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Daddy Darhkest Recap

Star City, 2017

John Constantine arrives at a mental hospital and a nurse tells him that visiting hours are over. He casts a spell, entrancing her into believing that everything is normal, and then goes to a room where a girl Emily cowers in the corner. John introduces himself and Emily says that "he" says that she can't fight him. The demonologist takes out a crucifix and holy water and begins an exorcism, and the entity possessing Emily tells John that she can't save Constantine just like he couldn't save Astra. John continues the exorcism but the entity—Mallus—says that Sara Lance's soul is taking Emily's place.

A doctor and two orderlies come in, and John entrances all of them with a coin. When it drops to the floor, John has slipped away. He goes down the corridor, wondering what Sara has gotten herself into.

Later, John finds Sara and Waverider in Central City and tells her what happened. She takes him to the Legends and John explains that he's a warlock, and notices that Amaya is wearing the Anansi Totem. Jon asks about Leo, who says that he's spoken for. Mick goes to watch TV.

In the lab, Ray and Zari are working on a new nanite pistol to take down Damien. When Ray mentions Martin, the two of them hesitate.

John relates what the demon told him about Sara, and Sara insists that she doesn't need saving. Nate mentions Mallus and John says that he can use the demon's name to cast him out of Emily. As he leaves, Sara says that they've been fighting Mallus and Emily might help them destroy Mallus. John refuses, reminding Sara that he gave her her soul, and she figures that's why she should help them.

The Legends fly Waverider to the mental hospital and Gideon says that Ava is calling. Sara takes the call and Ava says that she's still waiting to meet with Bennett and nobody believes that Mallus is real. Sara suggests that they get a glass of wine together and Sara quickly signs off. Leo is watching and says that Ava clearly has a crush on Sara and called just to talk to Sara. He points out the courtship signals, and Sara insists that they're different people.

Sara, Nate, Leo, John, and Amaya enter the hospital posing as doctors, while Ray and Zari monitor them from Waverider. They take Emily out of her room, and Sara knocks out the orderlies when they try to stop them. Water floods into the hallway and Amaya realizes that it's Kuasa. She tells the others to go on, and then turns to face her ancestor. Kuasa says that she has to protect the moment when Mallus takes Emily, and knocks Amaya down.

The others wheel Emily into an empty room, and Zari confirms via the computer that "Emily" is really Nora Darhk. After Green Arrow killed Damien, Nora was placed into Child Protection Services and her name was changed. Nora is drugged unconscious, and Leo gives Nate his cold gun and then goes to get some adrenaline.

Amaya and Kuasa continue fighting and Kuasa breaks Amaya's arm. Nate fires at Kuasa and misses with the first shot, and freezes her with his second shot. They take her frozen water form to Waverider.

John draws the Triangle of Solomon to contain Mallus within Nora. Leo returns with the adrenaline and Sara shots off her comm. She then injects Nora with the adrenaline, waking her up. Sara asks what the voices in Nora's head are saying, and she mutters "the six". John orders Sara out of the Triangle and then summons Mallus. The room shakes and Nora levitates into the air. Mallus possesses her body and says that he's been expecting Sara, and promises that soon she'll inhabit his world. John begins the exorcism but Mallus just laughs and steps out of the Triangle. Mallus blasts all three of them back, and Mallus writes an incantation on the floor, teleporting them all away. Nora's doctor, Ellen Moore, comes in and Nora says that they were trying to help her but Mallus has them.

John, Leo, and Sara find themselves in the mental hospital... ono January 6, 1969. The younger version of Moore arrives, and Sara says that she can't communicate with the others without special equipment. She says a painting and recognizes it from 2017, and says that they can send a message to the others using it.

Ray and Zari ask Mick if he's heard from the others, while Nate and Amaya arrive after dropping off Kuasa in the brig. Amaya refuses to accept that her granddaughter is in football, and Mick tells Ray and Zari to find their missing friends, while Nate does research and Amaya gets her arm treated in the medbay.

At the mental hospital, Ray takes Zari in while posing as a doctor. Zari sees the wreckage in the room where they performed the exorcism, and sees the Triangle on the floor. They send him a photo and Gideon identifies it as a runic symbol used for temporal manipulation. Nate looks for them in the historical records, while Zari sees Nora. She and Ray question the girl and Zari says that she's been in a mental hospital before. Zari asks about their friends, and Nora tells them that Mallus took over and she won't be able to stop him the next time. Ray warns Zari that they can't take Nora out, but Zari figures they should take her somewhere sunny and boring.

In 1969, Sara hears Mallus in her head saying that she's getting closer. They go thought to the room and the lights flicker, and Sara hears Nora calling to her. The wall bulges out at her, and John warns her that going to the dark side leaves traces. He says that Sara can't let Mallus use him, and they hide in a laundry room. Leo goes to put the message on the painting, and an orderly injects him with a sedative. Moore reads the message and tells the orderlies to take Leo to the operating room.

