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Hostile Recap

The teenagers and their parents face off against each other, and Old Lace comes running up to join Gert. Stacey sheepishly tells the other parents that they were going to bring them up to speed on the dinosaur. Dale shoots Old Lace with a tranq dart and Gert runs to her. Chase fires the Fistigons and Tina blocks it with a force field from the Staff. Karolina fires a light blast and Molly grabs a nearby barrel. Jonah arrives and blasts her unconscious, and Darius watches from the shadows as Janet tells Chase to run.

Tina tells Jonah to stop, and he blasts the Staff out of her hands. Leslie tells Jonah that it isn't necessary, but Jonah blasts the teenagers back. Molly and the others recover and advance on Jonah, while Gert pulls the dart out of Old Lace. Karolina tells the others to go while she holds Jonah back. Nico begs her not to, but Karolina insists and Nico leaves with the others. Jonah and Karolina transform into their light forms and the two of them blast each other.

As the teens run off, a wave of energy sweeps out from the construction site and the group takes cover. The lights blow out and Gert discovers that the car won't start. The Fistigons are dead as well, and Alex figures that it was an EMP. Nico figures that Karolina was caught or killed and wants to go back, but Alex tells her that she has to be smart. She ignores him and goes back anyway.

Back at the bore hole, Nico watches from hiding as the parents come after them. She runs back to warn the others, and they run off.

The next morning, the teens make their way through the streets, with Old Lace in a shopping cart covered with a blanket. Two police officers spot them but drive on, and Alex suggests that they go to Griffin Observatory. When they get there, Molly goes to sleep from exerting herself. Alex and Nico disagree about whether to leave LA or save Karolina, and he insists that they have to do what's best for the group. Nico points out that Karolina tried to protect them, and they all agree to look for her.

The PRIDE parents gather without Leslie and Frank, and figure that there's an inner circle and Karolina is part of it. Janet wonders if Jonah is Molly's father as well, and Geoffrey asks Tina what she knows. Tina says that she wasn't at the lab when it exploded but Leslie was, and she didn't know what Leslie was going to do. Leslie didn't know that Molly was supposed to be there, and Janet points out that they've endangered their children. Robert wonders what's in the hole, and Dale suggests that they take a look for themselves. Catherine figures that Karolina can tell them what the teens know.

Karolina is hooked up to the life support equipment in the meditation suite, and Leslie and Frank looks on. Leslie wonders how Frank could go to Jonah and betray them, and Frank points out that Leslie mind-wiped him and had a child with Jonah. He insists that he loves Karolina while Jonah loves whatever is in the hole. Jonah comes in and says that Karolina's "revealing" is coming along nicely. He assures them that Karolina is safe with him, and Frank reluctantly goes. Leslie leaves as well after a minute.

Chase, Nico, and Molly go to a thrift store to get different clothing and Nico asks Chase if he wants to talk about him and Gert. Chase points out that she and Karolina were together as well, and he says that he and Gert are complicated. He admits that he really likes Gert.

Alex returns to the observatory and says that he tried to find someone to loan him a laptop. He managed to buy a chicken for Old Lace to eat, and Gert warns that she doesn't know what happens if the dinosaur isn't fed. The others return and Alex says that Old Lace can't come with them because she attracts too much attention. Everyone but Gert agrees with him, and Gert says goodbye to Old Lace. After a moment, Old Lace runs off into the woods.

Vaughn goes to Timely to get coffee, and Nico takes the cup and goes over to the others. He follows her as she intended, and the others are waiting. Gert says that they need Vaughn's help to find Karolina, who is being held in the Church. They warn that Leslie is part of what's going on, and explain that every year one young parishioner runs away. Vaughn doesn't think that Leslie wouldn't hurt Karolina, but the teens warn that Jonah is in charge and he might. He doesn't believe them and walks away.

In the meditation suite, Jonah removes the mask from Karolina and she wakes up. She asks to see Frank, and Jonah explains that he's her biological father. He figures that she feels alone like he does, and offers to be there for her.

Frances and Aura are out recruiting for the Church, and Chase and Molly get aboard the bus with the other teenagers. Gert, Nico, and Alex watch from nearby.

Dale and Stacey go to the construction site with the Hernandezes' equipment and complain about Leslie killing their friends. Leslie comes over and asks what they're doing, and the Yorkes claim that they're checking for damage. They ask what she's doing and Leslie says the same, just as a sensor goes off. Dale confirms that there's something alive in the hole. They realize that Leslie didn't know, and Stacey points out that they keep secrets from Leslie as well.

