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Divided Recap

An accountant is presenting Jerry Bertinelli with the current number. Once he leaves, Cayden, Dragon, and Black Siren come in and Cayden says that the rest of the Bertinellis are either dead or incarcerated. They know all about the Bertinellis' business at the docks, and Cayden says that they're there to buy him out. When Jerry refuses, Black Siren hits him with a sonic blast and Cayden gives Jerry 48 hours to consider their proposal and threatens Jerry's daughter.

At the bunker, Arrow is working on his arrows as Felicity recovers from all-nighter trying to find Cayden. Diggle comes in with coffee for her, and Felicity says that she and Curtis are working on a device to stabilize his arm. Curtis texts that he's arriving early, and Felicity suggests that Oliver go home and be with William. He figures that they need to find Cayden and Black Siren, but Felicity admits that she isn't having any luck. Oliver prepares to go out on patrol, but his teammates warn that he's being followed. Curtis comes in and Oliver thanks him for helping Diggle.

Thea visits Quentin in his office and offers herself as his new assistant after his "trust issues" with Rene. She figures that it might look bad if they appear to retaliate against a whistleblower, and Quentin says that he hired an assistant but could use a chief of staff.

Curtis implants the chip into Diggle's arm, and they hear an audio feedback caused by electromagnetic interference. Diggle is unable to make a fist without a tremor, and Felicity insists that they can do it. Curtis offers to take it home and tinker on it, and says that he won't stay around the bunker after he and the others left. The audio feedback fills the bunker again, and Felicity and Diggle switch to text messaging as they realize that they've been bugged.

At the station, Dinah receives word that the fifth crook that week turned himself in. Vince is there and asks Dinah if she likes his "presents". He points out that there's no rap on him, and Dinah realizes that Vigilante scared the crooks into surrendering. Vince points out that he didn't kill them, and invites Dinah to a stroll on the pier the next day. She agrees and Vince leaves.

Felicity and Diggle meet with Oliver and Felicity checks Oliver for bugs. She confirms that he's clear and explains that they've been bugged. They figure that Black Siren did it when she infiltrated the bunker, and Felicity says that she has the bug on loop so Cayden doesn't know that they know. Lyla has said is that they can use ARGUS, and Felicity figures that their secret identities are no longer secret. She receives a text that a block lost its security signal uplink, and Oliver goes to investigate.

Green Arrow enters one of the buildings and finds Jerry there. He says that he needed to get Arrow's attention and says that his syndicate can't go down without a fight. Jerry explains that he never wanted to get into the criminal life but he did it for his family, and that Cayden and Black Siren visited him. He can't reach Helena so he's asking Arrow to help him because he's the enemy of Jerry's enemy.

Oliver goes to ARGUS and shows Felicity and Diggle a radio that Jerry gave him. He tells them what Jerry said to him, and Felicity gets Cayden's license plate from the security footage.

Rene is at home talking to Zoe and she wonders why he isn't going to work. He says that he's going through a transitional period, and promises Zoe that no one will take her away from him again. Curtis arrives with crogurts. Zoe goes to get her bag and Curtis assures Rene that he had to put his daughter before Oliver. Rene figures all of the information Samanda has against him is digitized, and suggests that Curtis erase the information. Curtis says that the case has been moved back to the Star City DA and finally agrees.

Dinah and Vince walk along the pier and talk about their old cases together as partners. They hesitate and both agree that it's complicated, and Dinah tells Vince that she stopped being Black Canary five weeks ago. Vince starts to kiss her, and his phone goes off. He says that it's a text from an informant and Dinah tells Vince to bring him in when she's not on duty.

Thea goes to Oliver's office and he says that Quentin told him that she's back with them. She wishes that she could be of more help to the team, but she's just not there. Felicity calls and tells Oliver that she's tracked Cayden's car to a warehouse. Diggle warns that Oliver will be going in alone, but Oliver insists that they don’t have a choice.

Arrow fights his way into the warehouse, and Overwatch directs him to the main floor where there are three heat sigs.

On the main floor, Black Siren wonders why they don't just take the pier because they have the numbers. Cayden says that he prefers precision as he works on a device. Sheck goes down as Arrow shoots him with an arrow. He shoots Black Siren with a throat-restraining arrow, and Cayden releases four of his t-spheres. Arrow shoots them down, and Overwatch tries to warn Arrow that Cayden's men are coming. Feedback fills the radio lines, and Anatoly and his men come in. Ricardo arrives with his men, freeing Black Siren, Vigilante is there as well, and Arrow fires a line arrow and swings off into the rafters. Cayden tells his allies that there's a time and place for Oliver's demise.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle what happened. Diggle figures that they need to even the playing field, but Oliver refuses to bring Rene, Curtis, and Dinah back in. He insists that it's not ego, and Felicity says that they need to know the truth. Oliver agrees to share intel but that's it.

