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X-roads Recap

Lakeview Mental Hospital: Ten Years Ago

Lorna is in a room magnetically levitating a medallion. The nurse comes in and says that Lorna has a visitor, and Evangeline comes in and introduces herself. Lorna doesn't know her, and Evangeline says that she's an attorney. Lorna was involved in a Purifier protest that turned violent, and Evangeline points out that if the judge knew that Lorna had knocked a half-dozen of the Purifiers off of an overpass, Lorna would be in maximum security. The attorney says that they need fighters and the X-Men left a network to help mutants. Evangeline holds up her hand and reveals her red skin.


Lorna and Esme see security pull up, and John, Clarice, and Marcos return through the portal. John says that they couldn't get to Roderick because he shielded himself with kids. Esme objects but John says that they have to go. They drive off past the SS agents, who call in pursuit. Lorna magnetically brings down a transformer pole behind them, blocking off the pursuing police cars.

Roderick tells Montez that there was a mutant attack there and they should go to the airport. The scientist says that it's time to strike.

At the HQ, Sage and Shatter tell Reed and Caitlin that something went wrong and Roderick got away. The couple tells their children what happened, and Andy wants to go help them. Lauren points out that they're two states away, and insists that there are people there to protect. They argue and Andy finally says that he's the one who wants them to be strong. He warns that the humans are coming after them, and Reed asks Andy if he and Caitlin are coming after him. Confused, Andy walks off.

Jace arrives at the insurance company and is informed that Andy attacked two agents. Roderick has sent two bonded Hounds: a clairvoyant and one that can track organic molecules. The Hounds get a trace on the Struckers and lead Jace and his men off.

The Underground mutants return to the safehouse and Esme tells Marcos to worry about their kids rather than the kids at the summit. She warns that they gave Montez an excuse to expand the Hound program, and now they need to figure out where Roderick is so they can finish what they started.

In her room Lorna, remembers almost losing Marcos and considers their future together. Marcos comes in and Lorna says that she's never seen the hate like what she saw at the conference. She insists that they need to do something, and Marcos wonders if she's having a manic episode. Lorna says that it's about the humans, not her, and thought they could build a better world where their children wouldn't have to hide. Marcos says that they have to have faith, and Lorna tells him that it's his faith that she loves him.

Andy is packing when Caitlin. As Lauren listens in, Andy says that he's going to stay upstairs with Naya and Skyler and just needs some space. After he leaves, Reed comes in and tells Caitlin that their son probably just wants some independence. When he arrives, he asks if he can stay there and they agree. Andy asks them about Roderick, and they all agree that it's scary stuff. He wishes that Lorna was there, just as Lauren comes in. Lauren says that the day at the lab changed everything and she can't get it out of her head, but they have to focus on making things better. Andy insists that they have the power to stoop the people trying to hurt them, and reminds Lauren that she almost destroyed the family denying her abilities. He wonders why she wants to do that again, and Lauren walks off.

Jace calls Wolcott and says that they're making good progress. Wolcott tells him that mutants attacked the summit and they need a win. Agent Novak informs Jace that the Hounds have tracked the Struckers to the Underground HQ, and Ellen in a different direction. Jace tells him to have the agent close in on the HQ and send a smaller team to bring in Ellen.

Esme tells Lorna that someone has to make the hard choices and Lorna is like her father. Lorna insists that she has nothing to do with her supposed father or the Brotherhood. Esme tells Lorna that she knows that her father gave her the medallion for her 13th birthday, and all he ever wanted was for Lorna to be proud of who she was. She asks if Lorna knows what needs to be done.

Jace and his team approach the HQ, and Novak informs him that the area is a toxic waste contamination site and off-limits. Amused, Jace tells them that it's not off-limits anymore and they're going in. He then calls Wolcott and says that they've got a bead on the HQ. Wolcott tells Jace to use whatever force is necessary.

A mutant sentry, Pedro, spots the SS agents and they start to panic. Jace overcomes the projected fear and tells Novak that they're not backing down, and tells the others to fight through their fear because they're going in. Pedro radios the others that SS is coming, and Shatter gets the mutants heading to the vehicles. Caitlin takes command and tells Fade to get everyone moving, and he reluctantly obeys her. Sage gathers the communication equipment and burns the files.

Lauren finds Andy and tells him what's happening. She says that their job is to protect the other mutants.

John tries to call HQ and gets a dead line. Marcos tells John that Lorna is gone, and John confirms that she's left along with two of the frosts. Esme is at the communication post, and she tells them that they're going to intercept Roderick and Montez. They're flying out of an air base in twenty minutes, and the plan is to make sure they don't get to DC. John objects to the assassination attempt, and Esme says that she's right. Marcos angrily interrupts them and says that they're going to get Lorna and he'll kill Esme if she tries to use her powers. He leaves with John and Clarice.

Sophie, Phoebe, and Lorna drive to the air base and Lorna warns that the other mutants won't join the Hellfire Club. The sisters insist that Marcos will come around eventually, and Lorna tells them to stay out of her head.

