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All for Nothing Recap

Oliver, Dinah, and Quentin meet with Captain Hill and thank her for stepping up to lead the department. She tells them that the shoreline might be a blind spot because there's no satellite flyover for ten minutes. The four of them wait as an ARGUS agent comes ashore and introduces himself as Alex Scott. He starts to order his team in, but his patched-in comm electrocutes him. The divers in the water are electrocuted as well and their corpses float to the surface.

Back at his office, Oliver confirms that the $70 million has gone through to Cayden, and tells Thea that they have a day or two. He figures that they're on their own, and tells Thea to go ahead with the emergency bomb shelters. Oliver tells her that William is holed up at an ARGUS safehouse with Raisa, and Thea assures her brother that they'll figure out a way to defeat Cayden.

The next day, Quentin is walking down the street watching a newscast about the crisis on his phone. He realizes that Black Siren is following him, but she slips away when a police car passes nearby.

That night, Dinah meets with Vince and he says that he didn't know about the ARGUS team until Cayden killed them. Dinah believes him and Vince warns that finding the thermobaric bomb difficult. He wonders if Dinah believes him about the divers, and asks if she trusts him. Dinah kisses him by way of an answer.


Five years ago in Central City, Vince arrives at Captain Singh's office and Singh introduces him to his new partner: Dinah. Singh explains that Vince has spent the last eight months in Sean Sonus' operation, and Vince warns her that Sonus is unpredictable and the operation could go south fast.


Vine meets with Cayden, Richard, and Anatoly, and Cayden says that it's a wake for Mr. Sheck. Anatoly figures that Oliver and his team wouldn't have killed Sheck with a gun, and Cayden points out that he isn't sure if he can trust his comrades. However, he claims that he trusts Vince.

Oliver returns to the bunker and tells Felicity that he's not sure if they will be able to defeat Cayden. Felicity says that she's looking forward to their honeymoon later, and they're not any closer to find Cayden. Facial recognition picks up on Vigilante and felicity texts Diggle Vigilante's location.

Spartan and Green Arrow move in on Vigilante and confront him. Vince removes his mask and insists that he's trying to stop Cayden but can't blow his cover. Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog arrive and say that they were meeting with Vince and he's undercover working with them.

The entire group meets at Helix, and Wild Dog says that Vince killed Sheck and saved his life. Vince admits that Cayden has become paranoid and the ARGUS team's infiltration didn't help matters. If he takes the teams to Cayden then he'll set of the bomb and destroy Star City. Felicity suggests that they use a computer sniffer device to locate the bomb, and they need Vince to manually plant it. Dinah objects but Vince says that he knows it wasn't going to be easy. The sniffer requires line of sight, which means that they'll have to wait for the sniffer to finish the job and get it out of the building. Oliver asks to talk to Vince privately.

Thea and Quentin meet with Jay Reimsdyk, the city's comptroller, and tell him to find more money to pay Cayden's extortion demands. Once Jay leaves, Quentin tells Thea that Black Siren has been following her. He figures that she wants to reach out to him but she's afraid. Thea figures that they have to find a way for Quentin to reach out to her.

Oliver tells Vince that he doesn't trust him, but Vince tells him that Oliver isn't going to stop him from doing it because Oliver has to use him to save Star City. Outside, Vince tells Dinah that it's the right play and everything will be fine. She warns that the situation doesn't feel right, and doesn't want to lose Vince again. Vince assures her that she won't and they kiss.


Vince is playing poker with Sonus' men while Dinah helps Sonus with his books. She asks for more information for she can help him and then apologizes, and Sonus tells her that he'll take it under advisement. Vince offers to walk out with her, and he figures that no one noticed. Outside, Dinah tells Vince that Sonus has a lot of money floating around and says that Sonus shouldn't see them together and they kiss.


The Outsiders arrive to monitor the download. Felicity ties into the bodycam on Vince, and Dinah tells him to abort if anything looks suspicious. Vince discovers that the server room door is locked, and Felicity has him enter Cayden's son's birthdate as the password. It works and Vince activates the sniffer. Cayden enters the server room and, finding Vince there, says that they need to talk. He figures that Vince shouldn't have a proper passcode to enter the server room. Vince says that Sheck told him the passcode, and Felicity gives Vince technical data to recite. Once he does, Cayden is impressed that Vince has more skill then he gave him credit for.

Vince says that he didn't think Cayden would have the resolve to make Oliver fear him. He admits that he fears Cayden, and Felicity tells him that the sniffer has obtained the information. Cayden turns to go and Vine grabs the sniffer and leaves with him. Once Cayden goes, Felicity tells Vince to leave the building.


Sonus meets with a dealer, Carmen Guzman, and she tells Sonus that a mole told her that Sonus has a cop on his payroll.


As Vince leaves, a mercenary tells him that Cayden wants to see him. Vince knocks him out and heads outside, and transmits the information. He then destroys the sniffer and heads back to Helix.


Vince and Dinah are in bed, and Vince says that they need to have Singh shut down the operation. He figures that they have enough, and they don’t know which of them has been made. Dinah insists that they're close and Sonus doesn't suspect them, and Vince agrees.


