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Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash Recap

At the West home, Cecile and Joe are working out ow to set up the nursery. She suddenly hears Joe's thoughts and when she asks him about them, they work out that Cecile can read his mind.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin checks the baby and confirms that there's no dark matter in the amniotic fluid. Cisco sets out to test Cecile's skills and she reads his mind. Caitlin suggests that the telepathy was triggered by Cecile's pregnancy and the latent dark matter in Cecile's brain. She figure that the symptoms will end after childbirth, and Cecile tells Joe that maybe it will be a great thing.

The team tells Harry what's happening, but Harry wants to focus on clearing Barry's name. He complains that they can't spring Barry from prison, but Cecile points out that they're at a roadblock and Barry will have to hold on.

In prison, Barry is playing poker with the other prisoners. Former mayor Bellows is among them and figures that there's something fishy about Barry. When they deal the next hand, Barry checks everyone's cards at superspeed so they don't see him, and Sir discovers that he has the winning hand. Sir calls Bellows a dumbass, and Bellows asks if Sir is going to shoot him. He taunts sir, saying that he only shoots unarmed men, and Sir goes to his cell. Barry follows him in and asks if he's really there. Sir orders him to get out, but Barry figures that Sir isn't just another bad guy if Henry saved his life. Barry asks what happened, and Sir gives him a newspaper clipping about how Sir shots and killed a security guard while robbing Mercury Labs. The only forensic evidence were cartridges at the scene that matched Sir's gun. Sir finally says that there was another similar looking guy, and Sir tried to save the guard. The police arrived and arrested him. Sir didn't tell Barry because no one else believed him, and figures the killer left Central city a long time ago.

At Kord Industries, the new mayor is doing a press conference while a man, Sylbert Rundine, watches from the crowd. The mayor unveils Kord's new advanced research facility, designed to be the most secure building of its kind. The building suddenly shrinks and Sylbert walks over and picks it up.

Cisco and Cecile soon arrive at the foundation where Joe is waiting. Cecile says that Cisco told her that he was working a case and figured that she'd help by scanning the people's minds. She scans bystanders' minds, and Joe figures that she should go. Once Cecile leaves, Cisco finds a security cam and spots Xxx getting into a car. As Joe prepares to run the plates, Barry calls him and asks him and the team to clear Sir's name.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team goes over the police evidence and figure that Sir is innocent. Harry says that they should help Barry since it's the only request he's made of them. The plates match to a former crook, Sylbert Rundine, and Cisco, Joe, and Ralph go to question him while Iris has Cecile pull up Sir's casefile.

In prison, Barry tells Sir that he has some friends who are going to help with Sir's case. Sir points out that they haven't been able to clear Barry, and tells him to have them stop. He warns that giving him hope is dangerous, and tells Barry to tell his friends to stop wasting their time.

Joe, Cisco, and Ralph go to Sylbert's apartment and introduce themselves. Cisco sees Sylbert's collection of figurines and says that they're perfect replicas. Ralph sees a figurine of a car and, and Joe realizes from a photo that Sylbert was near Mercury Labs 15 years ago. When he asks Sylbert, Sylbert enlarges a cold gun and fires it to cover his escape out the window into an alley. Cisco breaches them to the alley but Sylbert has apparently disappeared. He steps out and shrinks Joe's car, and then shrinks Ralph and Cisco to two inches before running off.

Joe takes Cisco and Ralph to S.T.A.R. Labs where Harry and Caitlin examine them. Ralph can't stretch and Cisco's breaching only goes a few inches. Iris says that she reached Felicity and discovers that dwarfstar material was stolen on the day that Barry emerged from the Speed Force. They figure that the dwarfstar because the dark matter gave him the power to shrink things. Cecile brings them Sir's trial records, and Joe points out that Sylbert hit a warehouse a month after Sir was arrested. Iris accidentally steps on Ralph and Caitlin puts him and Cisco into a hamster cage for safekeeping. Cecile reads Harry's mind and realizes that he's blaming himself. He irritably tells her to stop reading his mind and goes to build an anti-shrinking device. Once Joe leaves, Cecile assures Iris that there's nothing wrong with her and Joe. Iris says that she knows someone who can help.

Joe and Cecile soon meet with Dr. Finkel, and Cecile says that she's had unusual pregnancy symptoms. She says that she has become aware of Joe's thoughts, and picks up that Finkel thinks that she's in the wrong. Cecile then reads Joe's mind and discovers that he wants to go, and then that he's trying to hide his thoughts from her. Joe tells her that now it's like he has to keep secrets from her.

