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My Brother's Keeper Recap

Jay Lopez arrives at Fahrid Nasser's office and Fahrid shows him a case full of diamonds. When Jay's phone ring, the man realizes that it's from Ella and draws a gun, and Jay hastily explains that she's in forensics, not a cop.

At the station, Ella leaves a message for Jay.

Lucifer goes into Marcus' office and tells him to remove his shirt so he can analyze the mark God put on him. Marcus shows him what there is of the mark, and explains that he has to re-tattoo it every few months because of his healing. Lucifer sees it and doesn't have an answer, and figure that they should ask Amenadiel. He assures Marcus that he can convince him to help.

The next day, Ella goes to Chloe's apartment and Trixie lets her in. Maze is practicing knife thrusts on a dummy, and says that Chloe isn't there. Ella explains that she was looking for her, and says that she needs Maze to track Jay down because he's disappeared. Maze isn't interested until Ella says that she'll pay.

At the penthouse, Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he won't help Marcus die because God put it on Marcus for a good reason. Lucifer insists that it's important to him, and is surprised that Amenadiel won't help him as a brother. Amenadiel figures that he's there to protect Lucifer from himself and walks out.

Once her contacts confirm that Jay went to Fahrid's office, Maze takes Ella there and warns that Fahrid is a sketchy dude. Ella points out that Jay is a diamond authenticator and had his reasons for being there. They go into Fahrid's office and find the diamond dealer on the ground. Maze points out that Jay might be the killer.

Later, Ella calls the cops, and Chloe and Lucifer arrive. Ella checks the office and figures that Jay saw who did it. She insists that Jay is the good one and made her believe she can live a good life. Maze finds Jay's wallet, but Ella finds forensic evidence proving the shooter was left-handed while Jay is right-handed. Lucifer still suspects Jay the killer because he's an older brother, but Chloe concedes that Ella might be right and suggest that they check both scenarios. Ella goes off to find Jay despite Chloe's advice for her to stay out away from the case. Chloe then finds a blood-stained diamond at the base of a lamp.

Charlotte goes to Linda for therapy and explains that she's been avoiding trauma. She's decided to face her fears, and came to Linda because Lucifer recommended her. Linda finally says that she can't help Charlotte and tells her to leave. Charlotte starts to go and figures that Linda sent her away because she's beyond help.

Lucifer visits Marcus and says that Amenadiel won't help. He explains that Amenadiel thinks that he's God's favorite, but he has a way to bring him around.

At the station, Dan tells Lucifer and Chloe that the diamond Chloe found was stolen from a diamond boutique shop that Fahrid brokers diamonds for. There isn't anything to go on concerning the robbery, and Chloe tells Dan to check the case.

Lucifer and Chloe go to the boutique and Chloe tells the salesman Raymond that they're engaged and want to pick out a diamond ring. When Raymond goes to get some rings, Chloe points out that none of the surveillance cameras are new, which means that the robbery was an inside joke. Raymond shows them more rings and Chloe takes out the diamond and claims that Lucifer gave it to her but it's cheap. The salesman inspects it and says that he recognizes the serial number and it's stolen. Chloe fakes outrage at Lucifer and tells Raymond to call the cops. The owner, Tiffany James, comes in and says that they'll find them the perfect diamond.

In Tiffany's office, Chloe wonders why Tiffany robbed her own store. She shows Tiffany her badge, and Lucifer says that Fahrid is dead and Jay called him. Chloe is less than thrilled that Lucifer is prompting the witness, and whispers to him to focus on the case. She says that she wishes that she had a brother to fight with, and Lucifer uses his power on Tiffany to determine what she desires. She says that she wants to punch every millennial in the face because they've ruined the diamond industry. Tiffany tells them that she just wanted the insurance money, and Fahrid was supposed to sell the diamonds back to her after he cleaned them and no one was supposed to get hurt.

Maze takes Ella to a cheap hotel and says that Jay used his credit card at a nearby gas station. The manager, Buster, refuses to say anything unless they have a warrant. Maze threatens him and Ella asks her if she has a sibling that she cares for. Maze figures that she's threatening Buster, and Buster hands over the ledger. There is a signature for Michael Knight, and Knight Rider is Jay's favorite show.

Linda sends a text to Lucifer. When he gets there, she asks why he recommended Charlotte to her. Linda points out that Charlotte tried to kill her, and Lucifer says that his mother is gone and Charlotte is an innocent woman who needs help.

The insurance adjustor, Don Zeikel, arrives at the station. He thanks them for finding the thieves, and explains that diamond thieves are hard to catch because diamond authenticators know how to "clean" the diamonds. Don gives Chloe his card and leaves, and she tells Marcus that they have to find Jay. And

As Maze and Ella go to Jay's room, Maze talks about her fellow demons and Ella assumes that she's exaggerating. Ella says that her brothers always had her back, and picks the lock on the door so Maze doesn't have to kick it in. They go in and Jay swings a bat at Maze who easily pins him.

Marcus goes to Lux and meets with Amenadiel. Amenadiel insists that he can't help him, and Marcus talks about how being an immortal human is boring and it's a hell on earth for him. The angel says that God has his reasons, and Marcus figures that Amenadiel marked him. Amenadiel admits that he did it, and Marcus takes out a gun and says that now it can hurt Amenadiel. He tells Amenadiel that he's going to tell him how to get rid of the mark.

