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The Elongated Knight Rises Recap

Barry sits in his cell as outside the prisoner riot. The guards toss in smoke grenades and drive the prisoners back, and Barry finally superspeeds through and locks the prisoners up. He then looks at his graffiti on the wall that he added to Henry's.

In downtown Central City, Joe is talking to a man who threatens to blow himself and his hostages up. The man says that he'll trigger his bomb if he sees Flash, and then starts making demands. While Joe negotiates with the man, a masked Ralph removes the hostages. When the man turns back, he discovers that his hostages are gone. Ralph steps in and tells him that he's going to jail, but then radios Team Flash to ask what his superhero name is. When the man threatens to blow up the city block, Ralph points out that he'll blow up himself as well. Ralph grabs the bomb off of the man and absorbs the detonation with his body.

At STAR Labs, Ralph and the others watch a newscast with Ralph, that the media have named him Stretchy Man. Iris and Caitlin point out that he put people at risk. Ralph insists that he's indestructible and Cisco says that he's been too preoccupied with Barry in prison to come up with a superhero name for Ralph. Iris says that they've been going over Barry's appeal but haven't found anything to clear him.

At Iron Heights, Barry walks through the yard and watches the clock. Another prisoner, Axel Walker, introduces himself. Barry points out that Axel and his father kidnapped Henry once, and Barry insists that he didn't kill anyone. Axel points out another prisoner, Big Sir, and says that he's really innocent. He then suggests that he and Barry be murder buds. Barry isn't interested and walks off, and a prisoner trips him. The prison gang leader complains that Barry got mud on his shoes. He starts to attack Barry, but Wolfe comes out and tells him to stay clean in prison. Wolfe also tells him that his 1:30 is waiting for him.

Barry goes to where Iris is waiting. He claims that it's not as bad as he thought, and Iris says that they'll get Barry out of prison. She warns that Ralph is cocky, and can' believe this is their new normal. Barry assures her that she'll find something, and they put their hands against their sides of the glass before Iris goes.

That night, a guard takes Axel to the infirmary when he complains that he's sick. A nurse tells the guard that the regular nurse is out sick, then injects the guard with a sedative. Axel realizes that the woman is his mother and she says that it's time to go.

The next day, Joe comes to the prison and Wolfe tells him that the nurse Lindsay Fineheart's back history was clean. Joe sees Barry working as a janitor and asks Wolfe how Barry is doing. Wolfe says that Barry is a model inmate and goes to get the file. Joe talks to Barry and explains that Axel escaped. Barry asks to help with it and asks if Cisco has had any luck bypassing the security cameras. Joe tells him to focus on being in prison, just as Wolfe comes back and shows Joe a photo of "Lindsay". The detective takes the photo back to STAR Labs and tells the others that the "nurse" is Zoey Clark, James Jesse's partner in crime. She inherited a toy empire that closed 20 years ago, and Zoey and James launched a series of terrorist attacks. Zoey disappeared after James was arrested, and nine months later she gave birth to Axel. Ralph goes to check his contacts and takes Caitlin along with him to pay for the drinks.

At an abandoned toy factory, Zoey warns Axel that the police are looking for him. He figures that they're going to see James, and Zoey says that he broke out a year ago and didn't come looking for Axel. She tells Axel that James is a deadbeat, and Axel tells his mother not to talk about James like that. Zoey explains that she was the one taking care of Axel while James terrorized the city. She doesn't want James back and never wanted Axel to end up like James. Axel says that he just needs to get his father's attention, and sees the newscast of Ralph. Zoey tells Axel not to go, but he walks out.

Barry is exercising when the gang surrounds him. One of them pulls a shiv, but Big Sir attacks them and knocks them out. The leader warns that it isn't over and leaves, and Barry thanks Big Sir. Big Sir walks off without a word.

Cisco is checking the perimeter when Trickster hijacks the TV broadcasts and takes out a bouncy ball. As Cisco traces the transmission, Trickster tosses the ball underneath a cab and it explodes. He then tells the authorities to bring him Stretchy Man. Ralph is eager to go and figures that he can handle it, and asks Cisco to breach him there.

Trickster is blowing up cars when Ralph arrives. The villain tosses Ralph an exploding ball, and Ralph absorbs the explosion in his hand. Trickster throws shuriken at him and Ralph absorbs them as well. He then uses acid that burns Ralph's skin. Vibe breaches in and knocks Trickster way, and then takes Ralph back to STAR Labs.

Caitlin tends to Ralph's injuries, and Cisco points out that the acid would have melted anyone else. They think that he'll heal--eventually--and Ralph is shocked to learn that he's not indestructible. Iris says that they should track Trickster down.

