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LaWanda: The Book of Burial Recap

Reverend Jeremiah Holt gives a eulogy about LaWanda, while the Pierces sit in the audience. Jennifer wonders where Anissa is.

Anissa sneaks into a junk yard and makes sure no one is watching. She then drags out an old washing machine, sets up her phone to take video of her, and starts kicking the washing machine.

Holt says that The 100 wants to keep them down, and he needs a hundred god-fearing people to march with him against The 100 and take back their community. The congregation stand up, applauding.

Anissa keeps kicking the machine until she's exhausted. She realizes that it's her breathing and she's not focused.

After the service, Bill and Jeff talk to Holt, and Bill tells Holt that the police have to do a lot. Holt says that they wouldn't have to pay The 100 for protection if the police weren't in the gang's pocket, and they can't put their trust in Bill and his people. Bill points out that Holt is rich and he works on the streets, and walks off disgusted.

Anissa focuses and punches a pile of junk. A piece falls off and bounces off of her back, and Anissa kicks the washing machine across the yard.

Holt tells Jeff that he's not going to call off his protest. Jeff says that he wants to save Holt from himself, and Holt tells him that they listened to Jeff because he was one of them. Now Jeff only cares about his family and students, and Jeff says that he fights the best way he knows how. Holt tells him that it's time for the community take back their lives, even if they have to be willing to die. Jeff points out that LaWanda didn't want to die, and Holt says that she persisted because Black Lightning gave her help. The vigilante made her believe that she could save her daughter. Holt figures that God brought Black Lightning back, and it gives him hope that they can save the community. Jeff asks if he's wrong about Black Lightning, and Holt says that the hero is the answer to their prayers.

Jeff goes to Gambi's shop and Jeff says that he doesn't want to inspire people to get killed. The tailor says that he's altered the suit's circuitry so Jeff can create a targeted strike with less damage and reduced power drain. They test it against holograms and Jeff finally masters the precision aim.

Tobias and Syonide go to the manor of Lady Eve and Tobias gives her his money to apologize for Lala's stupidity. Lady Eve says that it doesn't solve his real problem: Black Lightning. Tobias insists that he killed Tobias, and Lady Eve tells him Black Lightning inspires people and they don't stay in line. She knows about Holt's march, and another pastor told her. Tobias thanks her for passing on the information, , and Lady Eve tells him to take care of it and Tobias indicates that he will.

Khalil and Jennifer make plans to go to a hotel, and she claims that her parents know. Jennifer wonders if Khalil is good, and he finally admits that he lied. Khalil admits that he's a virgin, and Jennifer smiles and admits that she's a virgin as well and kisses him.

At the library, Anissa looks at the video she took of herself, and then hides it as a librarian, Grace Choi, comes over. Grave assures Anissa that she's fine where she is, and Anissa says that she's doing genetic research. They introduce each other and Anissa notices that Grace has a comic book in her back pocket. Grace says that she's reading The Outsiders, and says that it's all about super-powered individuals in costumes. She invites Anissa to the bar where she works as a bouncer, for Cosplay Night, and Anissa says that she will.

At Garfield, Bill tells Jeff that he's only allowed to assign one squad car to the march and the orders are coming from high up. They figure that it's a setup and Bill asks Jeff to convince Holt not to march. Jeff admits that Holt has been inspired by Black Lightning, and Bill figures the vigilante is going to get them all killed.

Later, Gambi and Jeff map out the parade route and Jeff says that they should change the route to minimize the chaos. He figures that Gambi can lead them off.

Jeff goes home and Lynn tells him that Anissa isn't coming for dinner. He admits that he hasn't seen much of Anissa recently, and wonders if Lynn will still show up for dinner with him. Lynn says that she wants to stop worrying about him, and Jennifer comes in for dinner. She says that she's ready to have sex and walks out, and Lynn wonders what Jeff said to her.

Over dinner, Lynn says that they're glad Jennifer came to them. She asks how old they were when they first had sex, and Jeff says that he and Lynn both loved each other very well. They say that it's important that Lynn have sex with the right person, and Jennifer tells them when she'll be back.

Later when Anissa comes home, Jennifer tells Anissa what happens. Anissa apologizes for not being there, and Jennifer asks if she's okay. She wants her to go to the march with her, but Anissa tells her that she doesn't want to and she's tired of trying to change people's hearts. Jennifer tells her to think of it as being with her sister, and Anissa agrees to go and then starts talking about birth control.

