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Episode 4 Recap

At his apartment, Ray tells John what happened and shows him the cortex. John figures that he's lying and Ray activates the cortex. It hovers in middle air and projects a hologram of Red Tornado. Red Tornado says that he should be on Earth-1 and explains that there are thousands of different realities in the multiverse. It explains that it's from Earth-X and the Axis powers won World War II. The Freedom Fighters oppose the Nazis, including The Ray and Black Condor. Red Tornado explains that its cortex contains information vital to the resistance, including the location of the Freedom Fighters' base, and the New Reichsmen are searching for it. The android tells them to destroy the cortex so the New Reichmans can't acquire it, and then fades out.

Ray figures that the cortex is too cool to destroy, but finally agrees. He then realizes that he's hovering off the floor. The Ray's costume forms out of light and encases Ray, and John suggests that the original Ray transferred photokinetic energy to Ray. Ray insists that he's not a superhero, and finally lands on the floor after bouncing around the walls. He aims a light burst at an old chair but hits the TV instead. John suggests that Ray test his powers somewhere else, and Ray figures that his brother would be jazzed to see him with superpowers if he was still alive. As for the New Reichsmen, Ray figures that they have time before they arrive.

On Earth-X, Overgirl hovers over Tulsa, and Blitzkrieg and Black Arrow arrive and tell her that Dollman is dead but they're still searching for Black Condor, Phantom Lady, and Vibe. There's no sign of The Ray, and they figure that he went to Earth-1 with Red Tornado's cortex. Overgirl tells them to ready their forces for a final strike on the Freedom Fighters' base.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2018

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