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Fort Rozz Recap

Alex is watching TV when Kara arrives with Sam and Ruby. Sam receives word that she has to go on a trip and her babysitter cancelled, and Alex offers to watch Ruby. Ruby's other agrees, just as Kara gets a text calling her to work.

At the DEO, Hank and Winn tell her that there are two priestesses in Fort Rozz that Thomas could have met. There were two priestesses aboard: one of them was Jindah Kol Rozz, and she has the same glyph as Reign. Kara points out that she threw Rozz into space, and Winn says that they found it orbiting a small star. It orbits a blue star, which means that Supergirl won't have her powers there. The sun also omits radiation that is fatal to men. Hank refuses to let Kara go alone, and Irma insists on going with her. They realize that they will need some help.

Leslie is working as a waitress at a diner, and irritably goes on break when the customers break her. Supergirl finds her out back and admits that she's been keeping tabs on Leslie ever since she let it go. She asks for Leslie's help and figures that Leslie is working there because Reign is killing criminals so Leslie went straight. Supergirl asks her to help her get intel on Reign and they have to go to a place where she won't have her powers. Leslie laughs at the thought and finally agrees.

Winn shows Brainiac-5 around the DEO, and the future genius is surprised at how primitive it is. Supergirl brings Livewire in and warns that not everyone is onboard with Leslie helping. DEO agents bring in Psi, who says that she wants to take down Reign so Reign won't come have. Hank talks to Supergirl and expresses his objections, and Supergirl says that she's worried but they have to take risks. He gives her the key to Gayle's psychic dampener, and Saturn Girl joins them. She assures Mon-el that she knows what she's doing and the four women head for the spaceship.

Once the team is underway about the Legion cruiser, Supergirl and Saturn Girl go over the Rozz plans. Livewire and Psi are bitching at each other, Supergirl and Saturn Girl tell them that they're approaching Rozz.

At L-Corp, Lena briefs Sam on her coming meeting and leaves. Sam hears the Dark Kryptonian whispering to her in Kryptonian, and Sam slams her fist into the desk with super strength.

Alex and Ruby play Trivial Pursuit and Alex goes to get food despite her broken. Alex gets a text from Maggie and Ruby goes to heat up the food while Alex contemplates her phone.

Brainiac-5 confirms that the cruiser is locked onto Rozz, and Supergirl reluctantly removes Psi's suppressor band. The ship hits some turbulence, and the team goes aboard Rozz to find Jindah. Supergirl has lost her strength and Saturn Girl opens the hatch telekinetically. They find a dead male alien on the floor and realized that the star's radiation killed him. The cells are open due to the power loss, and Brainiac-5 and Winn detect life forms loose on Rozz.

Reign returns to her Fortress and says that she can feel the human side of her. The Dark Kryptonian says that "Sam" is no excuse for failure, and Reign agrees. The hologram says that the Supergirl and her allies have boarded Rozz to find more information about Reign, and warns that Jindah knows of the other Worldkillers. Reign needs to get to Jindah before Supergirl does, and a ship drops down from the roof.

The women search Rozz for Jindah, and a prisoner named Tormock attacks them. She's furious that Supergirl is wearing the symbol of El, and the other women attack her. Tormock knocks them back and Psi tries to use her powers on Supergirl. Meanwhile, Supergirl knocks down Tormock and Livewire encircles the escaped prisoner in lightning bonds. Supergirl finds a stunned Saturn Girl and asks Psi why she attacked her.

After the phone call, Ruby asks Alex if she's okay. Alex explains that Maggie is her ex-fiancée, and she called to see if she left her passport there. Ruby gets the passport from a drawer and Alex admits that she thought she had moved on but hasn't. Ruby talks about a girl at her school, Erika Morrison, and posted nasty things about Ruby when Ruby refused to let her copy her homework. Alex reads the texts and tells Ruby that they're going to do something about it.

Back on the cruiser, Supergirl puts the suppressor back on Psi. Saturn Girl insists that it's fine, and Psi says that it was an accident. Psi and Livewire start bickering, but Supergirl interrupts them and they check on Tormock. Tormock says that Xitheria was a brutal criminal who went to find Jindah. They never saw Xitheria again but heard her screams. Tormock tells them that Jindah is in the Dendara Corridor beyond the dark fog, and wishes them luck. The cruiser shakes, and Brainiac-5 says that a solar flare is coming just as they lose contact with the DEO. Rozz is knocked out of orbit and they fall into the star... and the cruiser with it.

The hull temperature rises and the team discovers that the docking port is left. They have an hour until they fall into the sun, so Supergirl has Saturn Girl and Psi stay there while she and Livewire look for Jindah.

On Earth, Brainiac-5 and Winn tell Mon-El what's going on. Winn tries to suggest something to do but Brainiac-5 doesn't want to hear him and Mon-El tells Winn to let Brainiac-5 do his thing.