At the school, Lynn comes to see Jeff in his office. She wants to discuss Jennifer's announcement, and Jennifer says that one of them should follow up with her having sex. Jeff wonders if they're being too liberal, and Lynn assures him that she's got him. She wonders if she should take a bigger role in the girls' life now that Jeff is being Black Lightning again, and suggests that Jennifer should move in with her. Jeff refuses, and Lynn asks what happens if Jennifer sees Jeff hurt. He still refuses, and Lynn tells him that she'll tell him after Jennifer sees the doctor.

As Jeff goes down the hall, he sees Khalil and figures that he's involved with Jennifer. He asks how an embarrassed Khalil explains how he does it, and finally points out that Khalil dries his feet before his important parts. Jeff asks if Khalil wants to give Jennifer athlete's foot, and advises him and Jennifer to slow down. Smiling to himself, Jefferson walks off.

At the club, Grace is dancing with Anissa when Chenoa comes in and accuses Anissa of cheating on her. Grace tells her to talk about it outside. Chenoa storms out, and Grace asks Anissa if she's okay.

Gambi dons a pair of coverall and puts up a detour barricade.

Tobias gives one of his henchman an untraceable gun and tells him to leave it at the scene without fingerprints. The youngster hesitates, and Tobias gives him a pair of gloves to prevent fingerprints. When the youngster picks them up, Tobias stabs him in the hand and reminds him that he wanted to move up in the organization. He tells the youngster to stop bleeding on his desk and get out.

After talking to Chenoa, Anissa goes back to the bar and tells Grace that the two of them are done. She say that she was holding onto something that wasn't working just so she had something to hold on to. Anissa sees a newscast about the march and says that it'd be nice to have superpowers and fight the bad guys. She realizes what time it is and heads to the march to meet with Jennifer.

Gambi shows Jeff the highest point on the new route where Black Lightning can set up. The tailor figures that The 100 will kill marchers to spread fear and stop the protesting, and says that the gunman will look nervous like Jeff does. Jeff says that he's not nervous but just hoping that God was listening when Holt was talking.

Holt leads the marchers down the street , with Lynn, Anissa, and Jennifer among them. Black Lightning is on a rooftop above and looks out for the gunman. He sees his family, and Gambi tells him to stay focused. Black Lightning spots the gunman step out of an alley and head toward the march, and jumps down and creates an electrical force field to stop the bullets. Once the gunman runs out of bullets, Black Lightning shocks him unconscious and then takes out a backup gunman.

Holt approaches Black Lightning and stares at him for a moment, and then leads the protestors in Amazing Grace. Tobias is in a car down the street, sees Black Lightning, and complains that the protestors are singing. He tells Syonide to kill Black Lightning, and she fires a rifle and hits Holt. The reverend collapses in Black Lightning's arms, and the bullet goes through Holt and hits Khalil behind him. Lynn goes to Holt and checks his chest wound, and tells Black Lightning to go as police sirens sound.

The EMTs take Holt and Khalil to the hospital ER, and the Pierces wait outside while the doctors operate. Jennifer asks Anissa if Khalil is going to be okay since they said Holt will be okay. Anissa hugs her sister and says that she'll be good. Lynn and Jeff watch the news, where they're talking about how Black Lightning prevented a greater tragedy. The police are not happy with Black Lightning's efforts, and Bill tells the reporter that the vigilante isn't making things better for Freeland. Lynn admits to Jeff that she thought it was all over, and says that it was a last-minute thing that they were going to the march. She apologizes for suggesting Jennifer live with her, and explains that the bullets made her realize that the danger is everywhere. She says that she knew eventually Black Lightning would win but she's not going to accept her defeat gracefully. Jeff tells her that his family is his priority regardless of the suit.

Gambi checks the streetcams at the time of the march, and spots Tobias and Syonide. He then deletes the video so Jeff doesn't see it.

Lynn asks Anissa what is going on with her, and reminds her that they supported her when she told them she was a lesbian. She figures that something is weighing heavily on Anissa, and Anissa tells her that she and Chenoa broke up. Lynn figures that something else is going on and says that she'll be there for Anissa when she's ready to say. Jennifer and Jeff join them and say that the doctors told them that Khalil won't walk they hug, Jeff sees a newscast of an older woman saying that Black Lightning is an answer to their prayers.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 31, 2018

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