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Past Life Recap

The Zephyr docks at the Lighthouse, and Kasius and his men board through the cargo bay. Sinara's corpse is suspended on a pipe, and Hek-Sel orders his men to find the agents.

The team and Deke slips aboard the Lighthouse via an outside hatch without Enoch.

The soldiers scan Zephyr One and don't detect any life forms. Enoch then emerges from hiding, radios Coulson, says that they haven't found him, and reports that the machine will be ready by the time they find Flint. He then puts the piece of the monolith into the little piece.

The team tells Deke how the machine works, and they figure that Flint can reunite the other piece.

Tess tells Mack and Elena that there another Inhuman was brought back at the same time that she did, but she doesn't know who it is. Elena tells them to send Tess ahead to fly the other humans to safety while she searches for the other Inhuman.

Deke wonders when they'll kill Kasius, and Coulson assures him that they won't leave until humanity's future is secure.

Elena tells Mack that she has to find the Inhuman. Meanwhile, Tess tells Flint that now he's the key to saving humanity. She assures him that he'll do great and tells him to get back safe. Mack gives in and Elena tells Flint to take care of Mack, and then goes with Tess.

Kasius takes Sinara's corpse to his quarters and assures her that he'll take care of her. He tells the Kree doctor to fix Sinara, and the doctor warns that he can't do it like he fixes humans. Kasius shoots him dead and tells Hek-Sel to bring Tye. He then tells Sinara's corpse that he envies her sleep while the agents stalk his every move. Tye arrives and Hek-Tel gives Kasius the Seer's sketches from the ship. Kasius realizes that his Seer has said the team would come from the past, and if they're there then they haven't destroyed Earth. He then tells Tye that Kasius' father called Earth a blue gem, and tells him to gather a fighting force of Inhumans to crush S.H.I.E.L.D.. Once they're dead, his father won't encounter any resistance in the past when he comes for Earth. Tye warns that the remaining Inhumans are barely trained, and Kasius takes out a vial of Odium and explains that it will cause the Inhumans to flare briefly before they die. He feed it to Tye and tells him to fight, and Tye's eyes turn black as he growls in fury.

Mack and Flint search for the agents and Mack talks about his motorcycle. He invites Flint to come with him, and Fitz and Jemma step out and show Flint the monolith piece.

Coulson, Melinda, Daisy, and Deke attack the Kree escorting the Inhumans to Kasius. They kill the soldiers, but Tye attacks first Coulson and then Daisy. Tye tells Daisy that Kasius freed him, and Daisy manages to kill him. As they go to the trawler, Tess steps out of the shadows and talks to Deke privately. Coulson sees Tess and says that he's been where she is, and warns that it changes people. Tess explains that she's questioned what's real, and Coulson says that humanity is real. She says that she knows how to get the trawler to the human levels, and tells Coulson that he was right and they can fight back.

Elena arrives at the lab and finds dead technicians. She hears something ahead and goes to investigate.

Hek-Sel tells Kasius that they lost the last of the Inhumans. Kasius informs Sinara that everyone has failed him, even her, and admits that he has also failed. He then takes out a vial of the Odium to restore his family's name and regains his glory, and tells Hek-Sel that his Seer's knowledge has run dry, and it's time to use her to send one last message of her own.

Elena finds Kasius' Seer chained to a bed. She looks up and Elena realizes that it's her future self. Future-Elena says that she went through the same experience from Elena's point of view, and explains that the Kree killed her and then brought her back, again and again, when they need her. She explains that she tried to give them as little information as she could about the team, and smiles as she remembers that Mack is still alive. Future-Elena tells Elena to hold onto Mack as long as she can, and says that they make it back in time but bring everything that's to come. Elena doesn't believe it, and Future-Elena says that she didn't either until she was on fire reaching for Mack. When Elena asks how they can change it, Future-Elena warns that she can't.

A soldier tries the door to the lab where Enoch is working. He calls Coulson and says that they have located him, and then shoots the soldier through the door. Enoch tells Coulson that he can hold out for twelve minutes, and Deke complains that they left the machine in Enoch's hands. He then says that he'll go and secure the machine. Coulson warns that he'll be outgunned, but Deke points out that the time travelers all have to go to the rendezvous. Daisy insists on going with him, and Deke says that the world needs her to make it home. He advises her not to destroy Earth when she gets home.

Jemma has Flint concentrate on the stone and instructs him on how to manipulate it. He senses is molecular structure, and Jemma says that they have a plan to find the components. Three soldiers burst in, and Fitz triggers a barber wire that decapitates them. Jemma is shocked that he killed them, and Fitz says that they couldn't fight them all and they had to make the others afraid to follow them.