Jay insists that he didn't kill anyone. He says that he had no idea that the diamonds were stolen, and Fahrid was acting jumpy. Jay went into the bathroom, heard arguing and gunshots, and when he came back Fahrid was dead and the killer escaped. Furious, Ella tells Jay that he could have called her for help. Chloe and Dan call and Chloe says that they may need to consider that Jay is the killer. She asks if Ella has found him, and Ella claims that she hasn't. Once Chloe hangs up, Chloe and Dan both figure Ella is lying. Lucifer comes in, and Chloe says that they need to figure out where Ella would take jay. She figures that Ella will try to prove Jay is innocent by going back to the crime scene.

Amenadiel says that he can't help Marcus, who says that he'll shoot an innocent bar patron. The angel stops him and says that he was just the messenger and has no idea how to remove it. Marcus fires the gun into the ceiling and orders everyone out, and then punches Amenadiel. Amenadiel warns that it won't end well for Marcus and counterattacks. They fight and Marcus across the bar. Marcus kicks Amenadiel back and the angel knocks him down and grabs Marcus' gun. He shoots Marcus in the chest and grabs his drink. When Marcus comes back to life, they start fighting again.

Ella, Jay, and Maze return to Fahrid's office and Jay walks them through what happened. Jay says that the killer wore a ski mask, and remembers that he wore red wingtip shoes. Ella points out that the bathroom door opened from the inside, which would have made it impossible for Jay to see the body. Maze figures out where Fahrid's stash room is and breaks it open. There's laser-engraving equipment inside, and Lucifer and Chloe arrive. Chloe explains what Don told her about "cleaning" diamonds, and Jay admits that he was in the stash room and cleaning diamonds. He says that it was a one-time thing and grabs a gun. Chloe grabs her gun, but jay figures that they're not going to believe him no matter what. Ella gets between Chloe and Jay, giving her brother time to run out.

The police secure the stash room, and Maze tells Ella that she's leaving because her job is done. Ella insists that Jay isn't a murderer and they need to get to him first. Maze finally agrees to stay... for a price. Ella is shocked that Maze doesn't care about finding Jay, and Maze points out that Jay is a killer and pulled a gun on her. The tech admits that it might all be a lie, but doesn't think family should do that to each other. Maze walks out, and Ella tells Lucifer to say "I told you so". Chloe notices a surveillance monitor in the stash room, and figures that Jay was telling the truth. Ella tells them about the red wingtips that Jay saw, and Chloe realizes who killed Fahrid.

Jay goes to Don's hotel room where the adjustor is putting on his red wingtips, and draws a gun on him. He orders Don to call the police immediately, and Don gets close enough to take the gun. He tells Jay to clean the diamonds and then he'll kill him.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Ella drive to the hotel and Chloe tells Ella to stay outside.

Marcus and Amenadiel continue fighting, and Amenadiel tells Marcus to accept the punishment that he deserves. The angel points out that Marcus killed his brother, and Marcus reminds him that Amenadiel tried to kill Lucifer but he had someone else do it. Marcus asks Amenadiel what he deserves, and says that the look on Amenadiel's face is what he wanted.

Ella sees Don leading Jay out and goes over. Don aims the gun at her and she says that the LAPD know that Don killed Fahrid. Don says that he and Fahrid worked together for years, but then Fahrid got greedy and cut him out. As Don prepares to kill Ella, Maze throws a knife into his chest. Ella checks on Jay and then turns back to discover that Maze is gone.

Later, the coroner takes Don's body away. Ella claims that she didn't see the knife thrower, and Chloe tells her that she recognizes Maze's knife but she saved Ella's life so she's not in trouble. As Ella hugs Jay, Chloe tells Lucifer that Jay didn't break the law so he'll be fine. Lucifer congratulates Chloe on not assuming that Jay was guilty, and wonders where the diamonds. Chloe figures that they'll turn up eventually.

That night, Linda goes to Charlotte's office and apologizes for refusing to treat her. Charlotte realizes that she hurt Linda during her lost time, and Linda says that it wasn't her and she'll be glad to counsel her. She figures that she has to treat Charlotte for both of them, but jabs Charlotte in the hand with a pin first to make sure that she's mortal.

Jay goes to Don's hotel room and takes the diamonds out of a vent. Lucifer is waiting and applauds, and says that it wasn't a one-time deal. He figures that everyone came to him and he didn't choose to be the supportive big brother. Lucifer says that he's no better than the rest of his family, and Jay asks for the chance to tell Ella rather than Lucifer. The Devil says that neither one of them is going to tell Ella because her losing her faith in Jay would hurt her, and Lucifer won't let it happens. He says that he'll be watching Jay and if he disappoints Ella then he'll come for her.

When Lucifer returns to Lux, he discovers that the place is torn up. Amenadiel is there alone and says that he's the one who gave Marcus his mark, and insists that it doesn't have anything to do with him. He warns that Marcus only has one selfish goal and working with him will incur God's wrath. Lucifer tells his brother that's the point, and says that he appreciated Amenadiel looking out for him but he doesn't need protecting. He warns Amenadiel that if he continues to meddle then he'll be in Lucifer's way. Amenadiel says that he'll be in Lucifer's way and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 6, 2018

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