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The Last Day Recap

Zephyr One: 2018

An 8-year-old Robin watches as the SHIELD agents deal with the crisis. When Mack sees Robin, he wonders where Polly is and Jemma says that Polly didn't make it. Robin tells Melinda that they survive the crash, just as the Zephyr hits a gravity storm. Everyone buckles in and Robin says that there's something else she needs.


The Seer says that there's something else she needs to remember, and Melinda asks how she's there. One of her men, Samuel Voss, explains that Robin can no longer differentiate her memories from the present. He says that the Seer told him a decade ago that Melinda's teammates made it to the surface. The trawler streaks down out of the sky and Samuel tells Melinda that the Seer said that they survived that crash as well.

Samuel and his men bring the team back to the zephyr where the Seer has made her base. Melinda hugs Coulson and the others. Fitz meets Deke, while Samuel greets Deke. The two men hug, and Samuel asks about Virgil. Deke says that the Roaches got Virgil, and asks where his father Owen is. Samuel says that Owen is on his way back from a radio tower, and says that he never held anything against Deke.

On the Lighthouse, Kasius determines that there are no signs of life from the trawler. He figures that the team may have the means to survive on the surface, and Sinara indicates that she wants to go after Daisy. Kasius tells her to either recover Daisy or kill her, and meanwhile he'll deal with the human traitors who aided the escape. He and Sinara share a drink, and Kasius says that they will suffer retribution rather than renewal.

Throughout the Lighthouse, the lights go out. flint leads Elena and Mack to the service tunnel so they can get to Level 3 where Fitz hid the weapons. Gretchen confronts Flint and says that the Kree are punishing them for what Flint did. A mob gathers and they tell Flint to turn himself in. Mack yells, telling them they don't want to go down the road.

Coulson figures that Robin is the connection, but Melinda warns that for the Seer, both times are indistinguishable. Fitz and Jemma check her and warn Coulson that it's best not to crowd the Seer. Coulson finds the Seer sketching and greets her by name. He asks what they're supposed to do, and the Seer says that she already told her mother everything. She says that Coulson can bring all of the pieces together, and takes his hand as she says that it's the day that it all ends.

In the cargo hold, Melinda and Coulson tell Daisy what the Seer said. Coulson hopes that they'll need Quake when the Kree strike, and tells Daisy to check with Jemma and Fitzgerald to see if they can remove the inhibitor. As Daisy goes up to them, she finds Deke sitting by himself. He's dealing with learning that people can survive on the surface, and admits that he thought the Seer was dead so he didn't mention her. Deke explains that he was too bitter to be sad when Kasius sent Owen to surface, and now he hopes that Own will forgive him. Daisy talk about how her father wanted to make up for old times, and eventually they worked things out.

Elena checks to make sure the corridor ahead is clear. Flint wonders what the point is in going back when the humans want to kill him. Elena tells him that some of her friends never saw her the same after she became an Inhuman, but she didn't do anything wrong and neither did Flint. Down the corridor, a Kree soldier the gas they use to keep the Vrenalaxians away.

Fitz and Jemma find a cyclotron with superconducting coils. Samuel comes in and says that it controls the monolith that brought them there. Owen is the one who built it from old schematics. Once Samuel leaves, Fitz figures that they're on their own until Owen returns. The two of them make sure that they're alone and then kiss.

Coulson and Melinda question the Seer but she doesn't answer. Melinda calls Enoch over and he says that Robin only talked to Polly and him when he stayed at her side for several days. He warns that the Seer's gift can't be forced, but Coulson tells him that waiting isn't always an option. Coulson tells Melinda that their people on the Lighthouse need backup, and she wonders what she can do if she can't protect the team. Coulson says that he's the one who always has his back. The Seer gives Melinda a sketch of a spaceship.

The Lighthouse: 2022

Melinda, Jemma, and Fitz try to figure out how to keep going, and Melinda says that Fitz and Jemma have to finish the time machine that Robin has described. Robin gives Melinda a sketch and says that it's to remind her. The girl then tells Fitz that he gave them everything he could.


The trio gets to the weapons, and Elena confirms that the Roaches are gone. They figure that the Kress sent them elsewhere, and look out to hear human screams from below. Flint realizes that the Kree released the Roaches in the human areas, and they go down to find all of the humans dead.

Samuel takes Coulson and Melinda to their salvaged weapons, and Melinda finds a piece of the monolith. Coulson tells Samuel that if they find more of them then they could head home. Samuel warns that it's the other piece that they have, and says that they should focus on retaking the Lighthouse. Coulson agrees but takes the piece to Jemma and Fitz.

Jemma examines the inhibitor and warns Daisy that it will take a trained neurosurgeon to remove it. Coulson and Melinda show them the monolith piece, and Fitz realizes that it goes into Owen's time machine. Daisy goes to talk to the Seer because she knew her most, and Melinda figures that if they get back to their own time then none of it will happen.