Joe tells Sir that his friends found Sylbert. Sir figures that they got the wrong guy, and Barry admits that they haven't gotten him yet. He wonders why Sir is making it hard and says that it's okay to believe. Barry points out that after 17 years Henry was cleared, and figures Sir should be able to as well. Sir asks Barry if he thinks it 's going to happen, and Barry promises that Sir is getting out.

Iris apologizes for putting Ralph and Cisco in a hamster cage, and puts them in the Lego model of Savitar killing Iris. Harry brings in Cisco's bazooka and explains that he's improved upon it with dwarf star and made an "embiggening bazooka". Iris suggests that they teach it first, and Cisco and Ralph volunteer. Harry fires the bazooka and nothing happens. Then they vibrate for a moment and Harry discovers that their cells are exploding. Caitlin figures that there will be complete cellular explosion in ten hours.

Sir visits Barry's cell and asks if he has any news from his friends. Barry asks if he has any plans for when he gets out, and Sir admits that he has nobody waiting for him on the outside. His new friend tells him that some things end up like in the movies, and Sir says that he's looking forward to going to a monastery in China. Wolfee comes over and tells Barry that Cecile asked him to turn over Sir's file. The warden says that when one inmate tried to get another out, the other one stabbed him to death when he fails. Wolfe says that everyone there is a monster and if Barry baits them, he'll get mauled.

Iris and Cecile have tea at the wets house, and Cecile asks to talk about Joe. She says that she thought reading Joe's mind could make their relationship stronger, and Iris says that Joe is a big softie. If Cecile wants to get close to Joe, she has to focus on what he's feeling.

Caitlin and Harry try to work out how to restore Cisco and Ralph. Ralph calls them over to ask to use the bathroom, and asks Caitlin to help. she reluctantly takes him there, and Cisco realizes that they're unstable because he can read Harry's emotions. Harry complains that he failed because he's too stupid to help Sir or stop DeVoe. Cisco tells Harry that he has to get out of his own way, and Harry realizes that Sylbert can reverse the process.

That night at the Weather Services Airfield, a tour guide is showing people around their new blimp... unaware that Dwarfstar is there.

Caitlin and Harry tell Ralph and Cisco that they're going to explode in 18 minutes. Caitlin stays there to work on a cure, while Harry and Iris go to the airfield.

The blimp pilot approaches Dwarfstar, who shrinks down the new blimp. The pilot calls for an evacuation.

Iris and Harry drive to the airfield, while Cisco and Ralph fly in on a drone. Sylbert refuses to enlarge them and sees the van coming, and throws shrunken vehicles at them and enlarges them to full size. He enlarges a bazooka and fires it at the drone, and Cisco and Ralph quickly jump clear. Harry tells them that they're going to plan B, and opens fire on Sylbert. Sylbert prepares to shrink him down and fires a blast. Cisco and Ralph are on his chest, and they enlarge. Iris hits Sylbert with a restraining collar, and Cisco congratulates Harry on doing it as Joe arrests Sylbert. Harry asks Sylbert if he robbed Mercury Labs, and Sylbert just laughs and refuses to confess.

The next day, Joe calls Barry and tells him that they don’t have a confession. Barry tells Sir and admits that he was right. Sir tells him that he didn't let him down: Barry gave him hope, and he realized that it isn't a bad thing. Barry returns to the phone and thanks Joe, and Joe tells him not to lose his faith. Later in his cell, Barry superspeeds out of the prison, grabs Sir, and takes him to the monastery in China before returning to his cell. Sir finds a note on him saying that sometimes he gets a movie ending.

At the West house, Cecile asks Joe why her having her powers upsets him. She refuses to read his mind and asks how he feels, and Joe says that it makes him vulnerable and he doesn't like it. Cecile assures him that she'd never think less of him for whatever he's thinking, and tells her all of her vulnerable thoughts. Joe doesn't think any less of her, and Cecile promises that nothing he ever thinks will change her opinion of him.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin confirms that Cisco and Ralph's cells have stabilized. Harry is studying the photos of the twelve bus passengers, and wonders what DeVoe's motive is for giving Sylbert powers. He says that they'll figure out his plan, stop him, and bring Barry home.

Wolfe goes to Barry's cell and tells him that Sir disappeared. Barry feigns innocence and Wolfee says that there is a hidden camera on Barry's cell. The warden now knows who Barry really is, and shows him a photo of Barry superspeeding out. He has drugged Barry's pudding, and Barry passes out as Wolfe reminds him that everyone in there is a monster.

Later, Wolfe locks Barry in a special cell and then calls Blacksmith and says that he has someone to sell her.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 31, 2018

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