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Various & Sundry Villains Recap

On I-135 just north of Wichita, Dale walks into a truck stop and greets the cashier, Marty. As he picks out some alcohol, Dale sees two young women laughing and glancing over at him. He goes over and the women greet him. One of them, Jamie Plum, casts a spell while her younger sister Jennie slips a hex bag into Dale's pocket. Dale instantly falls in love with her as his eyes briefly glow violet. Jamie flirts with him and introduces herself and her sister. She says that they're from Lebanon, and Jamie asks Dale to take all of the money from the register, grab two bottles of vodka, and bring it outside. When Dale asks about Marty, Jamie asks what about him and kisses Dale on the cheek.

A few minutes later, Dale slams Marty through the window and comes out with the money and vodka. Jamie and Jennie are waiting, and Jamie says that her mother taught them to make the death look accidental so Hunters wouldn't notice. She beats Dale to death with a sledgehammer, and she and Jennie head off.

At the bunker, Dean and Sam go through tomes on alternate realities. Dean prepares to go get beer, and Sam points out that Castiel checks in every day with questions but no answers.

Lucifer sits in a cell and a demon, Dipper, checks on him. There's a stick on the floor, and Dipper comments on it. When Lucifer tries to break through the bars, He discovers that they're heavily warded. Castiel is watching from the next cell, and points out that Lucifer doesn't have the strength to get out. Lucifer asks to eat some of his grace, and Castiel refuses. He points out that Asmodeus doesn't seem that weak, but Lucifer figures that Asmodeus will screw up eventually and then he'll be Lucifer's. Castiel doesn't believe it.

Dean goes into town and Jennie yells for help. When Dean runs over, Jamie is lying on the ground. As he checks on her, Jennie slips a hex bag into his pocket and casts the love spell. Dean instantly falls in love with Jamie, kissing her to wake her up at Jennie's suggestion. She "wakes up" and thanks Dean, saying that he saved her. Jamie addresses him by name and asks how he's feeling, and Dean says that he feels real good.

When Dean returns to the bunker, he cheerfully whistles and says that he's in love. He wants Sam to meet Jamie before he invites her to move in. He takes out the Black Grimoire and tells Sam that it's a gift for Jamie. Dean confirms that Jamie asked for the book by name, and Sam reminds Dean of Becky and her love spell. He figures that Jamie is a witch, and Dean tells him to be nice because she's got a sister. Sam takes the car keys so Dean can't leave, and he says that he'll walk. When Sam tries to stop him, Dean punches him unconscious and walks out.

Back in town, Dean gives Jamie and Jennie the Grimoire. Jennie complaisn that the car isn't there, and Jamie prepares to sledge-hammer him. Sam drives up before she can and yells at Jamie to get away from Dean. He points a gun at Jamie, and Dean attacks him. They struggle and the Plums drive off. Sam pulls the hex bag out of Dean's pocket, but the effect persists. Rowena comes over and destroys the hex bag, ending the spell.

Lucifer tries to use his powers on the stick, and Dipper tells Castiel that they haven't forgotten about him. He says that Asmodeus has big plans for Castiel, and once Dipper leaves Lucifer points out that Michael is coming to murder them all. He describes how Michael is busy torturing Mary, and Castiel tells him that Jack loves fantasy movies with heroes who crush villains. He describes how Jack is thoughtful and emotional, and resurrected Castiel. Castiel tells Lucifer that Jack would rather kill Lucifer than hug him, and reminds Castiel of Kelly. Furious, Lucifer snaps his fingers and the stick floats off the floor and slams into the wall.

Rowena and the Winchesters go to the bunker and she pours drinks. She explains that she took precautions and needs the Black Grimore so that she can't die again and doesn't need another resurrection spell. Rowena tells them that the Grand Coven cast a binding spell limiting her magic, and there's a page in the Grimoire that might help her. She felt the book moving and decided to come get it. Now Rowena is worried that the Plums will damage the book, and suggests that they work with her. The brothers refuse and Rowena says that she's changed... and she has a tracking spell on the book so they'll need her to find it. She then asks where her brothers are.

The plums go to a hardware store and try to decipher the Grimoire. The cashier asks if they're going to pay for what they've picked up, and they tell her by name to shut up and complain that she said the same thing last time.Jennie disovers that they need a spell to sacrifice, and they glance over at a clerk.

The Winchesters tell Rowena that Crowley killed himself for them, and says that she would have been proud of him. Rowena says that she'd rather have a live son than a dead hero. Sam points out that Crowley trapped Lucifer in another reality, and Rowena doesn't want to talk about it. She figures that the Plums have big plans for the Grimoire, and figures that if she helps them then they'll help her. The Winchesters say that it isn't happening.

