the cocoon explodes, revealing nothing inside.

Elena superspeeds back to Grill's foundry with Flint, fast enough that nobody sees them.

Kasius entertains his guests and Ponarian talks about how he provided Kasius with guard beats. When he mentions that Kasius was exiled, Kasius insists that he never was. Ponarian says that Kasius' brother Faulnak oversees their father's empire. Meanwhile, Kasius' Inhumans look on, and Ben comments to Daisy that Kasius never offered him as a warrior until that day. He points out that Daisy was hoping that he'd save her life, and she tells him that they need to work together. Ben warns that their slaves, and Daisy apologizes for getting him mixed up in the situation. He says that they should just hope one of them doesn't have to kill the other.

Ponarian says that he's brought a rare delicacy: fresh Denarian Snail. Karaba asks how Darius keeps the humans repressed, and Fitz casually says that he has them kill each other. Everyone stares at Fitz, and Fitz says that fear is essential. he goes back to eating, and Kasius tells him that they must have similar minds. Sinara whispers something to Kasius, and he tells his guests that a fight to the death is moments away. The Inhumans leave, and Ponarian points out that Fitz hasn't tried his snail. Fitz tells him that he finds moist creatures distasteful and casually insults Ponarian. After a moment, Kasius laughs and the other bidders join in. He leads the guests to the Pit, and Ponarian glares at Fitz.

The Watch Commander tries to work out what happened, and Coulson notices that Elena is gone.

Elena tells Flint that it's dangerous to go back to the exchange. He figures that he'll get a better life, but Elena warns that the buyers will only hurt him. Tess, Coulson, and Mack come in and Tess explains that Elena is also an Inhuman. Coulson explains that they have another Inhuman with them, and Tess says that they can hide Flint in a trawler and head out for a couple of days. Coulson offers to help, but Tess says that she'll be safest on her own.

The buyers enter the gallery and Kasius says that it's an honor to have Fitz join their ranks. He then introduces Ben and says that he's going to pit him against Melinda. Melinda sees Fitz in the gallery but doesn't react. She and Ben fight, and Ben reads her mind and parries her every blow. As Fitz and Kasius watch, Kasius says that Sinara suspects that there are other SHIELD agents in the outpost besides Jemma, Daisy, and Melinda. Fitz brings up that Ponarian said Kasius was exiled, and Kasius insists that Ponarian doesn't know what he's saying. As he glances at Jemma, Fitz says that his father was also disapproving and what he did to earn his father's respect left scars.

Ben knocks Melinda to the floor, and Fitz offers to help Kasius smooth over his transgression with his father. Meanwhile, Ben telepathically tells Melinda that he's only fighting because he helped her friends. Melinda promises not to kill him, and instinctively attacks him without thinking. Ben disarms her and she says that they have to work together, and Ben warns that if they don't end the fight than Kasius will send them to the surface. He knocks Melinda down and glances up at Fitz.

Fitz says that the fight bores him, and he came to see Daisy. Kasius says that a life is owed, and Fitz advises him to send Melinda to the surface. After a moment, Kasius agrees and Ben tells her that her friend just delayed her inevitable death.

The Watch Commander asks Tess if she's seen Flint. She claims that she hasn't but he doesn't believe her. Tess insists that she was just keeping her business relationship with Flint steady by talking to him before the ceremony, and walks off.

Elena tells Flint that he has a power but it hasn't revealed itself yet. She explains how her power revealed herself Grill triggers the group's manacles and says that Kasius will want to hear Elena's story for herself.

The bidders offer money and weapons, and Kasius tells them that he's not selling. He shuts down Ben's inhibitor and explains that he knows Ben lied to him about what Daisy and Jemma said earlier. Fitz asks if killing Ben is necessary, but Kasius tells him that no man of honor can let a slave lie to him. Sinara sends a telepathic message to Daisy, telling her not to blame herself, and Sinara kills him.

Grill tells his prisoners that he learned that Melinda was fighting in the Pit, and she's been tosses onto the surface. He demands to know why Coulson and the others didn't have metrics, and Coulson tells him the truth. Grill laughs and says that only idiots believe in the Prophecy, and he's going to turn them in for Kasius. Mack warns that if that happens then they're all dead, but Grill doesn't care. On the floor, the pebbles shake as Flint stares at them.

Jemma goes to Daisy's quarters and say that she's sorry. She assures her friend that there was nothing she could do, and they both promise that Kasius will die. They wonder what Fitz is planning, and Jemma shows Daisy a knife that she stole. Daisy figures that she can make her move when Kasius turns off her inhibitor to fight in the Pit. They hug and Jemma leaves. Fitz approaches her but Ava interrupts to say that there's a situation. As Jemma goes, Enoch tells Fitz that someone new has arrived to acquire Daisy: Faulnak.

Flint tries to run, and Grill hits him with his stick. He tortures Mack with his metric, and a rock hits him in the shoulder. More rocks shoot through the air, and Flint says that he has no idea what he's doing. Elena tells Flint that he can control it before Grill tortures her, and Flint hits him with another rock. Grill draws a gun on Flint, but Flint gathers the rocks together into one boulder and crushes Grill to death.

Fitz asks Kasius about Faulnak, and reminds Kasius that he promised him a chance to get Daisy. Kasius tells him to consider getting one of his other Inhumans and walks off. Enoch hands Fitz a package and Fitz slips it underneath his jacket and tells Enoch that there's one last thing Enoch has to do.

The Watch Commander enters the foundry and finds Grill's body. He doesn't see Coulson and the others hiding.

Fitz and the others gather, and Kasius greets Faulnak. Faulnak says that he's only there because their father sent them, and he wants Daisy to face a Kree warrior: Sinara. When Kasius objects, Faulnak asks if she's his greatest warrior. Kasius has no choice but to agree, and after Faulnak leaves he tells Sinara that it presents a tremendous opportunity. He admits that it's a fight to the death, and says that he's sure she will provide them a great spectacle.

After the Watch Commander leaves, Flint tells the others that he knew Grill. Elena says that the boy had no choice, and Coulson tells him that he and Mack are going to find Tess and then they'll get Flint on the trawler. As they go past the exchange, they see Tess' corpse hanging on the Terrigenesis platform. There's a sign around her neck, saying to bring the Inhuman. Mack holds Coulson back so that they can save Flint.

Kasius presents Daisy and prepares to switch off the inhibitor. First he turns on a force field to protect the gallery. Sinara launches her metal spheres at Daisy, who dodges them and blasts the Kree with a seismic wave. The two of them fight hand-to-hand, and Sinara summons one of her spheres and hits Daisy in the shoulder. Fitz starts to draw the gun Enoch slipped him but then reconsiders.

Daisy stops the next sphere attack with a seismic blast and shoves it back at Sinara, who dodges and hits her. The two women fight, and Daisy finally slams Sinara down. Jemma cuts Kasius' throat, while Fitz pistol-whips Ponarian and drops the force field. Daisy blasts her way up to the gallery, but Faulnak activates her inhibitor and she falls back into the Pit. Jemma and Fitz leap into the Pit, and Fitz shoots the force field controls, reactivating it. He and Jemma kiss, and then he shoots Sinara with an icer as she gets up. Fitz agrees to marry Jemma, and they grab Daisy and get out.

Enoch, disguised as a Kree, goes to a chamber, unlocks a door, and shoots the Kree guard with an icer before he heads for the surface.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 6, 2018

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