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We Fall Recap

A city councilman, Harold Grovner, comes out of home and discovers that someone has covered his car in toilet paper. He gets in and drives off.

At the hospital, Dr. Schwartz is monitoring her patients.

Frank gets on an elevator and checks his watch.

At 7 o'clock, the councilman's radio goes out. The engine revs up and the brakes don't work. The car streaks through a stoplight and is hit.

The monitors at the hospital go crazy. When one orderly touches the monitors, it electrocutes him.

The elevator and the display panel fritzes. When one man touches it, an electrical shock shoots through him, Frank, and the other three passengers.

At the apartment, Will and Oliver are practicing shooting with toy bows. William keeps winning and suggests that Oliver is out of practice since he stopped being Green Arrow. Felicity asks William if he's ready for his field trip, and William asks Felicity to look at his extra credit project. It's math, and William apologizes for not asking Oliver. Felicity tells him that he did it perfect, and Oliver sends him on his way. He and Felicity kiss, and she gets a text about the three incidents. Quentin calls Oliver and says that Frank was one of the elevator casualties. Oliver tells Quentin to get Thea and he'll see him soon, then asks Felicity to go to the bunker and find out what's going on.

When Felicity arrives there, she finds Diggle sparring. He says that he's never felt better, and they figure that Cayden is involved. Oliver calls and Felicity tells him that hack-cidents are happening all over the city. Diggle suggests that they loop in the other team, and Oliver agrees. He offers his condolences to Quentin about Frank's death, and puts Quentin in charge of the police.

At the new headquarters, the new team gets Felicity's call. She explains about the hack-cidents and Cayden's involvement, and Curtis confirms that Cayden jus crashed a plane. Felicity suggests that they share information, and the new team agrees. Once Curtis hangs up, Dinah and Rene assure Curtis that they agreed. Dinah discovers that Frank is dead, and one of Curtis' T-Spheres activates. It locks onto Vigilante's visor and Dinah figures that Vigilante is trying to draw them out. Rene says that they should track him down, and the others agree.

Thea meets with Oliver and Quentin, and Oliver says that she wants her to help Quentin run the police off-line. She agrees and says that they should set up off-grid areas with SCPD protection while Oliver has to head back to City Hall.

The new team checks out the building where the T-Sphere is tracking Vigilantes. Their comms break up, and Vince confronts Mr. Terrific and explains that he's jamming them. Vince says that Cayden is his target and he's undercover with his organization. He warns that he needs their help and tells him to go to the subways an hour from now and the new team might save some life. When Mr. Terrific points out that it could be a trap, Vince says that he could have trapped them there but he didn't.

At City Hall, Oliver tells his staff that they don't have the time to mourn. Cayden arrive and introduces himself as "Ben Gale". Once they're alone, Cayden says that his colleagues are expecting to hear from him in six minutes and they'll detonate the bombs he's stolen. He explains that he wants vengeance for his son, and now the city's entire infrastructure is under his control. Cayden says that Olive can wire $10 million into an off-shore account by 11:30 that night and every night until further notice. He admits that he's doing it to bankrupt the city and make Oliver suffer. Oliver insists that he didn't kill Cayden's son, but Cayden says that he missed his target and shot his son. When Oliver asks why he hasn't outed him as Arrow, Cayden tells him that it's already been done. Oliver says that the city won't negotiate with a terrorist, but Cayden tells him that it will sound hollow by that night after more deaths occur.

At the bunker, Felicity tries to counter-hack Cayden. She's failed and contacted Alena, and learned that she helped Cayden plant a virus when he supposedly tried to break into the Internet vault. Oliver arrives and tells them what Cayden told him, and points out that he was out of the city recruiting Dinah on that day. Felicity looks for proof that Oliver wasn't in the city.

Back at their headquarters, the new team arrives and Curtis calls Felicity. He asks her to check the subway station, and claims it was a lucky guess when she reports that the signals just went off-line. Curtis hangs up and tells his teammates that Cayden is attacking the subway in an hour.

Felicity confirms that Cayden has cut off the train lines and freeways around the city. He's blocking off all exit routes, and there's one tunnel out of the city: the one that William's field trip is going out on.

On the school bus in the tunnel, the driver is forced to stop due to a traffic jam. A boy, Donnie taunts William and knocks his book out of his hands.

Oliver shows Diggle his new suit and save William.

The new team enters the subway tunnel and discover that the lines have been merged to cause a collision. The switch boxes are is locked, and Wild Dog shoots them open. Black Canary sees the trains approaching, and Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog start yanking out circuits. Meanwhile, Black Canary uses her sonic cry and stops one train before it hits the other.

The bus driver goes to see what's going on, and a gas line nearby breaks. Flames burst out and William takes the other students to the back of the bus. There are more explosions behind them, and William kicks the exit door open. Donnie freezes up in his seat, and Curtis goes back to get him out. A sign on the roof comes down, cutting William off. Arrow and Spartan arrive, and Spartan takes care of the others while Arrow goes after William. Arrow moves the sign and gets William out just as the explosions destroy the tunnel. William realizes that Oliver is Arrow.