Supergirl and Livewire head to the Dendara Corridor, and Supergirl explains that Saturn Girl is Mon-El's wife. She insists that it's nobody's fault, just as Rozz shakes. Livewire asks if they're going to call Reign, and Supergirl figures that they'll get information that will let her get through to Reign. Livewire insists that she's only there to take down Reign, and Supergirl invites Livewire to kill her. After a moment, Livewire says that somebody as evil as Reign deserves to die.

The two women reach the dark fog and something moves through the fog and wraiths move in on Supergirl. Another one knocks Livewire down, and Livewire blasts them out of the fort and into the sun. She then looks on Supergirl.

Supergirl hears Jindah's voice in her head and wakes up. There's no sign of Livewire, and Supergirl searches for Jindah.

Alex goes to Erika's house and asks if she's been sending harassing messages to Ruby. She warns that the FBI monitors cyberbullying and points out that Erika could go to juvie. Erika desperately begs Alexa to overlook it and to not tell her parents, and Alexa tells her to apologize to Ruby. Ruby is sitting around the corner listening, and once Alex is done she thanks her.

Winn suggests that they bend the signal around the star, and Brianiac-5 suggests that they use nuclear power to send the signal through the star. When Winn tells him that they don't have the power source, Brainiac-5 irritably suggests that they send a message in the bottle. Winn gets an idea and bounces a signal off of Voyager 2 to the others.

Saturn Girl tries to get a signal through to Earth when Psi starts reciting a nursery rhyme. She goes to the port and sees Reign boarding Rozz in her spaceship.

Supergirl finds Jindah, who knows why she's there. She explains that she still has the Sight, and Supergirl will be with Alura soon. Jindah says that Reign will destroy Supergirl and says that darkness will take the soul of someone Supergirl knows. The Kryptonian prisoner says that Supergirl will soon burn when the other Worldkillers awake.

Reign comes in and Jindah asks her to deliver her from Rozz so they can bring anguish on their enemies. Reign kills her with her heat vision and says that her powers don't depend on the sun. She says that Supergirl is afraid, but Supergirl tells her that there's something in her that sees what she's doing is wrong. Supergirl insists that Reign doesn't have to be her enemy, but Reign prepares to kill her. Livewire arrives and blasts her.

Saturn Girl tells Psi that they have to find Supergirl. Psi refuses to be incinerated, just as Brainiac-5 makes contact with them. He redirects some of their power to Rozz, and Saturn Girl tells them that Reign is there. Winn wants her to find Supergirl, and Psi offers to help Supergirl while Saturn Girl stabilizes Rozz. After a moment, Saturn Girl removes the suppressor ban and Psi assures her she can control her powers.

Livewire teleports around the chamber, staying one step ahead of Reign. She finally stops and they match electricity versus heat vision. When Supergirl tries to interfere, Reign easily knocks her aside. Livewire tells Reign to stop attacking her friends and unleashes a blast that knocks them both back. Reign recovers and advances on Livewire, but Supergirl says that she's the one Reign wants. Leslie leaps in front of Reign's heat vision blast, and Psi arrives and uses her power on Reign. Reign groans in agony as the Sam consciousness fights for control Reign sees Ruby begging her not to let them take her, and the Sam consciousness comes to the fore and asks where she is. She recognizes Supergirl and then the Reign persona takes control back.

Reign flies off and Supergirl tells the dying Livewire to stay with them. Livewire says that she's a sucker and then dies.

Later back on Earth, Irma and Mon-El hug. Supergirl assures Mon-El that Irma helped, and thanks Psi for saving her. Psi tells her that she just didn't want to die, but expresses her condolences for Livewire. Supergirl tells the DEO agents to get Psi a better room, and Psi smiles. She tells Winn that Livewire and Psi both came through.

Alex prepares to send the passport to Maggie, and Ruby says that it was fun hanging out with her. She offers to sub for Kara any time, just as Sam arrives to pick up her daughter. Alex jokingly says that Ruby was a nightmare, and sends Ruby on ahead. Once they're alone, a puzzled Sam asks if she said she had a work trip. She tells Alex that she didn't go anywhere, and discovers that Lena called her repeatedly. Alex wonders how she blocked out the entire day, and remembers Ruby saying that she told her that she disappeared for a day. She figures that something is wrong with her.

Mon-El approaches Kara on the balcony and offers to help her deal with the fact that he's there with a wife. He suggests that Kara talk to her and Kara says that she feels badly that she couldn't get through to Reign. Kara blames herself for not reaching Reign's humanity and if she had, Leslie would still be alive. Mon-El says that he's also led people into battle and they've died, and tells Kara that at least she got through to Livewire and it was all her. Kara chuckles and says that his sense actually makes sense now, and they both laugh. Mon-El points out that they have information about the Worldkillers, and Kara figures that they have to find them before Reign does.

Two women, Julia and Vanita, leave work and talk about Julia's new job. A car streaks toward them and Vanita shoves Julia out of the way. The car slams into Julia, crushing her against another car. After a moment, Julia comes back to life and shoves the car away with super-strength. Her eyes flare as she looks around in shock.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 29, 2018

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