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Legion of Super-Heroes Recap

Kara wakes up in her bed and gets up. Someone knocks at the door and when she answers it, Kara finds a green-skinned teenager there. He loudly says that Supergirl is talking to him, and she drags him inside. The visitors says that he's Querl-Dox, aka Brainiac-5, and he's a Legionnaire. He explains that Mon-El sent him to make sure that her brain patterns are intact even though she's in a coma. Brainiac-5 says that she's been in a coma for two days, and her loft is a manifestation of her subconscious. Mon-El woke him up from hypersleep to communicate with her via 31st century technology. Brainiac-5 says that Reign defeated her, and Kara has memory-flashes of Reign beating her near to death. Kara tries to leave and discovers that the door is sealed shut. Brainiac-5 suggests that she relax.

In the DEO lab, Brainiac-5 tells the others that Kara's mind is alive and alert, but she's very angry. Kara is in a future healing tank, and Mon-El assures the others that Kara will live. However, he doesn't know when she will wake up.

Ruby runs through the house, hiding from Sam. She then jumps out and the two of them fire toy guns at each other. Sam knocks over a photo and goes to pick it up, while Emma's friend arrives to pick her up for a family. She kisses her mother, who is staring at a tabloid headline about a rogue Kryptonian.

At Reign's Fortress, the Dark Kryptonian hologram tells Reign that there is much left to be accomplished. The Dark Kryptonian says that it is time to deliver the awakening and fight criminals that act in the daylight. A short time later, Reign smashes a van full of criminals fleeing the police.

At CatCo, James and Lena watch newscasts about the fight between Supergirl and Reign. Lena asks if Kara is in, and Jimmy makes excuses for her. Sitting on her desk, Lena says that they should talk about their kiss when Kara comes in, pointing out that James and Kara used to date. Reign tosses a criminal through the window and flies in, and tells a staffer to turn his camera on her. He does, and Reign says that they've allowed sin to fester and have looked away. From now on there will be no mercy, only justice. Reign insists that she's there to help and flies away.

Later, Mon-El and the others watch the newscast. Hank wonders how they can defeat her without Supergirl, and Winn suggests that the Legion help them. Mon-El says that it can't be their fight, and tells Hank that they're on a mission. Any involvement with Reign could endanger it. Brainiac-5 explains that there was a catastrophe in the 25th century and they lost their historical records. All they know that Reign leaves eventually. Hank suggests the Sundown Protocol: a contingency plan for taking down Superman with every anti-Kryptonian weapon they have. They still have the Kryptonite from Coville's probe, and Alex says that there's someone she needs to talk to first.

At the prison, Alex meets with Thomas and discovers that someone gave him a black eye. She asks him what he knows about the "reign of the beast", and Thomas warns that Reign has already won. Thomas says that Supergirl refused her faith and failed the test, and Alex insists that Supergirl will defeat Reign. Unimpressed, Thomas says that Supergirl lost so that Reign can prepare them for what comes next, and Alex tells him to never underestimate Supergirl.

James tells Lena that he's released a statement urging the public to remain calm. When he puts a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, Lena brushes him off and says that they're not a match. James tries to explain without saying that Kara is Supergirl. He finally says that she has a flu, and Lena wants to go over and tend to her friend. James suggests that she get soup first. Once Lena leaves, James calls Winn for help.

Brainiac-5 visits Kara in her coma and he checks for brain damage by looking for damage for the apartment. Kara wonders if she's ready to wake up, and Brainiac-5 says that she has to walk through the apartment door to leave her coma.

In the real world, the healing tank starts to drain. Brainiac-5 tells Alex that Kara is waking up.

Kara and then Brainiac-5 can't open the door, and they realize that something is wrong. Brainiac-5 says that her body and brain are fine, and suggests that Kara is the one keeping her there. Kara is unable to punch her way out, and Brainiac-5 asks if there's a reason why her subconscious would prevent her escape. She insists that she's not afraid, and Brainiac-5 says that fear is a logical response to the stimulus. Kara yells that she's not afraid but is still unable to escape.

In the real world, Mon-El assures Alex that Brainiac-5 will figure out what's going on. He warns that the longer Kara remains unconscious, the better chance it will become permanent. An alarm goes off warning that Reign is attacking again. She attacked a meth lab and the police when they arrived. Mon-El explains that in the 31st century, Irma's home planet was wiped out by the Blight. Brainiac-5 found a way to defeat them and they hid the information in the DNA. If they die then their DNA never makes it to the future and everything is lost.

