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Black Jesus Recap

Jeff arrives at school and two students tell him that a boy is freaking out in the boy's room. He runs in and finds a student, Bernard Lewis, sitting on the floating groaning. He starts to calm down, but then grabs a urinal, rips it off the wall, and throws it at Jeff. Bernard charges at Jeff, who is forced to shock him unconscious when Bernard keeps coming after a preliminary blast. Once Bernard is down, Jeff searches him and finds a small bag with drugs. He pockets them as the security guard runs in.

Anissa is driving down the street and sees two girls, Lisa and Neema, buying drugs from some boys. She pulls up and tells the girls to get in the car. Once they go, Anissa tells the boys to stay away from her students. One of them flashes a gun and Anissa starts to walk away. The other boy says that the bitch is crazy, and Anissa asks what he said but then gets back into her car and drives away.

Jeff shows Gambi the drugs, and tailor says that it must be a new drug, Green Light. He tells Jeff that he has to accept that he can't save everyone. Jeff figures that it's The 100, and Gambi says that he'll reach out to his contacts to see who is responsible.

That night, Black Lightning questions a gang member about Green Light. The ganger finally says that he's working for Two-Bits, and he's at Tanner's Taproom. Black Lightning knocks him out and goes.

Lady Eve meets with Tobias as she works on a body in her basement. She talks about how albinos were captured and killed because of their magical power, and expresses her admiration for Tobias reinventing himself after he lost his political career. He joined up with The 100 and they rewarded him with a position of power. Lady Eve points out that since Black Lightning has returned, her partners aren't confident in Tobias' abilities. Tobias points out that he's made Lady Eve millions of dollars and she's giving him a hard time over one mistake. She tells him that his career is built on the belief that he killed Black Lightning nine months ago. Now the vigilante is back and people feel that they're being deceived. Tobias assures her that he's bringing in revenue and will kill Black Lightning, but Lady Eve doesn't believe he can do it. She points out that Syonide paralyzed a potential Olympic student, and tells Tobias to take out Black Lightning and button things up. The teenager she's embalming gasps briefly, and Tobias says that he understands.

At Garfield, Jeff and Kara meet with Bernard and his father. Bernard's father says that Bernard is feeling fine and says that they've gotten word that Bernard will be expelled. He warns that it will miss up Bernard's college chances, and Jeff promises that Bernard will go to college. He needs to know where Bernard got the drugs, and his father insists. Bernard says that he got it from Ronald Wright in the neighborhood. Jeff has him recite the school mantra and then says that they'll figure it out. Once they leave, Kara warns that the board won't let Bernard stay at Garfield. Jeff says that it's his decision and tells her to remind the board of that. The vice principal tells him to tell the board himself and leaves, and Jeff calls Gambi to tell him Ronald's name. Gambi informs him that Ronald is dead, OD'd on Green Light, and Jeff says that he grew up with Two-Bits and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Khalil is going through rehab at the hospital. The nurses go outside and discuss that Khalil will never walk. Jennifer hears them and says that Khalil can hear them. Khalil tells Jennifer that they don't know him and he'll be all right, and Jennifer agrees. When she leaves, she breaks into tears and leans against the wall, sobbing.

Tobias beats up the coroner, Leonard Marshall, who says that he thought the body that fell into the river was Black Lightning's. Leonard explains that his boss put the body into the crematorium, but he didn't see it burn. Tobias tells him that he was supposed to confirm Black Lightning's death, and now Leonard owes him a death. Joey is looking on and beats Leonard to death.

Jennifer returns home, and Jeff and Lynn call her into the living room. They know that she left practice early and disrespected her coach, and Jennifer says that she was helping Khalil. She says that Khalil needs her, and his mother can't be there because she's taking extra shifted to pay for his hospital bills. Jeff explains that Jennifer is their first concern and tells her to apologize to the coach. Jennifer tells her parents that she doesn't want to run track anymore, and Lynn asks her to think about it in two days. Jeff starts to object but Lynn tells Jennifer that she can go.

That night at dinner, Bill and his wife come over. Anissa says that Black Lightning sometimes hurts people, and Bill points out that Black Lightning doesn't care about hurting people. she objects, pointing out that Black Lightning is doing better than the police at protecting the community. Bill doesn't believe it, and Lynn says that it's hard for Black Lightning's family. Anissa is sure that Black Lightning's family supports him because he's a hero, and everything else hasn't changed anything. She excuses herself and Jeff asks if she's all right. Anissa says that she is and leaves.

Anissa puts on a hoodie and goes to the two boys who were selling drugs earlier. She punches them across the street, asks them who the bitch is now, and confirms that they're alive but one is badly injured. Anissa then calls 911 for an ambulance.

Jeff goes to a bar and sits down next to his childhood friend, Two-Bits. Two-Bits greets him and introduces him to his friends, and asks what Jeff wants. Jeff tells him that a student overdosed on Green Light and Two-Bits might get out of the way because things are getting hot. Two-Bit tells him that he has a family to take care of, and says that he's got nothing to tell. Jeff has no choice but to leave.

