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Swamp of Dreams Recap

In the swamp, Swamp Thing imagines being human again and with Ann. Ann screams with Alec reverts back to his mutated form, and Swamp Thing wakes up from his nightmare. He tells a nearby lizard that it can't have his eggs and knocks it away, and realizes that the eggs are all used up except one. He eats the contents and slips back into his dream state.

Later, Will finds Swamp Thing lying in the swamp. He says that he hasn't seen him since Swamp Thing started working on his cure, and Swamp Thing tells the teenager to go away and leave "them" alone. Swamp Thing explains that Ann is waiting for him and they're going away, and explains that while searching for a cure he found an escape from his body. He eats the egg's contents and Will warns that it's got him drugged, but Swamp Thing insists that anything is better than being trapped in his body. Will tries to take away the remaining eggs, and Swamp Thing shoves him so he goes to get Ann so she can make Swamp Thing understand what he's doing to himself.

Will runs through the swamp to his jeep and starts to pass out. He drives into Houma but wavers and notices that there's an eggshell fragment in his hand. He pulls it out and goes off the road to avoid an oncoming car, and then passes out. Anton, Anton's Vogue date, and Graham find him and the woman asks if Anton will help him since he's a doctor. They take Will to the lab and Anton confirms that Will shows every sign of being indicated but there's no indication of drugs or alcohol. He tells Graham to check the jeep while he enjoys his evening.

Swamp Thing searches for more eggs and finds a bit of their contents on a leaf. He eats it and dreams of being with Ann again. She says that she has a surprise for him.

Graham brings back everything from the jeep, including an eggshell fragment. He realizes that it caused the scratch on Will's hand, and monitors Will's brain waves. Anton analyzes Will's blood and tells Graham that he needs to check an intact specimen. He has Graham put Will in observation before they question him.

Swamp Thing continues dreaming of a life with Ann, and they dance together and then make love.

Will wakes up in an observation cylinder, and Anton asks him where he got the eggshell. When Will refuses to talk, Anton says that the egg might be the key to the drug he hopes to develop. He injects Pentothal into the cylinder and Graham warns that it will drive Will insane if it doesn't kill him first.

Swamp Thing continues eating more of the egg and dreaming of being human. Anton appears in the dream and Ann goes to him, and Swamp Thing wakes up to discover that the eggs are gone. He searches desperately for more, figuring that Will took them.

Anton returns to the lab and tells Will to tell him where Swamp Thing is. Will still refuses to talk, and Anton prepares to inject the drug augmented by his own research. When Will still refuses to talk, Anton injects the drug into the cylinder.

Swamp Thing smashes into the Kipp house and he hallucinates Anton appearing. The lizard appears and Swamp Thing storms off into the swamp.

Graham drives back to the jeep and orders Will out. He says that Will told Anton everything and doesn't need him, and prepares to shoot him. Will jumps him and drives off

Swamp Thing goes back and finds one egg. He eats it and returns to his dream of being human with Ann. As they kiss, the lizard appears and Alec tells her that it doesn't exist.

Will goes to Ann's house and says that she has to help him find the addicted Swamp Thing. Once he explains, she agrees to go.

In the dream, the Swamp speaks through Anton, telling Alec that it's time to return to the swamp. Alec grabs him, and "Anton" transforms into Swamp Thing. Alec looks over and sees "Anton" with "Ann".

Will and Ann find Swamp Thing and Will tells her what happened. Swamp Thing says that he needs the eggs, and Ann tells him that he's seeing a fantasy, not reality. The creature describes his dream, and Ann swears that they'll find him a cure. She assures him that he's not alone, and he means more to her than he realized.

Anton and Graham arrive, and Anton explains that they followed Will there and deliberately let the teenager escape. Swamp Thing tells Anton that the eggs aren't for him, and Anton activates a transmitter that he planted earlier on Will's carotid artery. If Swamp Thing doesn't hand over the eggs then he'll kill Will. Swamp Thing says that there are no more eggs, but Anton figures that he has a stash hidden away. His nemesis takes out the last egg and demands the transmitter first. Anton hands over the remote, and Swamp Thing threatens to crush the egg in his hand and kill him. Shrugging, Anton says that he still has his sample at the egg and invites Swamp Thing to come see him if he needs a fix.

Once Anton and Graham leave, Swamp Thing asks Will to hide the egg and never tell him where.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 7, 2018

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