The mutants drive out for a rally point and Fade wishes Caitlin good luck. As he drives off Reed, orders the others inside because it's too late to get away and SS is coming. The Struckers and the remaining mutants run inside. They barricade the doors and windows, and Caitlin warns Reed that they're trapped. She suggests that they make a new exit through an uncovered corner of the building. Reed tells everyone that they're going to fight and escape, and he's one of them. They have a chance if they work together, and Caitlin calls up the mutants with combat training while the others go to the vault in the corner.

Jace calls on the bullhorn to order everyone out. A super-strong mutant, Mark, tries to break through the vault wall but the foundation is reinforced. Shatter uses his power to weaken the wall enough for Mark to break through and Caitlin calls the others to help.

Reed tells the combat-trained to hold the SS at the front while the others escape through the wall. Lauren agrees to work with Andy and he says that he'll fight his fight and she can fight hers. Jace moves in with his SWAT team and the mutants all attack at once. Lauren provides a shield to prevent the bullets, and Andy knocks the SWAT troopers back. Jace orders the teams to fall back.

Marcos, John, and Clarice drive to the airbase, and Marcos blames himself for not stopping Lorna. He figures that Lorna knows what she's doing.

At the airfield, Sophie and Phoebe ask if Lorna can do what she has to, and warn that her friends are coming. Lorna says that she's not doing it for the triplets, and the sisters walk off as Lorna walks up to the airfield fence.

Roderick and Montez board the private jet, and Roderick explains that his brother had cystic fibrosis. He believes that it's his duty to stop humanity's suffering due to genetics.

Jace tells Novak that they're sending in the Hounds and they're not taking any prisoners. The two pairs of Hounds move in with the SWAT troopers behind them.

Caitlin and the others work on the tunnel to the outside and she goes to get the others. She tells Reed and the others that they're almost through, and the Hounds start blasting the building. Reed orders everyone to the vault, and Jace realizes that the mutants have stopped resisting. The Hounds start pushing through the concrete blocks barricading the door, while Mark finishes creating the tunnel. Andy and Lauren say that if they destroy the building then it will cover their tracks. Caitlin tells her children that it's not goodbye and they'll see them outside, and then goes with Reed.

The Hounds finally break in and find Lauren and Andy waiting for them, holding hands. The Struckers unleash their combined power, destroying the Hounds. Everyone outside sees the energy flare and Jace orders his people to fall back. Reed and Caitlin lead the other mutants to safety.

Lorna is standing at the gate when Marcos and the others arrive. She tells them to stay back and magnetically pulls down the barbed wire on the fence between her and them.

Roderick assures Montez that he'll remember his support in the next Presidential election.

Marcos tells Lorna that there are innocent people on the plane. She warns that if she doesn't take it down then innocent people will die on their side. Lorna insists that it's who she is and Marcos says that he cares about her family. She says that she does too but they have to take a stand, and Marcos insists that their child has to live in the world that will result. Lorna says that it's time to make a new world and magnetically tears the engines off of the plane and it crashes, knocking the mutants to the ground. When Marcos and the others look up, they discover that Lorna has left.

Come nightfall, John and the others go to the rally point. Sage tells them that they got everyone out and if it wasn't for Lauren and Andy, they'd be dead. She explains that the HQ is gone and no one got out but the Struckers. John walks away, shocked, and Sage tells Marcos that they haven't heard from Lorna.

Reed and Caitlin approaches her children and Andy insists that it was them or the Mutants. Their father says that what happened was hard but they rescued all of the mutants. He tells them that he's proud of them all, as John and the others come over and embrace the Struckers.

Wolcott informs Jace that there are grave questions about his judgment. He points out that Jace launched the assault without backup, and lost their mutant assets. Wolcott points out that they lost Montez to a mutant that Jace failed to apprehend, and Jace furiously says that he's sacrificed everything while they're covering their assets. He insists that their species is under attack, and quits.

John tells the mutants that they have to start thinking about next steps. Marcos says that they have to rebuild, but Clarice wonders what they have to rebuild. The other mutants point out that SS will smash anything that they build, but Reed tells them that they have to be there for mutant families. Sage notes that they've lost half their stations since the Struckers arrived, and Caitlin insists that the Hound program was coming regardless of them.

Lorna comes in and says that there's nothing noble about struggle. The Frosts are with her, and Lorna says that she wants to build a world for all of them where they don't have to hide. Marcos refuses to help her, and Esme says that no one is asking for his help. Fade, Sage, Mark, and many of the others join them. Andy gets up and tells his parents that it's his decision. Reed says that he can't let him do it, and Andy tells him that he's not asking. Lauren reminds her brother that the X-Men are heroes and begs Andy not to leave her. He tells her that the X-Men are gone and shoves Reed away when Reed tries to stop him. He warns them not to stop him and joins the others, and they all walk out.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 16, 2018

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