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All About Her Recap

After Marcus removes the knife from his chest, Lucifer gets him a drink. Lucifer wonders why he's been playing games, and Marcus admits that he had Lucifer knocked out and left in the desert. That was all he did, and Sinnerman went rogue and did the rest. Marcus says that he doesn't know why Sinnerman did what he did, and that's why he killed him. Lucifer wonders why Marcus is working for God, and demands to know what God offered him in return. The officer says that he would never work for God and had nothing to do with Lucifer's wings or angel face. He excuses himself and starts to go. Lucifer tells him that he can't walk out on him, and threatens to tell everyone who Marcus is. As he goes, Marcus points out that no one believes that Lucifer is the Devil.

Maze is testing a new blade by throwing it at Trixie's door. She points out that she's making money from Trixie's alien drawings, and Chloe asks her for some consideration. Maze realizes that Chloe is taking out her anger about something else on her, and Chloe says that Maze hasn't apologized. The demon laughs, not seeing a cause for concern, and finally tells Chloe that she's never going to change Lucifer because he is who he is.

Later, Ella is checking a crime scene at Carbon Beach as Dan questions a couple, the Dobles. They say that there's nothing they can do about transients on their private beach. Chloe arrives and Dan explains that the victim is Manny "Moondog" Taylor, a pro surfer. She realizes that Dan is back to surfing, and they go over to the body. Moondog was hit in the head, but Ella says that he was choked to death with someone else's surf leash. Chloe realizes that Ella isn't as cheery as usual, but Ella insists that she's okay. They figure that another surfer killed Moondog, and Chloe suggests that they keep the murder quiet.

Lucifer arrives and points out that Chloe didn't call him. She says that she chose not to call him, and he asks Chloe for her help investigating someone clever and cunning. Chloe isn't thrilled that Lucifer only came there to ask for her help, and says that he's an egomaniacal narcissist. She tells him that she's not working with him and he can go home and be with the person he loves most: himself.

At Linda's office, Lucifer tells his therapist about Marcus. He doesn't understand why Chloe won't help him, and Linda points out that he broke her trust. She suggests that he see Chloe's perspective, and Lucifer concludes that he should make it about her and then she can make it about him.

Dan finds video of another surfer, "Dangerous" Doug Libby, getting into a fight with Moondog when Moondog cut him off. Chloe shows it to Charlotte and Ella, and Charlotte warns her that there's no connection to Moondog's murder. The detective figures that she can get Libby to give her his surf leash then she can see if matches the wounds on Moondog's throat. Once Chloe leaves, Charlotte wonders why Ella isn't cheery. Ella finally tells her that Marcus yelled at her for talking too much so she's talking less. Charlotte advises her to push through and get a thicker skin because nobody is going to do it for her.

Chloe goes to Marcus' office and finds him packing. He says that he put in a transfer, and Chloe wonders if it's about Sinnerman. Marcus says that it's about a lot of things but nothing has changed for him. Chloe advises him to take some time to think about, but Marcus says that is' done and refuses to discusses it.

Amenadiel feels ill and goes to Dr. Kaminsky. Kaminsky explains that Amenadiel has chlamydia--a sexually transmitted disease--and asks how he got it. Amenadiel admits that he had sex with a prostitute but didn't know that she was a prostitute, and starts about talking about having sex with Maze. Kaminsky isn't particularly interested and advises him to contact all of his sexual partners.

On the beach, Lucifer finds Chloe and says that he wants to make the day Detective Day and for the rest of the day, everything he does will be for her. Chloe isn't interested, but Lucifer says that he signed her up for the surfing competition. He also bought her a bikini, and Chloe refuses to take the bikini but accepts the access pass. Lucifer insists on shielding her from the sun with an umbrella, and they go over to Doug. Chloe claims that she's a fan new to the circuit, and Doug assumes that Lucifer is her "sugar daddy". She loudly says that Lucifer isn't needed, and Lucifer takes the hint. Chloe then suggests that she and Doug go to a secret beach, and examines his board. She notices that there's a dent in the board, just as the announcer calls for Chloe "The Detective" Decker. Doug grabs his board and runs, but Lucifer grabs it. They fight over the board and Lucifer finally lets it go so Doug knocks himself out with it.

At the station, Chloe reminds Lucifer that they still need a confession or a blood match. She figures that Lucifer is only helping her so she'll help him back, and refuses to play along. Dan and Chloe go into the interrogation room and tell Doug that Moondog is dead. He says that "he" came out of nowhere, and describes how he cut him off and he slammed into him with his board. Doug finally says that he killed a seal, and they show him a photo of Moondog's corpse.

Charlotte meets Marcus at the coffee pot and asks if he likes beating up on his subordinates. He wonders what she's talking about, and she tells him that he should apologize to Ella for crushing her spirit. Charlotte says that Ella looks up to Marcus, pours his coffee in the garbage, and walks away. Meanwhile, Chloe comes out and ignores Lucifer. Lucifer asks Dan for advice on how he bounces back from offending Chloe. Dan tells him that he has to find a way to be thoughtful without getting in her face. He describes how he made Chloe breakfast in bed, and Lucifer walks off.

Linda comes to the house to see Maze, who gives her a hunting knife as a gift for being such a great friend. She appreciates how Linda handled Maze not wanting Linda and Amenadiel to have sex. Linda finally starts to tell her the truth, but Maze gets a call from Amenadiel. He tells her over the phone that he has chlamydia, and Maze casually mentions it to Linda after she hangs up. Maze says that she dodged the bullet, but Linda isn't so thrilled.