Oliver and Diggle take William to the bunker, and Oliver explains that Diggle took over for him but he was injured. He explains that they lost the other members of their team and he can't have Diggle out on his own. When Oliver starts to promise, William says that he's promised before. Oliver asks him to stay there while he meets.

At their headquarters, Curtis suggests that they change their name to the Outsiders. Dinah admits that talking to Felicity was a good idea, and Curtis says that Vince gave her the information. His teammates complain that he didn't tell them, and Curtis points out that he didn't have time to do so. Dinah figures that Vince is lying, and refuses to work with him again. She says that they all have to agree and asks if they're screwing consensus.

As Thea and Quentin organizes a safe zone, Oliver arrives and they explain that people are too scared to come. Quentin wants to send the police out to help people, but Oliver insists that they need to get the people to the safe zones. He asks Thea to call the press, saying that he has an idea.

Alena texts Felicity that Cayden received a package from Corto Maltese the previous May and that it contained the evidence that made Cayden think that Oliver killed his son. Diggle says that he was hoping that he'd return to be being Arrow now that the implant is working, for William's sake. Felicity can't bring herself to talk to William. The press broadcast Oliver's statement, saying that Cayden has hacked the city's electronic infrastructure. He admits that they have numerous casualties on their hands, including Frank and Grovner, but refuses to negotiate with a terrorist. Oliver asks the citizens to come to the safe zones, and address Cayden saying that Star City has faced worse than him and will survive.

Cayden, Sheck, and Vince are watching the newscast, and Cayden tells them to go to the next phase.

Oliver returns to the bunker and Felicity tells him that the safe zones are filling up. Alena has a lead on the flash drive that was used to upload the information that convinced Cayden that Arrow killed his son. Felicity tells Oliver to talk to William, and he says that he will.

Curtis and Renee say that they won't work with Vince if she doesn't want to. They review the pros and cons of believing Vince, and Dinah refuses to trust him until they get new intel from him.

Felicity tells Oliver that talking to a child is an effective parenting technique. Oliver says that sometimes kids just want to be left alone, and is just trying to respect William's feelings. His wife points out that her father did a lot of things that she didn't approve of, but the lie is what bugged her. She tells Oliver that William can handle it.

Vince is putting on his Vigilante outfit when Sheck asks if he's ready. Once Sheck leaves, Vince sends a message via one of his visors using Morse code.

Curtis detects the signal since the visor is tied to his T-Sphere. It says that there's an attack on Oak Street: one of the safe zones Oliver and Quentin set up. Dinah agrees to check it out.

That night, the Outsiders arrive. Arrow and Spartan join them and says that they got Mr. Terrific's message. They refuse to reveal how they know there's an attack coming.

Sheck, Vigilante, and their men pull up outside the safe zone. Felicity spots them on her satellite, and the team attacks the men. William asks her if Oliver will be okay, and Felicity assures her that Oliver is the best. When William worries that Oliver can't plan for anything, Felicity says that heroes don't always make it home.

The team take on Cayden's men.

Felicity says that she's loved Oliver for a long time and has worried about him. She admits that Oliver has kept secrets, but he makes his sacrifices so they have to make theirs.

Vigilante shoots and wounds Sheck when he prepares to kill prepares to kill Wild Dog. Sheck tries to kill Vigilante, and Vigilante shoots him dead and then runs off as Black Canary sees what he did.

Felicity says that Oliver does everything he does for a good reason, and tells William that he has to believe that he will be okay because that's the only way that it works. They then watch Arrow take out the remaining bad guys.

Arrow congratulates the Outsiders, and Wild dog says that it doesn't change anything. They walk off, and Spartan and Arrow go their way. William, watching, admits that his father is badass.

When Oliver and Diggle return to the bunker, Felicity tells them that Cayden is shutting down all communications. Oliver goes to talk to William.

Dinah meets with Vince and thanks him for saving Rene's life. Vince insists that he's on her side and asks what they do now, and Dinah smiles.

Back at their apartment, Oliver and Felicity tell William that they're going to talk it out in the open. Oliver apologizes for lying to William, refusing to make excuses. He explains that he's been trying to work his way through it, and insists that there will be no secrets or lies. Oliver tells William that he'll stop being Arrow if that's what he wants. William tells him that what Arrow did was cool, and he understands that Star City needs Arrow. He has Felicity and understands why Oliver has to go out there. Once William goes to bed, Felicity tells Oliver that what William said was touching and awful. Oliver says that the one thing he's learned about parenting is that he can't win them all.

Alena texts and says that she didn't find anything. Oliver goes to City Hall and tells Thea to wire the $10 million.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 26, 2018

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