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Chase Through Time Recap

Doug and Tony land in a new time zone and check out their surroundings. Technician Raul Nimon shoots the scientist on duty, Dr. Albert Stiles, , and then changes the settings. Doug and Tony convulse in pain as the tunnel goes out of control, and Nimon puts a device into the control panel and then closes it up. The security check sounds for the dead technician, and Nimon runs off as the Project goes into high alert. Kirk and the other run in and confirm that the technician is dead, and Jiggs calls for the guards to seal all of the exits.

Tony calls through the tunnel, saying that the tunnel is out of control. Ray confirms that there's an oscillation effect and manages to stabilize it. Nimon comes out and opens fire, and then runs into the computer stacks as Jiggs and his men pursue. He doubles back and grabs Ray as a shield, and the security team has no choice but to move back. He resets the controls despite Ann's warning, runs into the Tunnel, and disappears.

Ray and Ann try to find Tony and Doug, and find Stiles' notation on where the two travelers landed. Kirk confirms that Nimon came to work at the complex a year ago and he had a perfect cover. Jiggs reports that Nimon had a leave of absence down for midnight that night, and they found microfilm from his principals in his quarters. Ann locks onto the travelers and confirms that they're in Arizona in 1547. Ray figures that Nimon is in the vicinity. They decode Nimon's instructions and Kirk tells the others that Nimon hid a small nuclear device somewhere in the complex to destroy the Tunnel. He figures the bomb wouldn't go off until after midnight, and Ann says that they need to let Tony and Doug know so he can get the information from Nimon. Ray and Ann volunteer to stay and suggest that Kirk ask the others. Kirk does so and everyone chooses to stay, and Jiggs starts the search for the bomb.

Ann makes voice contract with the travelers and Kirk tells them about the bomb. He explains that Nimon is near them and they need to get the location of the bomb from him. Tony suggests that they bring Nimon to them by setting a fire. They do so and Nimon comes to investigate. Tony jumps him but Ann is able to hold Nimon in phase and he disappears. She transfers the after him and they find themselves in a high-tech facility. A silver-skinned human appears on a monitor, telling them to stay where they are. He comes out with a guard, places the two men under arrest, and leads them off.

Jiggs tells Kirk that they have 200 volunteers looking for the bomb, and they figure the bomb is timed to go off around 3 am to give Nimon time to get clear. Ann and Ray are unable to locate Nimon or the travelers.

Vokar takes the two men past a window showing the alien city, and he explains that he's a member of the ultimate human society. He demands to know where they're from, and says that they have arrived in mankind's most glorious era. Vokar tells them that they will be given work and suitable quarters, and leaves. A hooded worker brings a small box in and says that she is Z24A19. Doug removes her hood, revealing a gold-skinned woman. "Zee" explains that the box contains food ordered by the masters, and says that they are all-wise. The travelers ask her if she's seen Nimon, and Zee says that one like them has been among them for years. Doug suggests that they went through a time warp, and asks Zee to help them find Nimon. She has no idea what "trouble" or "love" is, and has no concept of mothers and fathers. Zee explains that her genes were selected from the population control reservoir and treated to make her fit for her duties. Everyone except the masters were treated the same way. Zee puts her hood back on and leaves, and Doug figures that the residents are like bees.

Vokar comes in and tells the travelers that the Magister has summoned them. He leads them to a control chamber and Nimon is there. Tony asks him where he put the bomb, and the Magister asks if they recognize the components. Doug admits that they use similar ones, and the Magister says that Nimon has said that he's overworked. The Magister doesn't care about crimes committed in other time zones, and has Vokar shock them unconscious when they refuse. Nimon suggests that they kill them, but the Magister says that they may be of use and later they'll see.

The two men recover in their chamber, and Zee comes in, removes her hood, and treats them for the shock. She says that the Magister was merciful, and explains that Nimon came to them ten years ago. He has won great favor with the masters because he is building "the mechanism" for them. Zee refuses to clarify what the machine does, and says that they must stay there. She warns that they will be injured and tosses the treatment device toward the open door. There's a force field and Zee explains that she has a key. Vokar is secretly watching as Zee tells them that she warned them because she likes them. She explains that a time machine is necessarily to spread their civilization through time and bring great power to the masters.

Once Zee leaves, the travelers figure that the future humans could possibly conquer all of time with their advanced weaponry. Nimon comes in and advises them to cooperate, and says that the Tunnel was blown up a million years ago. They are now in 1 Million AD, and he's the only one who can return them to their own time. Nimon says that there was no time to defuse the bomb because it was set to detonate at 3:05 am.

Ann is unable to locate the travelers within a thousand years of their last location. Ray suggests that she scan without limit because of a power surge, and Kirk warns that they have two hours or less to find them. Ann gets a response on the scanners.