At Iron heights, Barry asks a guard to check if Iris there because she's running late. He ignores her, and Barry goes over to Big Sir and asks why he helped him. Big Sir says that Henry helped him and walks off.

Zoey is mixing more acid, and Axel comes back and says that James will see that he failed. He says that Axel can be even better than him, and admits that she didn't take her meds. Axel asks her to kill with him, and Zoey agrees. She then shows him her new costume based on the one from when she was Prank to James' Trickster.

At STAR Labs, Harry admits that they can't find Trickster because he's a normal human. Trickster goes on the air with a "TV show", and introduces Prank. She brings out their firs contestant, two hostages, and shows off a chair underneath an acid shower. Prank tests it on a Beebo doll, turning it into a pile of mush. Cisco triangulates their signal, while Prank says that they need Stretchy Man to come in one hour or the hostages drive. After Cisco identifies where they are, Joe says that he'll make a police perimeter. Harry is working on a solvent for the acid, and Cisco gives Ralph a new suit. Ralph tells them that he can't do it. Iris tells him that a year ago she thought she was going to die, and Ralph says that he's not that strong in the face of danger and walks out.

That night, Ralph sneaks into Barry's cell and says that he's breaking him out. Barry points out that there are cameras everywhere, and Ralph explains that Trickster and Prank are on the loose. When Barry wonders why things are different, Ralph says that Axel has an acid that can kill him and he's not ready to die. He admits that he's not fearless like Barry, and Barry says that he's not fearless. Barry tells Ralph that he has to rise up above his fear. He assures Ralph that Ralph believes he can do it, and Ralph needs to believe. Ralph sneaks out as the cells open for a check.

Iris picks up a container on the roof of the factory, and Harry says that he'll neutralize it. They scare Caitlin into becoming Killer Frost and head for the factory.

Barry approaches Big Sir and asks how Henry saved his life. Big Sir shows him a scar and explains that Henry found him and figured that his appendix had burst. Henry convinced Wolfe to let him operate and he saved Big Sir's life, and Big Sir figures that they're even. He walks off, and the gang subdues him.

Vibe and Frost sneak into the factory and rescue the hostages. Beebo dolls float down from the ceiling, and Frost freezes them solid. The hooded hostages are actually Trickster and Prank, and they snap power-dampening handcuffs on the two heroes. Iris warns Harry, and Ralph tells Iris that he'll handle it. She smiles and gives him his new costume.

Barry is walking down the hall and hears the three gang members beating up on Big Sir. He tells them to stop, and the gang members draw shivs. When they attack Barry, he takes out two of them so fast they can't see him. The leader warns that Barry won't get lucky twice, and Barry supespeeds disarms him and punches him unconscious. Big Sir thanks him for his help.

Harry finds the acid on the roof and analyzes it to make a solvent. Trickster and Prank go on the air and announce that they captured Vibe and Frost. The villains spin heir Wheel of Misfortune, and Ralph bursts in. He tells them to let the heroes go, and says that he was ready to throw in the towel until he visited a friend who reminded him that real heroes rise above their fear. Trickster and rank applaud his speech and squirt him with acid. Ralph stretches back and then fires himself at Trickster, knocking him out. She pulls the lever on the acid showers, and Ralph stretches over Vibe and Frost. The acid doesn't hurt him, and Harry says that he go the solvent just in time. Ralph tells Prank not to run and unties his friends.

As the police take trickster and Prank away, Prank promises that they'll go on a crime spree again in two years. The press interview Ralph and he flirts with her. The reporter calls him "Stretchy Man", and Ralph comes up with the name "Elongated Man". The next day, Ralph and the others read about his new name and everyone likes it except Ralph. Ralph asks Joe what he should do, and Joe tells him to do whatever keeps the city safe, just like the rest of them.

Big Sir tells Barry that he'll keep looking out for him, and Barry advises him to find a friend if he wants to survive. The other convict says that Henry would be proud of him, and gives his real name of "Dave". Iris arrives and meets with Barry, and Barry says that he just brought out what was inside of Ralph. Barry chuckles and sys that being in prison isn't so different from being free. Iris points out that they're not together and she can't touch him. Barry glances at the camera and then vibrates through the glass dividing them so that they can touch hands.

At Jitters, Cisco and Ralph gees coffee. They argue about who will pay, and a woman pays for it and says that she's paying forward. The woman talks about karma and Cisco admires her shirt. Once she leaves, Cisco wonders why Ralph didn't pick her up. Ralph figures that the girl is too smart for her, and they leave as the woman writes symbols in her journal: the same ones Barry wrote when he reemerged from the Speed Force.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 24, 2018

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