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Christmas Waltz Recap

Lane's attorney abroad instructs him to wire £2,900 to England within two days for back taxes. Lane worries he can't come up with the money.

Harry schedules coffee with Paul Kinsey, then reports a strong first-quarter outlook to Lane but cautions that nothing is certain.

Lane visits SCDPís bank manager and convinces him to authorize a $50,000 credit extension.

Pete tells Don and Roger that Edwin Baker has been fired from Jaguar and SCDP is back in contention for the account. Presentations will take place mid-January. "That's a lot of work," Don notes. "Yes, you may have to stay past 5:30," Pete snaps.

Paul, wearing a robe and sporting a shaved head, greets Harry at a Hare Krishna gathering. He introduces his friend Lakshmi, who convinces Harry to join them in a group chant.

Lane calls a partners meeting to announce they can hand out Christmas bonuses thanks to a $50,000 surplus. To Lane's chagrin, Don recommends holding off until the Christmas party. Pete agrees, explaining the Jaguar announcement will be a sufficient morale boost until then.

In Joan's office, Roger says he wants to financially support her and Kevin. "We created a human life," he says. "We made a baby." Joan refuses, claiming "It's better this way for him."

In a taxi after the Krishna gathering, Paul admits to Harry that he loves Lakshmi but the Krishna movement does not make him happy.

Megan and Don watch the play America Hurrah, in which a character rants against TV ads. After the play, Megan and Don fight about its negative portrayal of advertising. "No one's made a stronger stand against advertising than you," Don argues.

At a diner, Paul hands Harry a script he wrote for Star Trek and asks Harry to pass it along to NBC. Harry reluctantly agrees.

Lane steals into the office at night and forges Don's signature on a $7,500 check written out to himself.

The next day, Harry asks Peggy for her opinion on Paulís script, admitting "it's really bad." Peggy advises Harry to tell Paul the truth.

Pete asks Don to test drive a Jaguar for research purposes. Don agrees but brushes off Peteís suggestion to bring Megan. "If I'd told you last December that we'd be in the running for a car, you wouldíve kissed me on the mouth," Pete says sourly.

Lane assures his attorney that the funds should be available immediately, but hangs up when the attorney mentions his fee.

Joan is summoned to reception for a signature, but instead gets served divorce papers. She yells at the receptionist for letting the man into the office and smashes the model Mohawk airplane.

Don leads Joan out of the office and brings her with him to a Jaguar showroom where they pretend to be a couple looking for a new car. Don offers the salesman a $6,000 deposit to let them test-drive an XK-E alone.

At a bar, Joan reminisces about the days when suitors constantly sent her flowers. "My first week there, I thought you were dating Ali Kahn," Don confesses. "My mother raised me to be admired," Joan says, wondering why Don never showed interest in her. He admits he was afraid of her. They talk about what itís like to start over until Joan gets up to put on some music.

Lakshmi shows up at SCDP and propositions Harry in his office. He resists but kisses her back when she assures him itís permitted by the movement.

Back at the bar, Don and Joan flirt. He points out a man who seems interested in Joan and she guesses the man has a wife. Don offers to return the Jaguar by himself, slipping her some ìmad moneyî in case it doesnít work out.

Alone in the Jaguar, Don shifts gears and accelerates.

In Harry's office, Lakshmi reveals that Paul is the movement's best recruiter and tells Harry to stay away -- lest he turn Paul into a "gross materialist."

Don arrives home drunk and finds Megan simmering at the dinner table. She throws her plate against the wall and asks where heís been. Furious, she yells that she "sat here like an idiot waiting for someone who doesn't give a shit about anybody."

She orders him to sit at the table and eat. "You used to love your work," she reflects.

Rebecca tells Lane she wants to visit England for Christmas. He dissuades her by claiming the office needs him after Jaguar "came crawling back to me," and he doesnít want to spend another Christmas alone.

Roger delivers a bouquet of roses that were sent to Joan. The card reads, "Your mother did a good job. Ali Kahn."

Harry tells Paul that his business connection liked the script but passed on it. He gives Paul $500 and a ticket to L.A., urging him to leave the Krishnas and start over. Paul hugs Harry. "All these people said they'd do something for me and you're the first one who did," Paul says.

At the office, Pete informs the partners that Mohawk is suspending their advertising budget due to a machinist strike. When Lane protests doing away with bonuses entirely, the partners agree to give bonuses only to the staff and defer their own.

In the conference room, the partners brief SCDP employees on Mohawk, Jaguar and the bonuses. Don ends the meeting with a pep talk: "Every agency on Madison Avenue is defined by the moment they got their car. When we land Jaguar, the world will know weíve arrived."

The room erupts in applause.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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