Tony and Doug go to the teleport room and tell Nimon that they'll work with them because they have to. Nimon explains that they're making a new Tunnel, and no one in his time recognizes his technical expertise. He has found an advanced culture and time travel is a lost art to the masters, and has a guard put Zee into the time travel chamber. Nimon tells them that Zee's genes are defective so she has to be destroyed. Vokar closes the chamber, and Doug jumps Nimon while Tony frees Zee. Vokar stuns Tony, and Doug runs back to Tony while Zee escapes. Nimon warns Doug that Vokar's sole duty is to make sure that nothing interferes with his work.

Back in their chamber, Doug tells Tony that they have to get to Nimon and stop him. Tony tries to run out the door but forgets about the force field. It repels him, and they figure that the key is some kind of degaussing device. Ray and the others contact them via the Tunnel, and Doug tells them when the bomb will go off. The Project is building up power to try and transfer them, and it will take ten more minutes. Ann says that they can transfer all three of them but doesn't know where they'll end.

Doug figures that they need wire and a non-conductor, and Tony takes the food container. They cannibalize a wire from the light, tie it to the container, and use it to short out the field. The travelers leave and find Zee, who explains that she came to save them because they saved her. Zee leads them past the guards to the teleport room.

Vokar discovers that the two men have escaped.

Doug and Tony reach the teleport room and demand to know where he planted the bomb. He tries to make a room for it and yells for Vokar, and the two humans struggle with him. Vokar and his men are unable to get in through the force field protecting the door.

The Project team needs one more minute to get sufficient power for the transfer.

A worker joins in the fight while Zee stays to the side. Vokar and his guard start burning through the door. The travelers defeat the worker and grab Nimon, who yells to Vokar for help. Vokar and his men break in, but Vokar is unable to get a clear shot past Nimon. Ray and Ann make the transfer, picking up Zee and Vokar as well. Ann confirms that all of them are together and going back in time to 1 million BC. Kirk warns that if they don't find the bomb's location in an hour then they're dead.

Hours later, Doug and Tony find each other in a humid jungle. A dinosaur finds them and they run. Once they get clear, Doug suggests that they might be the only humans left on earth. They head back to where they came down to find Nimon.

Nimon runs through the jungle.

Vokar finds the dinosaur and opens fire on it. He scares it off and continues on.

With time running short, Kirk orders an evacuation to the shelters. None of the technicians leave, and Jiggs says that they're waiting for Kirk, Ray, and Ann to leave. Ann gets a location on all five travelers.

The dinosaur spots Zee and pursues her through the jungle. A storm comes up and Nimon falls into quicksand. Once the storm dies down, Tony and Doug hear Nimon's cries for help. They realize that they have to save him to save the Project, and he agrees to tell them as long as they get him out. As Tony tries to pull him out, Vokar hears Nimon yelling and goes over. Doug finds some vines to use as a rope and they use it to pull Nimon out.

The scientists finally lock onto the three men, and Doug orders Nimon to tell them where the bomb is. Vokar arrives and puts them all under arrest, and threatens to kill Nimon if he says anything. Doug points out that the masters are two million years away and if Nimon doesn't give them the bomb's location then they will all die there. Tony figures that Vokar's humanity was bred out of him, and Vokar says that the masters will expect them to go to the place where he arrived.

The dinosaur continues tracking Zee.

Kirk says that it's time to go to the shelters, and Jiggs starts escorting the others there. Ann asks for five more minutes and Kirk reluctantly agrees.

Vokar takes his prisoner to where he arrived, and a second dinosaur attacks the first one. The two fight and Nimon makes a run for it. Tony goes him, while Vokar trips and Doug grabs his gun. Vokar explains how to use it to kill, but Doug refuses to kill him. The future human says that he's broken his leg and would rather die than be left alone. Doug assures him that he'll stay there and doesn't like to leave him there to die. He explains about "like", and helps Vokar up. Doug realizes that Vokar's leg is only sprained, not broken.

Tony catches up to Tony and they fight, and fall into a giant honeycomb. Doug and Vokar see them and run to the entrance, and Zee arrives. The ground collapses, dropping the three of them in as well. Vokar explains that the city is patterned on the cell of the extinct insects. They hear a swarm returning to the hive.

Kirk warns Ray and Ann that they only have a few minutes left. Ann gets a lock and Kirk calls to Tony and Doug through the Tunnel. They order Nimon to tell them where he put the bomb, and Vokar grabs the gun from Doug. After a moment, he tells Nimon to answer, saying that he likes Doug. Nimon explains where the time fuse for the bomb is and Kirk and Ray, hearing him, find the fuse and disarm it. The scientists tell the travelers that the complex is safe, and Ray warns that they don't have enough power to transfer them all at once. Kirk tells him to stretch the transfers.

The scientists transfer Doug and Tony first. Zee and Vokar hold hands, and the scientists transfer them next. There's not enough power to transfer Nimon, and he huddles beneath some vines as the bees close in.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 11, 2018

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