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Episode 6 Recap

The Ray intercepts two bank robbers after they set off the alarm. He easily avoids their shots, knocks one robber out, and orders the other to surrender. The second man does, but smiles as a third robber emerges from hiding and shoots The Ray in the shoulder. The Ray turns into light and lets the bullets from both men pass through him so that they hit each other. As the police arrive, The Ray flies off.

On Earth-X, Vibe is in his computer lab searching for The Ray when the New Reichsmen arrive. Vibe grabs a flash drive from his computer and dives through a trapdoor to make his escape. He runs off through the sewers only to find Blitzkrieg waiting for him. He easily dodges Vibe's attacks and punches him, and then slams him into a wall. Vibe smiles and manages to blast Blitzkrieg at close range, and then runs off. Blitzkrieg attacks him at his full speed and then takes him back to the computer base.

Blitzkrieg checks the computers and determines that Vibe was running a multiversal trace. He determines that The Ray and Tornado's cortex are on Earth-1.

At the Terrill house, Ray patches up his wound in the bathroom. Robert knocks on the door and when Ray finally comes out, sees the bloody bandages. Ray claims that he hurt himself playing pickup basketball, and Robert is happy to hear that his son is playing basketball. Jacob calls and Ray steps outside to take it privately, and asks Jacob if they're still on for that night. Someone shoots Ray with a tranq dart and he passes out, and Jacob assumes that he hung up.

Ray staggers down the street and collapses. He passes out as two figures arrive and stand over him.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2018

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