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Devil's Bargain Recap

Castiel walks through the woods, spitting up blood. He finally drops to his knees as he remembers stabbing Lucifer.

The next morning, two boys find Castiel lying seemingly dead. He "comes back to life" and the boys run off in terror. Castiel gets to his feet and goes back to the old house, calling to Lucifer. He gets no answer and wonders where Lucifer is.

In Monroe City, Missouri, a girl is skating down the street. She bumps into a man as he brings a wedding cake out of a house. The man catches her and drops the cake, and the two smile at each other. Cupid is nearby, watching, and Lucifer congratulates him and addresses him by name. He takes Cupid into a nearby alley, cuts his throat, and feeds on his grace. Lucifer asks where he can find other angels, and Cupid insists that there aren't any. Satisfied, Lucifer drives his fist through the now-human Cupid's chest and walks away.

Castiel goes to the bunker and tells the Winchesters what happened and how Asmodeus has been impersonating him on the phone. He explains about how the Apocalypse world Michael is planning to come to their world and conquer it, and admits that he met with Lucifer since Lucifer wanted to help fight Michael. Castiel says that Lucifer mentioned that Mary is alive, but that's all the angel knows.

Lucifer walks down the street getting steadily weaker as Cupid's grace runs out. He sees a men's sore and a woman come out to serve food at a nearby restaurant. Lucifer realizes that he's hungry for a cheeseburger, and sees a crippled man panhandling for chain.

Asmodeus tells Ketch that he's shocked that the demons failed to keep Lucifer imprisoned, and says that he had to run an errand. Ketch points out that it was stupid to try and hold Lucifer imprisoned, and Asmodeus finally concedes the point and tells Ketch to kill the weakened Lucifer. He advises Ketch to do it fast before he recharges, or they're all dead.

Lucifer sits down near the panhandler, Tim, and begs money, but doesn't have any success. Tim finally tells Lucifer that people don’t take to him, and Lucifer says that it isn't him and being human sucks. His new neighbor packs up for the day and takes Lucifer around to the back of a restaurant to get food out of their dumpster. Tim explains that a faith healer, Sister Jo, can heal anything and he's saving up his money for her. He describes how she heals people with a glow, and Lucifer figures that she has the grace he needs.

Dean brings out a package and apologizes to Castiel for no realizing that he was captive. Castiel insists that rescuing Jack and Mary is what matters. Sam returns with Donatello and they figure that the cuffs will work on the weakened Lucifer. Then they'll use his grace to open the rift, go to the Apocalypse world, get Mary and Jack, and return. The spell to open the rift is on the angel tablet, and all they have is the demon tablet. Donatello warns that the glyphs are nearly impenetrable, and asks the Winchesters to get him lots of chicken wings. Castiel gets a broadcast over the angel radio that a vessel was found mutilated.

At a church, Sister Jo heals people after they make their donations. Lucifer is in the back, watching.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel go to the crime scene where Cupid was killed. They realize that Lucifer fed on his grace.

After her session, Jo is counting her money. Lucifer approaches her and says that she's Anael, angel. She recognizes Lucifer and points out that she needs the money to get by on Earth. After the Fall, Jo took some care and listened to prayers. A man traded his dying wife's vessel for her being healed, and Jo realized that humans would do almost anything to live. Lucifer takes out a blade and grabs Jo, and she tells him that it's not very cost efficient killing angels. She suggests that he keep a premium angel and give the angel time to recharge, and offers herself. Jo figures that it's better than being sucked dry.

Sam talks to the nearby Tim and asks if he's seen Lucifer. Tim says that Lucifer was curious about Jo.

Lucifer feeds on Jo's grace and afterward she heals the wound. He says that he's feeling better, and that he killed Cupid two nights ago. Jo wonders if anyone knows he was coming there.

The Winchesters and Castiel pull up at the meeting house and go inside. They find Ketch there and he points out that he saved their lives the last time they were together. He explains that his sources have told him that Lucifer is back and weak. Sam wonders who he's trying to work for, and Ketch claims that killing Lucifer would improve his reputation. Ketch suggests that they team up and share intel, and Castiel renders him unconscious. They toss Ketch in the trunk and prepare to take him back to the bunker. However, Sam finds a photo of Jo healing people. Castiel recognizes her as Anael and they figure that Lucifer has her.