Cayden comes out and Vince claims that his girlfriend has appendicitis. Unimpressed, the hacker says that he needs Vince to stay there to root out a traitor, and Anatoly tasers Vince from behind.

Felicity brings Alena in to analyze the data. Rene and Dinah head back to Helix to check on Vince.


Sonus calls Dinah over to look at the files, and she discovers that a phot of her in a police uniform is there. He tells her that her number is up.


Cayden ties up Vince and says that he never bought into Vince's claim. Richard cuts Vince across the face with a knife and it heals thanks to Vince's meta power. Vince says that Cayden will still get the same answer that he didn't do anything, and Cayden leaves Anatoly there with Vince to torture him. Once they're alone, Anatoly takes out his torture implements and goes to work.

Quentin goes to a building and Black Siren follows him. Thea is monitoring the situation, and Quentin goes into a room. Black Siren goes in after him, and Quentin steps out of the room. When she turns to go, Quentin asks her to stay and figures that she wants to talk. He asks her to listen and brings up a slideshow with photos of him and Laurel, and video of Laurel as Black Canary saving people. Quentin says that he sees the girl he raised in Black Siren's eyes, and he sees a hero. He tells Black Siren that she needs to see it, too. She says that it isn't her and destroys the equipment with a sonic cry, and then leaves. Thea checks on Quentin, who says that he saw Laurel in Black Siren's eyes.

Dinah and Rene return to the bunker and report that Vince didn't get back to Helix. Felicity says that they located the bomb at its current location but it's a surveillance dead zone. Oliver tells them that everyone will have to search the place, and the Outsiders agree. Vince activates his comm and they hear him screaming as Anatoly tortures him. Oliver says that they have to get the bomb first and then rescue Vince. Dinah insists that they rescue Vince first, but when they don't agree she says that she'll do it on her own and won't let him die again. Oliver nods and lets her go, and Curtis and Rene tell her that they're going with her while Team Arrow saves the city. When Oliver warns that they won't be able to cover the entire area without the Outsiders, Rene tells him that he'll have to find a way.

Black Canary, Mr. Terrific, and Wild Dog fight their way into Cayden's headquarters Mr. Terrific and Wild dog draw the mercenaries' fire while Black Canary goes after Vince. Meanwhile, Vince breaks free and takes out his guard.

Spartan and Arrow fight their way separately to the bomb's location, and Richard and Anatoly hear them. Arrow warns that the place is too big to search, and hears movement in a nearby corridor. He goes in and finds hostages wired to a bomb. Anatoly calls on the radio and says that Arrow can either free the hostages or find the bomb. Spartan tells Arrow to go after the bomb while he takes rescues the hostages.

Vince finds Black Canary and they hug. He says that he didn't activate his comms, just as the nearby wall explodes.

Arrow fights his way across the roof and reaches the edge to see four trucks head off in different directions. When he gets on his motorcycle to go after them, Anatoly's men cut him off in their SUVs. By the time Arrow defeats them, the trucks have escaped.

Vince crawls to Black Canary, who is trapped under a girder. Cayden and Black Siren come in, and Black Siren blasts Vince back onto a rebar. The hacker tells Black Siren to find Vince's healing limits. When she hesitates, Cayden tells her not to make him doubt her loyalty. She goes over to Vince and screams in his ear.


Sonus and his men tie up Dinah, bring Vince in, and prepare to shoot him. As she begs Sonus not to kill him, the dark matter explosion sweeps through the building.


Black Siren screams into Vince's ear until he dies. Cayden walks off and after a moment, Black Siren joins him. Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog arrive and free Black Canary, who runs to Vince's corpse and begs him to wake up. Rene finally tells her that Vince is gone.

Late back at Helix, Curtis and Rene watch Dinah as she sits and mourns. Curtis wonders what they do, and Dinah hears him and says that she's fine. She says that they've already helped her by having their back, and her teammates tell her that Team Arrow didn't get the bomb. Dinah realizes that Vince died for nothing.

Oliver and Diggle return to the bunker, and Diggle tells her that they didn't have the numbers. Felicity tells them that Vince didn't make it, and Diggle tells Oliver that the made the right call. Alena has discovered that the video Cayden received of his son's murder was doctored by the same person who sent the press the bogus image of Oliver as Arrow. Felicity figures that it's someone close to Cayden, which means that he has another traitor.

Thea finds Quentin going through photos of Laurel, and she tells him that Black Siren killed Vince.

At her apartment, Dinah looks at the matchbox that Vince made her. Oliver arrives and she tells him that he lost the right to explain when he chose to let Vince died. He says that it was Vince's call and he knew what he signed up for. Dinah isn't impressed, and Oliver tells her that it wasn't for nothing. He explains that they have some options, and Dinah says that she was the one who convinced Vince to change just like Oliver changed her. She figures the only way to bring justice to the city is with a bullet. Dinah promises that she'll kill every one of their enemies, starting with Black Siren.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 2, 2018

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