Alex checks with Hank, who says that they still need at least an hour to prepare the weapons. Winn tells Hank that James may have gotten Kara into trouble with Lena. Hank goes to Kara's apartment, assumes her form, and pretends to be sick. Lena knocks on the door and Hank lets her in. Hank tries to put her off, and Lena storms in. He tries to pass as Kara, and Lena tells him that she and James kissed. She explains that James started acting odd, and figures that it's because her brother is Lex and Superman is James' best friend. Hank assures her that James likes her, and Lena tells "Kara" to get some rest before leaving. Once she goes, Hank calls Winn and tells him to never make him do it again.

Back at the DEO, Hank tells Alex and Winn that they're going to show Reign what they're about.

Robbers break into a bank and order everyone down. Reign flies in and the "robbers" remove their masks to reveal Hank and the others. Alex throws a red-sun grenade at her, knocking her blasts. The other DEO agents fire sonic weapons, and two more agents snag her with Kryptonite chains. Reign manages to knock them away and snares Alex's leg with a chain. Hank attacks Reign with his super-strength, and Reign flies off.

Back at the DEO, Brainiac-5 checks Alex's broken leg. Alex points out that the Kryptonite hurt Reign but not enough, so they need to put it in her bloodstream. Winn wonders who is strong enough to do that.

Mon-El and Irma look at Supergirl, and Mon-El insists that it's not their fight. Irma reminds him of Bon Jovi saying to fight, and that they're sworn to help people.

Brainiac-5 asks Kara why she's cleaning, and she says that she likes putting things back in order. She figures that there's something there that her subconscious wants her to see, and Brainiac-5 admits that she might be right.

Alex sits next to the comatose Supergirl and apologizes for pushing her into fighting Reign. Now she doesn’t know if they can do it without her. Brainiac-5 watches from the hallway.

Kara finds a photo of her childhood pet cat, Streaky, and she tells Brainiac-5 that they were friends. Streaky appears on a chair and Kara talks about how she practiced being gentle so she wouldn’t hurt him.

Hank tells the others that Reign is looking for bigger targets to teach them the truth. An alarm going off, warning that Reign is hitting the Albatross Bay Prison. Hank prepares to go, but Mon-El and Irma say that they'll go. They don their battle costumes and Legion flight rings, and head out.

At the prison, Reign easily fights he way through the guards. One guard frees the prisoners before he collapses unconscious, and Reign arrives and breaks one prisoners' arm. Reign tears through the others, beating some and incinerating others with her heat vision.

Thomas is in his cell praying to his god when Reign comes in. She wonders how he knows the prayer, and Thomas says that he was awoken to them. He tells her that she only has to let him serve her. Bon Jovi breaks out over the loudspeakers, and Reign smashes her way to the main yard. The Legion spaceship emerges from the bay and Brainiac-5 helms the ship. Irma and Mon-El confront Reign, and they fly into the air after her. Brainiac-5 fires the ship's weapons at Reign, knocking her down.

Kara realizes that Brainiac-5 is fighting, and he admits that there's a battle but advises Kara to keep talking. She tells him to focus on the battle, and Brainiac-5 tells her that Supergirl had a pretty good life. Kara insists that Supergirl is Kara, and Brainiac-5 says that Alex said the same thing. Once he disappears, Kara puts on her glasses and looks around. She sees a key on the table and picks it up.

Reign knocks a missile back at the ship, knocking out the tri-cannons. Brainiac-5 flies off to get time to get them back online, and Mon-El and Irma confront Reign. Irma telekinetically throws prison weights at Reign, and Mon-El flies at her to drive the syringe in. Reign blows him back with her freeze breath and Irma protects him with a mental force field. J'onn appears, dematerializes Reign, and drags her underground, stunning her.

Kara unlocks the door with the key... and wakes up. When Alex explains about the concentrated Kryptonite, Supergirl says that she'll use it against her.

Reign prepares to kill Irma for helping a "sinner". Supergirl and Brainiac-5 attack her, and Supergirl manages to drive the syringe into Reign's neck. Moaning in agony, Reign flies off.

Later, Supergirl thanks Irma and Mon-El for fighting alongside them. Mon-El talks to her privately and says that he was worried about her. he admits that he missed fighting with her and walks off. Brainiac-5 comes in and admits that he made himself look taller in her subconscious.

James is in his office when Lena comes in. She says that Kara made her realize that she pushed James away and doesn't want to do that anymore. James says that he really likes her and they kiss.

Kara and Alex relax at Kara's apartment and discuss how Hank talked to Lena about kissing James. Alex says that she's glad her foster sister is okay, and knowing Brainiac-5 could communicate with her helped. Kara says that she had to remember who she was to wake up, and it made her think differently about the Mon-El situation. It still hurts, but she'll be stronger for it no matter what happens.

In her Fortress, Reign lies on the floor in pain from the Kryptonite. Once she recovers, the Dark Kryptonian tells Reign that there are others like her. Now that Reign has proven herself, she just needs to know how to find them. Thomas steps out and offers his help.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 17, 2018

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