As the trio drives off, Sam gets an alert about Jo using her credit card. They drive to the motel where she's checked in.

Lucifer prepares to feed on Jo, and she says that they can do it slowly. He cuts her throat and feeds on her grace, and afterward they fall on the bed together. Jo says that she feels emotions, and figures that it's what humans feel. Lucifer tells her that he had the same experiences and didn't like it, and Jo point out that humans also have hope and love. She admits that sometimes she admires humans because they can be anything, and all she did was count souls for eternity. No one would listen to her ideas, and on Earth she's somebody. After the Fall, Jo was finally free. Lucifer says that he always wanted to fit in in and please God, and now he's going to be a father and probably screw it up like He tells Jo that he doesn't know why he said it, and pretty soon he won't feel anything once he has fully restored his grace. Jo asks him what he'll do then, and Lucifer tells her that he'll find Jack and the fun really sarts.

A demon tells Asmodeus that they found Donatello.

Donatello is leaving a chicken place and Castiel approaches him. The Prophet says that he's making progress deciphering the tablet and there is a spell to open a portal. He warns that the ingredients are complicated, and hopes that he can figure out the spell before something happens to Jack and Mary. "Castiel" reverts to his original form of Asmodeus and mesmerizes him into telling him first whatever he finds out, and then sends him on his way.

The next day, the Winchesters and Castiel arrive at the motel and go in.

Lucifer is reading a motel Bible when the telephone rings. Jo answers it and it's Sam. He claims to be a credit card company rep and he needs her to bring the card. When she comes out, Castiel approaches her and asks if she knows where Lucifer is. Jo says that Lucifer is in the room and still weak, and begs them for help. Dean says that they'll help them if she helps them.

Jo knocks on the motel door and asks Lucifer to let her in. When he opens the door, he finds the Winchesters waiting. Castiel comes in the back and Jo claims that they forced her to say that Lucifer is weak. Sam tells her to go, and Dean takes out the angel cuffs. Jo slams Sam into the wall, and Lucifer blasts Castiel and then Dean away. He clenches his fist and tortures the trio, but Ketch comes in and throws a demon bomb. It detonates but Jo teleports her and Lucifer away in time. She tells Lucifer that she helps him and he helps her, and Lucifer wonders where they go next.

Ketch points out that he saved their lives again, and they concede the point. Castiel explains that Jo was a low-level functionary in Heaven, and Ketch again suggests that they pool resources and go after Lucifer together. Sam wonders why they'd ever trust him, and Ketch admits that he's working with Asmodeus to prove his sincerity. He offers to pass any information from Asmodeus onto them for the sake of everyone, and explains that even he has to draw a line somewhere... and turning Lucifer loose on Earth is the line. Ketch points out that he's the lesser of at least three evils, and they wait to murder him until after he proves useful.

At the heaven portal, Lucifer tells Dumah and two other angels that they need him, and points out that he knows Heaven is in short supply of angels. They need more angels, and he's the only one who can do it. Lucifer insists that they listen to Jo, and he'll create angels if they name him the ruler of Heaven. Dumah laughs, and Lucifer points out that they don’t want to follow and he can give them their wings.

Back at the bunker, Donaatello eats chicken wings and works on the tablet. Castiel asks the Winchesters if they can trust Ketch, and the brothers admit that they need Ketch... for now. Donatello finally yells in frustration, and Sam figures that they have a plan.

Dumah and the other angels seat Lucifer in a throne in Heaven with Jo at his side. They all kneel to him and he smiles.

Ketch tells Asmodeus that he missed Lucifer by seconds, but will find and kill him. They share a toast and Ketch warns that he can't beat Lucifer at full power. Asmodeus opens a safe and takes out an artifact that he went on his errand to recover. He takes out the archangel blade for a moment, and ketch points out that only an archangel can wield it. Asmodeus takes him to a cell and shows ketch the imprisoned Gabriel inside, his lips sewn together.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 9, 2018

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