Thea sees Quentin in his office with something. She asks what it is, and Quentin shows her a photo album with pictures of him and his Dinah. He explains that Black Siren spared his life a month ago, and wonders if there is a way to get through to her. Thea tells him that Quentin could end up getting killed, and he's like a father to him.

Curtis, Rene, and Dinah come to the apartment and Diggle and Felicity tell them that they've been compromised and Cayden is working with Vigilante, Anatoly, and Dragon. Dinah doesn't believe it and Felicity tells them that they're facing a breach in security and they gave up on Oliver. Rene said that he did it for his daughter, and Dinah walks out, saying she won't watch them point finger sat everyone but themselves.

Arrow intercepts Jerry's SUV, and Jerry says that Cayden sent him a text message from inside his daughter's dorm room. He admits that he's running and will leave the dock to Cayden. Arrow warns that Jerry and his daughter will never be safe, but he can stop Cayden with Jerry's help.

When Dinah meets again with Vince, she slaps him and says that she knows he's working with Cayden. She accuses Vince of getting close to her for Cayden and puts handcuffs on him, and Vince throws her to the ground, knocks her out, and yanks his hand free of the handcuffs. It heals and he mutters to the unconscious Dinah that he's sorry, and then walks off.

Oliver and Diggle plant charges in a storage building, and Diggle warns Oliver that he's not at 100% and they need the other. His friend insists that they can't trust them, but Diggle says that the best partners are based on forgiveness. Oliver says that he doesn't know how to forgive Rene, and wonders why Cayden hasn't outed them. He figures that the three of them--the original Team Arrow--can handle it.

Curtis is at Rene's apartment erasing the files. He warns Rene that Cayden might have them bugged, and warns that there are backups and hard copies of the files. He finds an audio recording from the bunker confirming that Rene is wild dog. Dinah barges in and explains that she confronted Vince. She blames herself for believing in Vince, and they wonder why Cayden only leaked information on Rene. Dinah wonders if they're going to wait to see how it plays out, and Renee agrees with her that they should go after Cayden themselves. Curtis realizes that they want to form their own team and the others agree.

Felicity tells Oliver and Diggle that Jerry is bringing in a Chechnyan death squad, the Red Lions. They figure the collateral damage would destroy the area. Cayden and Black Siren are watching, and they agree that they should use Jerry's corpse to send a message to the remaining criminal organizations in Star City.

Arrow goes to the storage building and waits for Jerry and the Red Lions to arrive. Overwatch spots Cayden's men on keyhole satellite, and Arrow sets off one of the bombs. Ricardo and his men come in and open fire, and the Red Lions return fire. Overwatch confirms that Cayden isn't there, and Arrow joins the fight. Black Siren finally blasts him back, and Overwatch and Diggle send in a T-Sphere. Diggle controls it and blasts the bad guys, and Arrow takes Black Siren down. Anatoly and his men surround Arrow and Anatoly orders him to stand down. Vigilante jumps Arrow and the two men fight, while Anatoly shoots the T-Sphere.

As Jerry and his remaining two men leave, Dragon guns down the two men. As Vigilante pins Arrow, Cayden tells Jerry that he can either surrender or die. Jerry asks Arrow to forgive him and prepares to shoot him dead, but Arrow sets of the explosives that he and Diggle planted earlier. Once he escapes, Jerry tells Cayden to take the port. Cayden thanks him and Dragon shoots him dead as Cayden says that he won't have Jerry's daughter killed.

Back at the bunker, Felicity says that they've debugged the lair. Oliver complains that everyone got away, and admits that he can't go solo against their enemies' number advantage.

Later, the original team calls Curtis, Rene, and Dinah in. Oliver says that he understands why Rene did what he did as a father, and he reacted to Rene possibly taking him away from his son. He takes responsibility for putting them under surveillance, and admits that it was breach of trust. Oliver says that there is blame on all sides but they don’t have time for grudges. Diggle asks what the others think, and they say that they can't go back to that. They say that they're going their own way, and Felicity warns that it's what Cayden wants. Curtis says that Cayden didn't create an atmosphere of mistrust, and Oliver wishes them luck with whatever they have planned. Before he goes, Curtis says that he may have solved the glitch in the implant and gives it to Diggle.

Quentin arrives at his office and finds an envelope with photos of Thea. Thea steps out and says that she hopes he can add them to a new album. She says that Malcolm is just as bad as Black Siren but he changed and so can Black Siren. Quentin wonders how he can do that, and Thea offers to help him find a way to break through to Black Siren.

Curtis takes Rene and Dinah to the old Helix base that he's set up as their new base of operations. They share a toast to their new team.

Cayden approaches Vince and says that he's concerned that Vince is still associating with Dinah. He has surveillance of Dinah confronting Vince earlier, and Vince says that he can handle her.

Felicity implants the chip in Diggle's arm and they confirm that it works. Oliver tosses a gun to Diggle and he easily catches it, and they figure they're not as undermanned as they thought.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 19, 2018

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