Sara continues hallucinating, and John tells her that Mallus is using her darkest emotions against her. He casts a spell to shake off Mallus' influence, and she says that she thought it was all over. John explains that he damned his soul to Hell when he failed to save Astra from possession. He asks if Sara has forgiven herself for her sins, and Sara tells him that she doesn't deserve forgiveness. After a moment they continue on and John gives her a rune to keep demons at bay and then have sex.

Amaya remembers the Elder telling her that she needs to protect the Heir, and thaws out Kuasa Kuasa call Amaya grandmother, and points out that Amaya chooses not to protect her people. Amaya insists that she can't interfere with her fate, and Kuasa calls her a coward. She says that Amaya was a wonderful grandmother but one night the men came and murdered Amaya, then burned Zambasi to the ground. Her mother ran with Mari and abandoned Kuasa. Amaya insists that her daughter thought Kuasa was dead, but Kuasa says that she was alone and learned to embrace the pain. She made a deal with Damien, who offered her a chance to protect Zambasi and save Amaya's life.

Ray and Zari take Nora to Jitters to give her a chance to feel normal. Once Nora takes a seat, ray says that they need a plan.

Moore prepares to perform a transorbital lobotomy on Leo. Sara and John burst in and knock Moore out, and Sara suggests that they cast the same spell Mallus used. She figures that if John summons Mallus then she can use his power to cast the spell.

Nora is playing phone games with Zari and Ray, and Nora sees a newscast about Oliver. There's footage of Oliver killing Damien two years ago, and Mallus takes Nora's body. He says that Nora was his and screams, and everyone in Jitters stares at her. Zari tells Nora to fight Mallus, but Mallus slams Nora's head into the table repeatedly and says that she feels nothing. The building shakes and Ray yells at the customers to get out. He tells Mallus to let Nora go, and Mallus sends objects flying.

Mick is busy watching football, and Nate joins him. He finally tells Nate that Amaya is talking to Kuasa.

Amaya tells Kuasa that the Elder told her to protect Kuasa. She enters the cell and says that Kuasa is family. Nate runs in and Amaya tells him to put the cold gun down. Kuasa blasts him with water.

Sara insists that she has to let Mallus in, and John lays down the ash of a phoenix to contain Mallus in a circle.

Kuasa tosses Nate across the room and prepares to kill him. Amaya grabs the cold gun and orders her to let Nate go.

Sara finds herself back in the Mallus reality as John casts the summoning. She draws the rune and it appears on the floor in 1969. Sara hears Nora crying and looks for her in the mist. She finds the girl and realizes that Mallus is possessing her as well.

Ray tries to get through to Nora, but Mallus shoves him away. Zari grabs Nora by the wrist and the skin burns. Mallus realizes that Zari is one of the six and levitates broken glass to throw at her.

Sara tells Nora that she can fight the darkness and she knows because she fights it every day. Nora nods in agreement.

Nora takes control of her body and the glass drops to the floor. Sara goes back to drawing the rune and then powers it, and Leo and John grab her. They appear in 2017 and John realizes that Sara is unconscious. He begs her to come back to him, and she wakes up.

Kuasa tells Amaya to kill her and change her fate. Amaya sets the gun down and says that Nate can help her save Kuasa so that she can go home. After a moment, Kuasa releases Nate and tells Amaya not to disappoint her, then transforms into water and leaves.

Back in her room, Ray and Zari assure Nora that it wasn't home and they'll find her a home. Damien comes in and greets his daughter. Nora is shocked to see that Damien is alive, and says that Ray and Zari kept her safe. Damien tells her that they're afraid of what she is, and insists that Mallus is her savior. He tells Nora to accept Mallus' power so he'll bring him back. Damien paralyzes Ray and Zari when they protest, and Nora goes to him. He tells her that they will have to part but someone will give her a home, and Moore comes in and says that the Order will help her work with Mallus to bring Damien back for good. As Damien goes, he releases Ray and Zari from their paralysis.

The heroes regroup on Waverider, and John makes sure that Sara is free of Mallus' influence. Zari describes what Mallus said, and John figures the Totems are the way to stop Mallus. Amaya points out that there are only five totems that she knows of, and John says that he'll do some research to find the sixth. As he goes, Sara thanks him for helping her with Mallus. He says that it was good for him, too, and tells her to give him a call if she needs his "help" again. Sara thanks him for the shag and walks off, and John chuckles.

As Ray helps John out, John asks him about the anti-magic nanite gun he was making. He tells Ray to keep the gun nearby, and warns that they'll need the gun when Sara eventually succumbs to Mallus' influence.

Mick is watching football when Leo comes in and asks for his attention. Leo says that he's grateful for tagging along with the Legends and is proud to know him, but he's saying goodbye. Mick awkwardly hugs him while watching the game. Sara comes in and points out that Mick is still watching the gun, and Leo explains that Ray asked him to marry him. As Leo goes, Mick tells him that he'll see him around.

Sara calls Ava and says that she just wanted to compare notes. She invites Ava to come to Waverider, but Ava tells her that Rip has escaped.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2018

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