Gambi is going through the computer records when Jeff enters the shop. The tailor says that Green Light is worse than crack and PCP combined, and is heavily addictive. There have been 36 overdoses but no news because the black kids are dead. The police are trying to get a no-knock warrant on Two-Bits, but Jeff figures that they'll move before then. The 100 is working like terrorists, and Jeff figures that Black Lightning should pay Two-Bits a business.

Later, Black Lightning enters the bar. He takes out Two-Bits' thugs and grabs Two-Bits, and demands answers about Green Light. Two-Bits says that if Black Lightning turns him over to the police then he'll get 30 years, and he doesn't deserve that. Black Lightning tells him that he won't call the cops if Two-Bits gives him the info and stops dealing drugs. Two-Bits agrees and explains where he drops off the money. When he tries to take a selfie with Black Lightning, the vigilante knocks him out and leaves.

The next day at the hospital, Khalil tells Jennifer that the news people want to interview him. He doesn't want people to see him the way he is and asks Jennifer what she thinks. Jennifer tells him that she quit the track team, and as a track meet plays on the news, Khalil says that he's going to do the news piece so people can see that a bullet won't keep him down. Jennifer hesitantly agrees and turns away.

The school lawyer, Rose Litchcut, tells Jeff and Kara that the board insists on having the final say on students who break the rules, and that they're recommending that Bernard be expelled. She's says that they all want the same thing and leaves, and Jeff complains that the board wants him to expel Bernard. Kara says that the students have to do their part and suggests that Jeff stand up to the board. He warns that they'll fire him if he does and bring someone in without any connection to the school. Kara tells Jeff that she appreciates him and offers her help.

Tori Whale goes to her brother Tobias' penthouse and they hug. She then asks how they're going to kill Black Lightning.

Black Lightning goes to the address Two-Bits gave him and Gambi turns on his goggles that let him see electrical signatures.

At the Ruby Red Club, Anissa tells Grace that she's past the age where she needs her parents to approve everything that she does.

Gambi has Black Lightning look for large refrigerated containers that hold Green Light. Black Lightning figures that it's too organized for The 100.

Anissa insists that she can make her own decisions without her parents. Grace tells her that she wishes she could still go to them for advice. Three bigots come up and grab Grace, knocking her out. Anissa shoves him away with her super strength and when the others move in, Anissa pulls up her hood.

Black Lightning hears multiple explosions and goes to investigate despite the fact that the truck with the Green Light is pulling away. He arrives at the club, finds the unconscious bigots on the street, and has Gambi tap into the CCTVs. They show the figure in a hoodie stomping on the ground, shattering it, and then the CCTVs go out. Gambi tells Black Lightning that he has nothing, and Black Lighting heads back to the warehouse. The tailor then gets a sawed-off shotgun and drives to the club. He looks around and finds the footprint Anissa left in the street.

Anissa takes Grace to her apartment and asks if it would be a good thing if she made bad people pay for doing bad things. Grace agrees.

Gambi takes a photo of the footprint and leaves.

As they watch a newscast about Khalil's injury, Tobias tells Tori that there are still warrants out on him so he can't be out and about. Tori suggests that they use Khalil to turn the people against Black Lightning.

Jennifer arrives early at Khalil's room and says that Khalil's mother asked Jeff to come by and Jennifer tagged along. The room is filled with video games and balloons, and Khalil says that the anonymous donor is helping out his mother with the medical bills. Khalil's mother, Jeff, and the doctor come in and Jeff tells Khalil that they've determined his spinal cord is severed and he'll never walk again.

Jeff goes back to his office and sits in the darkness. Kara comes in and tells him that the board said that Bernard can stay if Jeff only has the final say on severe infractions. Jeff agrees and once Kara leaves, Jeff calls Lynn. He says that the Khalil situation is bothering him, and he admits that he can't handle the collateral damage as well as he used to. Lynn abruptly asks if they can talk about it later and Jeff agrees. Once he hangs up, Mr. Lewis calls and says that Bernard went to a drug house looking for more Green Light. When Mr. Lewis went there to get him, 100 gang members pistol-whipped him.

Black Lightning goes to the drug house and takes out the gangers who attack him. He then finds Bernard and carries him to the hospital.

The next day, Jeff tells Mr. Lewis that the new drug is instantly addictive but they've got Bernard the best treatment they can. Mr. Lewis thanks Jefferson for everything that he's done and leaves. Lynn calls and apologizes about her earlier reaction. She admits that she's angry with Jeff but still loves him.

Tobias comes to Khalil's darkened room and asks how he liked the gifts. He says that Black Lightning messed up his name as well, and insists that the vigilante is the reason Khalil is paralyzed. Tobias claims that he doesn't Khalil to go through the same thing he did, and says that pain makes someone stronger to the point where they don’t even feel it. He offers Khalil a way to kill his pain.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 7, 2018

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