Chloe tells Dan that the blood on the board was seal blood. Dan has discovered that there's a surf gang named the Orcas that used surf leashes to scare people and scare them off of their turf. Their leader, Wild Child, has a record He figures that the Orcas are expanding because their graffiti tags are up at Carbon Beach. Chloe gets an idea, and she and Marcus man the surveillance van as Dan goes out on the beach posing as a surfer. He spots some Orcas, and Chloe informs him that Wild Child pulled up. She says that once the Orcas start roughing him up, he'll give the safe word over the radio and they'll move in. Wild Child--a woman—arrives, and Dan assures Chloe that he knows how to tick off the opposite sex.

At the station, Lucifer is on the phone at Chloe's desk talking to Maze and trying to figure out what to give Chloe. Maze hangs up on him, and an officer dumps work on Chloe's desk. Lucifer decides to "help" Chloe by cleaning up her desk. Once he "organizes" her desk, he asks Ella for ideas. She yells at him to scrub her test tubes, and then explains that she's practicing standing up to Marcus but he's leaving. Lucifer is shocked to learn that Marcus is transferring and goes off.

Dan cuts off Wild Child and the Orcas, beating them to shore. Marcus, watching, admits that he'll miss making fun of Dan when he leaves. Chloe says that Dan will Marcus and so might some others, and maybe Marcus doesn't have to go. Lucifer enters the van and says that he's not going to let Marcus leave town without finishing their conversation. Marcus asks Chloe to give them a moment, and she irritably leaves.

Lucifer demands answers and Marcus tells him to use his power on him. when Lucifer asks Marcus what he desires, he says that he wants to die. He explains that it has nothing to do with Lucifer and everything to do with Chloe. Marcus says that everything seen and done has turned to ashes, and he's in hell. He's kept an eye on every celestial on Earth, and discovered that Chloe made Lucifer bleed. Marcus figures that Chloe can kill him, and he kidnapped Lucifer to get him out of the way. He hired someone to knock out Lucifer when he was close to Chloe, but Lucifer sprouted wings and came back early. Marcus let the shooter at the ranch know he was coming, but even with Chloe next to him, Marcus couldn't die. Lucifer wonders about everything else that happened to him, and realizes that Marcus doesn't know anything.

Dan goes back to his radio and starts to talk to Chloe, and Wild Child and her gang approach him. She punches him and he says the safe word, but no one comes. Wild Child asks him if he's always that lame, and prepares to strangle him with a surf leash. Dan asks her if that's how it went down with Moondog.

Lucifer wonders why his wings appeared at that moment, and Marcus insists that it wasn't because of him. Chloe runs into the van and says that she lost radio contact with Dan. There's blood on the sand, and they run over to find the Orcas conducting a paddle-out ceremony in honor of Moondog. Wild Child says that Moondog was a free spirit like them, and Dan says that he thought one of the Orcas killed Moondog. They insist that they didn't do it, and Wild Child says that the private beaches are blocked off so they don't go up there. She then says that they should take a moment for Moondog and they all throw their flowers in the ocean.

Back at the station, Dan tells the others that he figures that the Orcas are innocent and someone is trying to figure them up. Lucifer shows Chloe her cleaned desk, and Chloe is less than thrilled. Dan quickly leaves and Chloe tells Lucifer that he made her desk worse and says that his actions hurt people. She figures that Lucifer asked Marcus for help, and tells Lucifer that she's never going to help with his investigation. When he says that he doesn't need her help, Chloe wonders why he's there. Lucifer says that the case matters to her so it matters to him. Touched, Chloe says that they're okay and realizes that Carbon Beach isn't legal so the residents must have put the illegal signs up... and one person was cited for doing it before.

Later, Justine Doble comes out on her porch and finds Lucifer and Chloe trespassing, relaxing on beach chairs. Justine comes over to order them off, asking if they saw the signs. Chloe says that someone must have taken them down and fans herself with one of the signs. When Justine threatens to call the police, Lucifer points out that the police are already in her house with a search warrant for the illegal signs. Chloe points out that the beach doesn't belong to anyone, and Lucifer points out that one of the officers found a surfboard in her house. Justine says that she paid for the land and put up signs, but "they" trashed the area so she framed the Orcas for Moondog's murder. Lucifer realizes that her violence was just a means for the end, and Chloe puts Justine under arrest. When she turns to Lucifer, she discovers that he's left ad figures that he is who he is.

Linda meets with Amenadiel and tells him that she can't sneak around with him. He agrees and says that he doesn't want to hide their relationship anymore. Amenadiel points out that Linda had sex with Lucifer and wonders if Lucifer gave her the chlamydia and she gave it to Amenadiel. As they argue, Kaminsky calls and says that it was a false positive. He tells Linda that they fought for nothing, and Linda says that it wasn't for nothing. She doesn't think that they should be together because she can't date Maze's ex. Linda takes Amenadiel's hand and says that she really likes him, and he says that he likes her. They kiss... while Amenadiel watches from a neighboring table and slams her fist on the table in anger

At the station, Marcus is leaving and stops in to see Ella. She admits that she talks a lot and she likes it, and it doesn't give Marcus the right to yell at him. Ella figures that Marcus owes her an apology, and he apologizes, saying he was in a bad place and took it out on her. Surprised, Ella asks if he needs a hug and Marcus reluctantly agrees. She tells him that he's going to miss her.

As Marcus goes to his motorcycle, Lucifer pulls up and says that he figured out why God returned his wings. He explains that it was about Marcus, and God used Lucifer to stop Marcus from interfering in his plans. God screwed them both, and Lucifer suggests that there's a way to screw him back... by killing Marcus. He promises to find a way to kill Marcus' infinite misery, and suggests that Marcus make a deal with the Devil. Lucifer offers his hand, and after a moment Marcus shakes and figures that he has nothing left to lose.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 23, 2018

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