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Tale from the Crypt Recap

Tick yells across the city for the missing Arthur, and people tell him that Arthur isn't there.

In Terror's crypt, Arthur paces around his cell and figures that Tick will save him before or after he's tortured. The prisoner in the next cell speaks up, suggesting that Arthur might be food for one of Terror's animals. Arthur calls to the other prisoner, who says that his name is Mischa: the man who created the Moth suit.

At the bodega, Tick contemplates Arthur's glove and talks about the good times that they had. Tinfoil Kevin looks on and explains that Tick's heart is broken because Arthur is gone. Goat tells Tick that he should check for Arthur at his apartment, and Tick realizes it's the one place he hasn't looked.

Dot arrives at Arthur's apartment and finds the door broken open. She goes in and realizes that Overkill is clinging to the ceiling, trying to hide. As he tells her to stop looking at her, Tick smashes in through the window. Overkill explains that he was talking to Arthur on the phone and it sounded like someone grabbed Arthur off the street. Dot says that she knows a place where the Pyramid Gang goes and overheard them say that Ramses is dead, and asks if Overkill killed Ramses. Tick says that Ramses was alive when he escaped, and Overkill figures that Terror is still alive and took Arthur. He says that it's up to him and Tick to rescue Arthur, and they don't have time for Dot to tag along. When Dot insists on going along, Overkill remembers that it's a three-person plan and agrees.

Mischa explains that he and Project Achilles were stolen, and realizes that the Moth suit is imprinted on Arthur. He warns that it's unfortunate that Arthur put on the suit. Before Mischa can explain, two goons drag Arthur to Terror's command center and chain him to a pillar. Terror is learning to pay the drums, and tells his teacher that he's going too easy on him. He has his goons take the teacher back to his cell to inspire him, then greets Arthur and points out that Arthur stole the Moth suit. He plans to try a blood eagle on Arthur, pulling his lungs out, and realizes that Arthur is the kid whose father he killed years ago.

Ms. Lint comes in with her new negation bracelets and Terror tells her who Arthur is. He tells his goons to toss Arthur back in the cell, and Arthur warns that his superhero friends are coming for him and will take Terror down. Once they go, Terror tells Lint that he has an idea.

Overkill and Dot go to a cemetery and Overkill has Dangerboat scan for the entry point to the crypt. Tick is aboard Dangerboat and says that he's a creature of action, but Dangerboat tells him to sit down. Meanwhile, Dot suggests that Overkill lighten up a bit, but he explains that he needs to stay sharp. He figures that Dot is bantering to distract herself from the fact that Arthur is in mortal danger, and hastily assures her that Arthur is probably not dead. Overkill admits that he's not good at comforting people.

Back in his cell, Arthur calls to Mischa. Lint is outside the cell and asks who he's talking to, and Arthur claims that he's off his meds and talking to himself. Arthur figures that Lint played her and says that she didn't know Terror was alive until the day before. She tells Arthur to shut up so she can tell him that she's sorry he's in the situation. Arthur points out that she aimed Terror in his direction, and Lint tells him that Terror knew where to find Arthur and the suit after the bus stunt. She warns that Terror is looking forward to eviscerating Arthur, and whispers the escae route. When Arthur points out that he can't get out of the cell, Lint tosses the door key in and explains that if Arthur knew what Terror plans to do, he wouldn't wonder why she's helping him.

Dot and Overkill scan for the entry and Dot asks Overkill why he's helping save Arthur. Overkill says that Terror took everything from him, including a man important to him. Because of that, Overkill chooses to save Arthur first and then kill Terror. Dot gets a reading on an unsecured tunnel.

Dangerboat discusses sentience and homosexual gender issues with a confused Tick, Overkill sends the coordinates of the entry point to Dangerboat and tells Tick to bring his gear. Tick gets into the shower and Dangerboat converts it to a cargo cannon, and then shoots Tick to the cemetery.

Once Terror returns to drum playing, Arthur leaves the cell and finds the Moth suit in an alcove. He puts it on and then reluctantly goes back to rescue Mischa. Meanwhile, Lint tells Terror that Arthur is out of the cell and put on the suit. Terror only says that it's like music and the rhythm is coming to him and the instruments are taking their places. Alarms go off as the sensors detect an incoming Tick.

Once the goon guarding Mischa dozes off, Arthur sneaks up on him but isn't sure what to do to him.

Dot and Overkill see Tick and take cover as he slams into the entry point. The goon wakes up and Arthur clubs him unconscious with a stool. He goes into Mischa's cell and discovers that it has a full lab... and everything has been shrunken down to one-third normal size, including Mischa. Mischa explains that he was hit by a shrink ray accident years ago, and wonders why Arthur is in his Moth suit. Arthur asks how Terror intends to kill Superian, and Mischa explains that he found a rare meteorite made of an element, "Big Bismuth", that emits radiation that can hurt Superian. Alarms go off and Mischa says that he'll explain everything once they escape and Arthur will have to carry him.

Tick yells to Dot and Overkill that he's in. and apologizes to the corpses that he desecrated. Overkill gives Dot his favorite gun to guard the entry and jumps down to join Tick.

As Terror suits up, Lint tells him that Arthur rescued Mischa. Terror tells her to report Mischa to his embassy so they'll kill him on their own, and is surprised that Arthur came back to save Mischa instead of running. He's impressed that he created a hero years ago, one that he needs now. Terror then makes sure the C4 hooked up to self-destruct is ready.

Mischa has Arthur turn on his helmet light so he can see. Goons chase after them, and Arthur activates the suit wings and flies out of the hole and flies off. Dot goes after him as he drops Mischa and flies into a crypt. Mischa stops to admire the sky that he hasn't seen in years, hits Arthur in the groin, apologizes, and runs off. Dot arrives and hugs her brother.

Tick and Overkill arrive in the abandoned control center and realize that it's wired to explode. The timer goes off and Tick leaps on Overkill to shield him.

The cemetery ground collapses and gravestones fall into the resulting chasm. Arthur and Dot take cover, and Dot tells her brother that Tick and Overkill were below.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 23, 2018

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