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Episode 5 Recap

Out in a field, Ray practices firing light beams at passing geese as John looks on. Ray figures that it's cool that he has superpowers, and John suggests that he try flying again. The superhero soars into the air and into the upper atmosphere, and then loses his concentration when he looks down and realizes how high he is. He regains control just before hitting some power lines, and flies back to John. Upon landing, Ray transforms his body into light and wonders what he should do next. John has an idea.

At S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City, Caitlin tells Vibe that she picked up a resonance burst indicating someone crossed over from another Earth, and arrived near Tulsa. She can tell who it is, and notes the radiation levels over the city indicating that a metahuman is present.

John takes Ray to a bar and points out Jacob. He suggests that Ray approach the man, and Ray shatters Jacob's glass with a light burst. Jacob goes to the bar to get a new drink and Ray introduces himself.

In the park, a couple are kissing and a mugger approaches them with a knife.

Ray and Jacob walk down the street and talk, and hear the women scream. They run to the park and find the mugger holding his knife to one women's throat and demanding the other woman's wallet. Ray tells Jacob to find help while he stays there. Once Jacob leaves, Ray transforms into The Ray and tells the mugger to give the wallet back and apologize. The mugger refuses and The Ray blasts a nearby trashcan and then knocks the knife out of the muggers' hand. The Ray grabs the mugger and makes him apologize, and then wraps him to a lamppost and flies off as the police arrive.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2018