Jamie and Jennie work over a corpse and Jennie worries that they might not be able to do it. However, she refuses to call and ask for help. Jamie reminds Jennie that they're doing it for their mother, and she deserves to be alive and gorgeous and with them. The older girl admits that she misses their mother, and promises that they'll get her back no matter what it takes. The clerk is sitting and holding flowers, and tells Jennie that he believe sin her to. She picks up a knife and stabs him in the chest for the sacrifice.

The Winchesters and Rowena drive to Stillwater, Oklahoma and Rowena can only tell them that the book is in the general area. The Winchesters tell her to let them handle questioning the locals, and Dean goes while Sam watches Rowena.

Castiel and Lucifer argue, and Dipper comes over and notices that Lucifer lost his stick. He then telekinetically slams Dipper into the bars and tells him that rage is a motivator. Lucifer jams the stick into Dipper's neck and breaks the warding, and Castiel leaves his cell and sends the demon's soul to Hell. Four more demons arrive and prepare to fight.

Rowena complains that waiting is boring, and asks if there is music. Sam puts on a tape, and tells Rowena that getting the book won't change anything. She'll still feel helpless because Lucifer so easily killed her. Rowena says that Lucifer showed her his true face before he rushed her skull, and she's scared all the time. Sam says that he's seen it as well and it keeps him up at nights. Rowena asks how he deals with it, and Sam admits that he doesn't. He just keeps pushing it down and doesn't talk about it with anyone. He explains that it's nothing he knows how to share.

Dean goes to the hardware store and asks Brenda if she's seen the Plums. She says that every man is trying to track them down and they're trouble. Dean says that he doesn't plan on being nice when he found her, and Brenda is happy to give them their address as long as he's mean.

Sam tells Rowena that she won't ever be able to change what happened or stop feeling helpless. Rowena gets out and tells Sam that she just needs a minute. As she steps away, Dean arrives and tells them that he got the address. He tells Rowena that htye'll handle it, and Rowena freezes them to the street with a spell

Rowena goes to the address and hears the Plums talking. She steps out and tells them that they were supposed to wait for her. The sisters say that they didn't want to call her because they can take care of themselves, and Rowena explains that she used the Winchesters to find the Plums. She agrees to help them as long as they give her the Grimorie when they're done. Rowena suggests that they're not good enough, and the Plums tell her that they did the spell... mostly. Their mother's corpse walks out and Rowena tries to destroy it with a spell. Jamie explains that the zombie is now magic-proof, and the zombie chases Rowena into the kitchen before Rowena slams the door in its face.

Sam tries to reach the hex bag on the street, and tells Dean that Rowena is scared. He finally reaches the hex bag and gives it to Dean, who burns it. Once they're free, they head for the address.

Castiel and Lucifer escape the building and Lucifer says that it would be stronger if Castiel gave him some grace. Lucifer finally stabs him but Castiel is waiting and backs away. He thens tabs Lucifer in the chest with his blade, and says that he's learning from his mistakes.

As the zombie breaks through the door, Rowena calls to the Plums saying that she can help bring their mother back. They figure that she's bark, not bite, ad aren't interested. Dean and Sam come in, guns drawn, and Dean explains that they have witch-killing bullets. The sisters magically slam them into the walls and attack them, and the brothers figure that the sisters are magically strengthened. Dean manages to pin Jamie, and Jennie hits Dean in the leg with a hammer.

The zombie breaks into the kitchen and Dean tells her to shoot the zombie in the head. The sisters knock the Winchesters to the ground and prepare to kill them, and Rowena grabs one of the Winchesters' guns and shoots the zombie in the head. She then casts a spell immobilizing the sisters and causing their brains to boil. Rowena commands them to end it, and the two mesmerized sisters stab each other to death.

Afterward, Sam points out that Rowena tried to double-cross them. She says that she triple-crossed the Plums, and Sam tries to take the book away. Rowena whispers to Sam that she needs the spell so she won't be helpless against Lucifer when he comes back. Sam takes the Grimoire anyway and Rowena walks off.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean drink beers and talk about what happened. Dean reminds Sam that Rowena isn't their friend, and points out that there's a page torn out of the Grimoire. He figures that Sam gave her the page, and Sam promises that if Rowena breaks bad then he'll kill her himself. However, he hopes that if Rowena sees Lucifer then she makes him suffer. Dean tells Sam to get out of the dark place where he's at, and Sam tells him that he knows what Rowena is dealing with and she isn't the only one who feels helpless. He explains that the plan to get Jack and Mary back kept him stable, and now that they're gone he's losing it. Dean admits that he doesn't know what to do but figures that the two of them will come up with a plan. Sam clearly isn't convinced and goes to his room.

At her home, Rowena casts a spell and then cuts open her throat. Purple light spews out and encircles her, and blood drips from her eyes. The light bonds shatter, and Rowena's eyes glow with magical light.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 2, 2018

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