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Lady Lazarus Recap

Howard sits with Pete on the train, boasting about his new lover in the city and attempting to sell Pete life insurance.

At the office, Dawn tells Megan a man called asking for Megan Calvet. Megan discreetly ducks into the phone booth outside the office.

Meanwhile, Ginsberg dramatically pitches a “Hard Day’s Night” concept to executives from Chevalier Blanc. The clients clap when he finishes, then ask for music that sounds like The Beatles.

Afterwards, Ginsberg suggests music options but Don says he’ll run it by Megan.

Roger tells Pete that Head Ski Company requested him to handle their account and offers Pete two sets of skis they sent as a gift. Pete awkwardly carries them out of Roger’s office.

Don invites Megan to join him at a client dinner, but she bows out because of work. Don asks her when music became so important in advertising and admits, “I have no idea what’s going on out there.”

Later, Megan informs Peggy that she’s heading out because Don called and insisted she meet him at dinner.

At the train parking lot in Cos Cob, Howard’s wife Beth introduces herself to Pete, asking if he saw Howard on the train. When Beth explains that she’s locked herself out of her car, Pete covers for Howard and drives her home.

From home, Don calls Peggy to ask where Megan is. Confused, Peggy says Megan excused herself because of dinner plans with Don.

Beth confronts Pete about lying for Howard, proclaiming Howard wouldn’t care “if I was alive or dead.” Concerned, Pete follows her into her house and they kiss.

At the office, Peggy gets another call from Don. She hesitates, then picks up the phone, blurts out “Pizza House!” and hangs up. Don calls again but Peggy ignores the call.

Beth and Pete lay on her floor after having sex. She says his eyes remind her of images of Earth — and that the images are tragic. She insists “this can never happen again.”

When Megan arrives home, Don asks where she was. Megan says she lied to Peggy in order to see her friends. “I’ve done that,” Don concedes.

The next morning, Peggy follows Megan into the ladies room and confronts her. Megan apologizes for lying and says she was at a callback for an off-off-Broadway show, but didn’t get the part. Peggy encourages Megan to stick with advertising, but Megan says it might not be “what I’m supposed to be doing.” “There are people killing to get this job,” Peggy snaps.

In Don’s office, Ken says Cool Whip has requested the “Mr. and Mrs. Draper bit” at their test kitchen. Don and Megan stage a husband-and-wife scene in which she urges Don to “just taste it.” Peggy is visibly irritated, but tells Don she’s “just absorbing it.”

Pete calls Beth from the phone booth and asks her to meet him. She says it’s too risky and asks him not to call again.

Megan wakes Don in the middle of the night and confesses about her callback. “I miss acting,” she says. “I think I gave up too easily.” Don discourages her at first, but then agrees she shouldn’t abandon her dreams. They decide she’ll quit the next day.

The next morning, Don tells Joan about Megan and asks what the protocol is for her departure. Joan says the girls will take her to lunch.

Megan tearfully announces that she’s leaving SCDP to pursue acting. Stan assumes the reality of ad work finally sank in: “You work your ass off for months, bite your nails, for what? Heinz. Baked. Beans.”

Harry tells Pete the news about Megan but Pete is unfazed. “They do whatever they want,” he says.

Don sees Megan off at the elevator then pushes the button again. The doors open but the elevator is not there. He looks down the empty shaft and backs away.

In Don’s office, Ken plays the song Chevalier Blanc picked for their ad and Don mistakes it for The Beatles. Ken asks about Cool Whip and Don says Peggy will replace Megan.

On the train ride home, Pete suggests going to Howard’s house to review life insurance policies.

Peggy and Joan gossip about Megan. “She’s going to be a failing actress with a rich husband,” Joan says. Peggy defends Megan but Joan reminds her about Betty’s modeling career. “That’s the kind of girl Don marries,” Joan says.

At Howard’s house, Pete quietly asks Beth to meet him at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Beth excuses herself with a migraine.

Don arrives home to find Megan cooking dinner. “You’re everything I hoped you’d be,” she says. “You too,” he echoes.

In the Cool Whip test kitchen, Peggy botches the tagline during the “Mr. and Mrs. Draper” bit. Peggy and Don argue about Megan until Peggy proclaims, “You’re not mad at me. So shut up.”

In a hotel room, Pete sits alone with champagne. He throws his glass against the wall before gathering his things and walking out.

In Don’s office, Roger suggests Megan wants to start a family. Don says Megan isn’t interested in babies but thinks she should follow her dream, lest she “end up like Betty or her mother.”

At home, Megan gives Don a Beatles album to educate him on music. She leaves for acting class and he puts on “Tomorrow Never Knows.” The song plays as…

Peggy shares a joint with Stan at work.

Pete sees Beth and Howard in their car. Beth draws a heart on the foggy window then erases it.

Megan lies on the classroom floor for an acting exercise.

Back at the Draper home, Don stops the record mid-song and leaves the room.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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