Elena asks how to fight, and Future-Elena says that she wants to tell her something different than last time. However, all she hears is her own words echoing over and over. Future-Elena talks about how she couldn't change people's choices, including Coulson.

Daisy hacks the door leading to the basement elevator. However, she tells Coulson and Melinda that she's not coming because she might set off the disaster. Coulson refuses to accept that the future is predetermined.

Future-Elena tells Elena that they made it back home and tried to fight the future. The more they fought, the closer it came.

Coulson refuses to let Daisy sacrifice herself, and sys that it's about their future. The world is never safe and the job goes on.

Future-Elena says that the team makes one choice and ruins everything: to save him.

Daisy tells Coulson that he knows her staying is the right move, and stay and fight. Coulson shoots her with an icer.

Future-Elena says that Coulson is dying and Elena has to let him.

Coulson looks at the knife wound beneath his shirt that Tye inflicted on him during their fight.

Future-Elena tells Elena that Coulson is sick and he knows it. The others wouldn't let him die, and Future-Elena realizes that she's said the same thing over and over. They hear soldiers approaching and Future-Elena begs Elena to go without her. Elena reluctantly leaves.

Flint suits up and spacewalks.

Coulson carries an unconscious Daisy to the rendezvous.

The soldiers break into the lab and attack Enoch before he can open fire.

Fitz attracts the free-floating rocks to him.

Kasius and his men arrive in Future-Elena's chamber.

Mack, Jemma, and Fitz break into Kasius' quarters. Hek-Sel tells his men to secure the trawlers and force the humans to surrender. They see Flint outside the port, firing the rocks at viewport. The viewport shatters and the explosive decompression kills the soldiers. Flint comes in before the automatic shutters close, and Mack and the others join him.

Deke arrives and kills the soldier before he can finish off Enoch. Enoch figures that they should spend their time fixing the machine rather than repairing him.

Mack assures Flint that he can handle it, and Fitz apologizes to Mack for having to kill the soldiers. He explains that Jemma was the one who came up with the plan to shatter the viewport. Meanwhile, Jemma removes the implant from Ava's ear, and the servitor is grateful that she can hear again. Coulson and Melinda arrive with the unconscious Daisy, and they realize that Elena didn't find them. Mack goes to find her, and Melinda confirms who Flint is and that he's going to get them home.

Flint concentrates on the piece and it floats into the air. He uses his power to assemble the various rocks that the team gathered, assembling them into a new monolith.

Mack hears Elena screaming and follows the sound to the arena, where Kasius is in the viewing gallery holding a knife to Future-Elena's throat. She tells Mack to run as the soldiers come in, but Mack refuses to abandon her. Kasius drinks the Odium and cuts Future-Elena's throat, and then goes berserk and leaps down to attack Mack. He punches Mack, who punches him back and then shoots the soldiers and Kasius. Kasius shrugs off the wound and Mack attacks him hand-to-hand. Kasius is impervious to pain and throws him into the wall.

Deke works on repairing the machine, and Enoch warns that the Zephyr is too damaged to power the monolith. He figures that his battery can do it, but it will destroy him in the process as well as several levels of the Lighthouse. Enoch warns that Deke will be complete atomized when he throws the switch. Coulson calls and says that they've built the monolith. Deke tells him that they found a fix for the machine, and Coulson says that his parents would be proud of him.

Coulson tells Flint that he's welcome to come back with them, or he'd better leave in case the monolith explodes. Flint tells the agents to tell Mack and Elena that he has work to do, and leaves with Ava.

Kasius continues beating Mack, who tries to grab his gun. The Kree grabs him and says that his father will have Earth. Jemma arrives and puts an implant I Kasius' ear. He goes deaf and reaches for her, and Mack drives his shotgun axe through Kasius' chest. He tells Jemma that Future-Elena is dead, assuming that it's his Elena. Elena arrives and hugs Mack, and says that it wasn't her. She says that it's time to go home.

Enoch tells Deke to patch him into the machine because he's running out of power. He radios the agents that they have to go now, but Fitz warns him that the others aren't back. Enoch shuts down and Deke activates the machine. The monolith turns into liquid as the machine starts to explode.

Flint gets to the trawler and tells Tess what happened. He insists that the agents made it back to their own time, and Tess figures that they've got a second chance. She looks at Deke's Earth toy and says that they have a clean slate now. She gives it to Flint and says that it's his blueprint.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 3, 2018

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