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Together or Not at All Recap

Fitz, Jemma, and Daisy head away from the Crater and Fitz says that he has a ship and when they get there, he'll come up with a plan. Jemma gets some new clothes to replace her servitor garb, and then clutches at her head in pain. Daisy figures that they're messing with Jemma's implant, and Fitz grabs a tool and pulls it out. A Kree soldier spots them and Daisy attacks him with her bare hands since her powers are still nullified. Fitz pulls out the implant from Jemma's ear, and Daisy takes out the soldier.

The trio find a porthole showing Fitz's ship... and it explodes as Kasius destroys it.

Kasius has his cut repaired, and Faulnak comes in and asks his brother about Daisy. His younger brother says that she has nowhere to go, but Faulnak tells his people to double the guard. Kasius insists that he has the matter under control and Sinara will end the inconvenience. Faulnak isn't convinced and says that his man Maston-Dar will hunt them down using human weaponry because he finds it unfair otherwise. Kasius reluctantly agrees and Faulnak tells Maston-Dar to show the humans how they spill blood.

The Vicar has his men take Tess' body down and tells the other humans that death is the price for hiding Inhumans. Coulson and the others watch from hiding, and Coulson figures that eventually the Kree will find them so it's time that they make am move.

Sinara approaches Kasius and glares at him, and Kasius says that he needs Faulnak to lead them to his father, so that his father will free him and Sinara. She wonders if Faulnak is giving the orders, and Kasius points out that he knew she'd hold her own against Daisy. Kasius asks her to lend him her strength once again so that they can both be restored to glory. Sinara points out that he's begging, and Kasius tells her to think. He explains that he must appease Faulnak and meanwhile, Sinara will track down Daisy by figuring out where she will go.

Daisy and others get to an elevator and Daisy explains where she last saw the others. The elevator shuts down as Maston-Dar pulls out the wiring. Daisy climbs up onto the roof of the elevator.

Melinda runs across the surface as the Vrellnexians pursue her. One finds her and move in, but then Enoch arrives and kills it. He explains that Fitz sent him and that the Vrellnexians have no interest in him because he's a sentient Chronicom. Enoch says that Melinda and her teammates will save humanity, and realizes that he's from the diner when they were captured. Melinda has already determined how badly she's injured, and says that she's still a fighter. Enoch warns that a gravity storm is approaching, and the Vrellnexians run off despite the fact that they ride the gravity storm. Enoch figures that they're afraid of something else, just as a cable comes out of the darkness and pulls the Chronicom away. A man emerges, snags Melinda with another cable, and lifts her into the air.

Maston-Dar opens the elevator and discovers that his prey are gone. A human man and woman humans go by with carts, and Maston-Dar demands to know where Daisy is. When the man says that he doesn't know, Maston-Dar cuts his throat and repeats his question to the woman. However, he sees the open hatch in the roof.

Coulson, Mack, and Elena tell Flint that the Kree are hurting people to find him. They agree to regroup and find the others later, and Flint demands to know where Tess is. Mack finally tells him that she's dead, and Flint storms off. The others hesitate and Mack goes after the teenager.

Kasius approaches Faulnak as the latter examines old human weapons. He dismisses firearms as weapons for those who prefer the safety of distance, and says that he prefers blades. Faulnak says that Kasius is a disgrace, and Kasius points out that he fought against their enemies but was put in an impossible situation and overrun. His brother says that he ran when he could have fought and died rather than fleeing with Sinara. Kasius insists that she killed his attackers and has been at his side ever since. Disgusted, Faulnak says that Kasius has brought shame on their family and is just a broken speck of dust. Once he has Daisy, he will be glad to leave Kasius behind.

Fitz, Jemma, and Daisy find hot water pipes and a lot of power running in there. Jemma realizes that it's the hub for life-support systems, and Fitz finds a gravitonium generator. Maston-Dar arrives and opens fire, wounding Fitz, and tells them to surrender or entertain him. With nowhere to run, Jemma and daisy duck for cover and Daisy gets close enough to attack the Kree. They fight and are separated as the steam pipes rupture, blinding them.

