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Episode 3 Recap

In Tulsa on Earth-1 at Tulsa Park Housing, Ray Terrill, is dealing with a woman whose landlord evicted her and her family without a reason. She figures that her family is being evicted because they're the only Muslims. Later, Ray rehearses his speech for the board for his co-worker, John Trujillo. John is the Earth-1 counterpart of Black Condor. Ray says that he wants his speech to be perfect, and John assures him that he'll do fine. Their co-worker, Jenny Knight—the counterpart to Phantom Lady--comes in and says that the big shots are there.

Ray gives his speech to the board and the head councilman the board cuts off Ray's speech and says that they're shutting down the department to save money for the city. He says that he's focusing on the communities that voted for him and leaves with his fellow councilpersons.

That night, Ray and John go to a bar and Ray points out that he didn't do anything. His mother calls to ask if Ray will be home for dinner, and John points out that Ray still hasn't come out to his family. Ray warns that his parents are conservative, but John tells him that he's procrastinating. His friend says that he'll move out when he finds a job that will pay the bill, and John points a man staring at Ray. John threatens to make loud squawking noises if Ray doesn't talk to the man, and Ray reluctantly goes over and says hi to the man, Jacob, but then quickly leaves.

At home, Ray and his parents sit down to eat. A picture of Ray's brother, who died in Afghanistan, hangs on the wall. They eat and Mrs. Terrill says that they need to find Ray a girl like Jenny. He tells them that he's unemployed, and Robert says that it might be the push Jay needs to get a real job. Afterward, Ray goes out to the backyard and paces nervously as he calls to tell John what happened. A breach opens up and the badly wounded The Ray falls through. He stops Ray from calling 911, and dissolves his helmet to reveal that he's Ray's counterpart. The Ray then transfers his light energy into Ray and disintegrates. Ray is holding Red Tornado's cortex, and asks John if he can swing by.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2018

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