At the Church, Molly and Chase fill out forms about their family members, and Molly points out that at least Chase still has a chance with Victor. Vaughn comes over and tells them to come with him, and Aura and Frances come over. They ask if there's a problem, and Vaughn nervously says that Leslie will be interested in Molly and Chase. The women say that the teens are going to meet someone who will change their lives, and Vaughn leads them off.

Outside, Alex, Nico, and Gert wait for Chase and Molly to find Karolina and bring her out. Alex goes to find a car and Gert admits that she's nervous without Old Lace. She wonders what they'll do if they get Karolina back, figuring their parents will come after them. Nico brings up Gert and Chase together, and Gert insists that it was a one-time thing. Her friend says that Chase told her that he really likes Gert, and figures someone should come out of the situation with a healthy relationship.

Jonah meets with the Wilders and they say that they came to see Karolina. He claims that she's still in recovery, but the Wilders tell him that isn't good enough. Jonah asks if they can trust him, and when they make it clear that they don't, he tells them to consider their agreement and walks off as the Church guards cut the Wilders off from following him. Outside, the Wilders agree that Jonah isn't on their side anymore and wonder who in PRIDE they can trust. Geoffrey figures that they should find Alex before Jonah does... as Alex listens from hiding as they walk past him.

Vaughn takes Chase and Molly to the meditation suite and Molly breaks down the door. As Vaughn quickly leaves, the teens find Karolina and help her out. Aura and Frances come up and calls for security, and the trio runs. They duck into a hallway and let the guards go past, and Chase gets the x-ray goggles out of his backpack to see if there are any more guards. He sees Jonah nearby, glowing with energy, and quickly yanks off the goggles.

Alex steals a Church van, picks up Gert and Nico, and they pick up the others as they come out.

Vaughn tells Leslie that Karolina and her friends got away. Leslie thanks him for his loyalty and he asks if Jonah is in charge. She says that he isn't.

Jonah gets a text message from Unknown saying that the mission is accomplished and asking what's next.

The teenagers return to the observatory and build a fire. Nico tells Alex that they can't go back home, and he asks if she'd ever call her parents just to talk. She says that she has nothing to say and walks off. Nico finds Karolina changing her clothing, and tells her that what she did for them was epic. She admits that she wasn't going to run, and kisses Karolina. When Nico turns around, she realizes that Alex has left and figures that he's calling his parents.

Alex finds a phone booth and makes a call.

The Yorkes try to figure out what they sensed, and figure that it survived using the serum. They figure that if they can work out the serum's composition, they might be able to stop Jonah and whatever is in the hole.

Darius picks up Alex and demands answers. Alex says that he needs something first, and points out that the enemy of his enemy is a friend. Darius agrees and offers his hand.

Stacey and Dale approach the others, and Leslie says that she wants to fix what she's done. She asked the Wilders to join but they're focused on finding Alex, and they don't know where Frank's loyalties lie. Leslie says that they have a common enemy and need to do something about Jonah, and admits that he's been using all of them. They figure that Jonah won't harm Victor because he needs him healthy, and Janet agrees. Leslie explains that when Amy hacked the Wizard server, an alarm went off and alerted Jonah and Leslie. She sent the text to warn Amy that Jonah was coming, but doesn't know what happened. Robert figures that Jonah killed Amy, and it was all for nothing because she was looking for Wizard secrets rather than PRIDE's. Tina blames Leslie for knowing and saying nothing, and Leslie says that she loved and trusted him and it just happened. Furious, Tina says that they could kill her, and Leslie points out that then they'd never get to Jonah.

Frank meets with Jonah over the box holding Victor, and says that he'd do anything for Karolina's safety. Jonah agrees and says that their future together will be very bright. Once Victor is restored, things will get interesting, and Jonah pulls up his sleeve to reveal that his skin is flaking again.

Alex returns to the others and Nico sees him. He says that he didn't call his parents but won't say who he did call. Alex flashes a roll of bills and says that he got what he needed.

In his study, Geoffrey stares at his phone. Catherine figures that Alex won't call, and Geoffrey says that he's about to make a call that will change everything. He says that he's going to get the kids to safety and then they go to war.

The next morning, the teens go to the bus depot and Gert stands lookout while the others go to buy tickets. Meanwhile, Gert hears something rummaging in the dumpster and goes to investigate. It's Old Lace, who followed her there. She goes to figure out how to get her into cargo on the bus, and runs inside to tell the others. The TV comes on with an amber alert for Molly. Detective Flores says that the LAPD believes Molly has fallen in with a group of teenagers who are persons of interest in the death of Destiny. The LAPD has ruled that Destiny's accidental drowning is now a homicide, and the teens realized that their parents framed them for Destiny's murder. A waiting passenger looks at them, and the teens go as he looks for a phone. Outside, the teens and Old Lace run away down an alleyway.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 9, 2018

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