Daisy and Jemma get Fitz out, and Deke arrives wearing a helmet. He removes it and says that he's working with the team for now since he escaped out a porthole in his room. Deke points out that he got Daisy to Jemma just like he promised, and then followed the trail of dead bodies to them. Daisy wonders how they know if he's going to lead them into another trap, and Deke says that he isn't before heading off.

Mack finds Flint sitting alone and tells him that he's there for him if Flint needs him. Flint wonders if he should turn himself in to stop more people from dying, and Mack says that he has power now and needs to protect people. Someone pounds on a nearby door from the other side: it's Daisy and the others. Deke tells them that he let himself out, and Coulson says that it's a good thing that Melinda is on the surface. When Mack looks for alcohol for Fitz's wound, he realizes that Flint has gone.

A robed Flint approaches the Vicar and reveals himself. The Vicar points out that Flint could have seen others of his kind reward like he was, but now they'll get noting. Flint assembles the rocks on his body into a single pointed stone and drives it into the Vicar's chest. The teenager says that it was for Tess, and Sinara knocks out Flint from behind. She tells the remaining Kree guard that Flint is bait.

Coulson and Mack step out and Daisy tells Sinara not to hurt Flint. Sinara orders her to knees, and says that she'll take them both. Coulson opens fire with his gun, wounding Sinara, and Mack knocks out the guard. He grabs a gun and opens fire to cover their retreat. Sinara recovers as Maston-Dar arrives, and the two of them ad the guard go after the team.

The trio returns to the foundry and Coulson tells them that they'll use the trawler to get to the surface. Deke agrees to go with them, and Flint slams a rock against the wall to get them to stop arguing. They barricade the door in but Maston-Dar grabs a gun and starts blasting his way through. Flint prepares to fight, but the others point out that they're after all of them. They figure that they can only stand and fight, but Deke says that they go up. He takes out an anti-gravity device and says that they take the chute up to the trawler one at a time. The others insist that he doesn't go first.

The team goes up twice at a time and drop the AG device down to the others.

When Maston-Dar takes too long to blast through the door, Sinara uses her spheres to blast the door open... sending them through Maston-dar. When the Kree enter the foundry, they discover that the fugitives have escaped. Sinara realizes that they escaped up the chute.

Deke reaches the others and admits that he doesn't know how to fly the trawler. Flint admits that he knows how to fly the trawler, but says that he's staying to protect his fellow humans. Mack and Elena say that they're sticking with him, while the others get to the surface and figure out what's going on. Fitz tells them about the crate of S.H.I.E.L.D. tech he hid in their old base, and the others point out that the Vrellnexians lurk there. Mack thanks Fitz for coming for them, and leaves with Elena and Flint.

Coulson starts up the trawler but warns that it doesn't have landing gear. They take off from the outpost and head for what's left of Earth.

Sinara returns to Kasius and Faulnak, and tells them that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have escaped to their friends on the surface. Faulnak is unimpressed with Kasius' incompetence and tells them to ready a ship for Maston-Dar. Sinara says that she killed Maston-Dar, and Faulnak laughs. He admits that he underestimated Sinara, and offers her the privilege of serving at his side. Kasius stabs him in the back and says that Sinara isn't some object to be taken. As Faulnak lies dying, Kasius says that they both know their father sent him on a suicide mission. Sinara told him that the battlefield isn't his place, and he has focused on bigger things while she dealt with the fighting. Faulnak tells him that he's a coward who stabs his enemies in the back, and Kasius stabs him in the front to finish him off. Sinara smiles in satisfaction, and Kasius takes her hands and says that they will earn his father's praise when they bring him Faulnak's killer and Daisy.

Jemma tends to Fitz's wound and the trawler shakes as it hits turbulence.

Melinda wakes up and finds herself with Enoch. They're in a chamber with the Zephyr, and Enoch explains that they grabbed us just in time and anchored us against the gravity storm. A group of masked humans come in, and the leader holds out the wooden bird her father made her and says that she's waited a long time to see Melinda again.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2018

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