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Episode 1 Recap

On Earth-X in the city of Tulsa, Nazi troops go out into the city to collect the "undesireables". Two resistance fighters hide in the shadows, protecting a group of refugees. As the refugees head out, the Ray flies down out of the sky and spots the Nazi soldiers moving toward the refugees. A tank opens fire, bringing a building down, and the resistance fighters open fire with small arms. Ray destroys two of the Nazi tanks and then joins his fellow Freedom Fighters--Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, and Dollman. They take off to provide cover while the refugees get to safety.

A Nazi armored carrier prepares to open fire on the refugees. Ray destroys it while Black Condor and Red Tornado take on the ground forces. Meanwhile, a tank rolls over the carrier's wreckage and the soldiers open fire on Phantom Lady and Dollman. Phantom Lady creates a black sphere to block the soldiers' vision, and then she takes them on since she can see in her own darkness. Dollman enters a tank via the gun barrel and enlarges to normal size inside, and the soldiers retreat. The others destroy one of the tanks, and Red Tornado wonders why the Nazis are retreating so easily.

As the refugees board the trucks, Overgirl arrives and destroys the bridge out of Tulsa with her heat vision. Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg join her, and Red Tornado deflects an arrow meant for Black Condor. Overgirl smashes Red Tornado to the pavement below and moves in for the kill.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2018

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