Mack and the others confront two Roaches in the foundry attacking Gretchen and open fire. They kill them and Mack says that they need to access the air filtration system and take back the floor.


As Melinda takes Robin through the Lighthouse, Elena says that they can't accept the Kree offer. Robin mutters about Flint, while Melinda says that they're doing the best they could. When Robin says that Mack will help Flint, Elena angrily says that Mack is gone and won't be coming back. She takes an elevator to fight the Kree, telling Melinda that she stopped believing a long time ago.


Deke asks Samuel what they're doing with the monolith shard when Owen always kept it close. Owen said that he couldn't trust Zeke with the shard, and Deke figures that Samuel did something to Owen. Samuel knocks Deke out.

Flint takes Mack to the filtration system, and Mack reroutes the power back to it with a power pack that Fitz provided in the cache. He tosses in the gas and figures that it will be enough to drive the Roches into one room. The creatures run ahead of the gas and gather in the factory. Elena is there and attaches the petrifying devices to them at superspeed. When she's done, the devices kill the Roaches.

Daisy visits the Seer and finds her holding the robin carving. The Inhuman apologizes for not protecting the Seer's father, and the Seer says that Polly always kept her safe. Daisy asks her what she was trying to warn Coulson about, and the Seer says that time is running out. Samuel comes in and says that the Seer has important things to say but doesn't say them at the right time. Daisy steps out ad Samuel tells her to let the Seer rest because he might have the answers Daisy is looking for.

Fitz and Jemma work with the machine and discover that it uses the shard to lock onto the main monolith. When they try to leave, Fitz discovers that the door is locked from the outside. They yell, and Coulson and Melinda come over. Samuel's men confront them and tell them to surrender or die.

Samuel shows Daisy an old video of her past-self leaving the Zephyr. A few minutes later, the earth was destroyed by a quake. Samuel wonders if the suffering could have been prevented. The Seer comes out of her chamber and says that it's too late to stop it.


Fitz takes Robin to Melinda and says that Robin just described Jemma's death. Melinda insists that Robin sees a way out and that's why Fitz designed the machine. Fitz angrily says that nothing they do to change time matters because for all they know, they've tried and failed a thousand times and each time everyone dies. Robin and Samuel couldn't change it, and even Daisy couldn't change it. When he mentions Daisy's name, Robin yells to Daisy that Samuel has a knife.


Samuel takes a knife and says that they can make sure Daisy never comes back. Two of Samuel's men step out, and Samuel attacks Daisy. She fights her way clear, and the Seer says that it's the last day. Samuel realizes that he can't get to Daisy and kills the Seer so she won't get the answers.

Coulson and Melinda fight the men and take them down. Melinda tells Coulson to find Daisy. He arrives and helps Daisy knock out Samuel's men. Samuel attacks Daisy, who pins him. Melinda arrives and finds the Seer bleeding out. The Seer looks at her and calls for her mother, and Melinda says that Polly isn't there but she'll stay with her.


Robin lies in her bunk and calls for her mother. Melinda asks if she's okay, and Robin says that she wishes she never got her power. The girl says that every night she sees people dying, even Melinda. Melinda assures her that it's okay and promises that she'll be at Robin's side in the end. Robin says that she doesn't want to lose her, too, and Melinda tells her that they're special because they never have to say goodbye.


The Seer explains that Melinda raised her, and she wasn't afraid of what she could do. Melinda told her that one day she could help her save the world.


Robin says that she was supposed to tell Melinda how to get back home. Melinda says that it can wait, and if they meet in the future than Robin should remind her that she has an important job to do.


The Seer says that Melinda is needed for more than she realizes. Melinda asks what she's supposed to do.


Melinda tells Robin that she has to tell her her vision of saving the world. Robin says that she's never had that vision, and Melinda assures her that she will.


The Seer says that she knows Melinda can save the world. She's seen it but hasn't lived it, and whispers something to Melinda with her dying breath.

Samuel tells Daisy and the others to remember that when she destroys the world, they should remember that he tried to stop them.

The Seer says that now she can go back to sleep and dies.

The remaining humans enter the factory, and Flint tells them that the Roaches are dead. Gretchen thanks them, and Mack says that they can't let Kasius pit them against each other anymore. Elena gets Grill's metric removing device and starts removing the devices.

Daisy goes to the arsenal and frees Deke. Deke figures that Samuel killed Owen, and Daisy says that they're on their own.

Melinda places the robin carving in the Seer's hand and covers her over. She then goes to the others, who wonder what they do next. Melinda says that Robin told her how they can go back and save everyone. However, she wonders who Flint is.

Sinara arrives at the Zephyr and Kasius watches her progress via her bodycam. She discovers that the others have left, and Kasius tells her to find and kill them.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 20, 2018

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