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High School Poppycock Recap

Chloe walks into the penthouse and calls to Lucifer, asking if he's ready. She gets no response and realizes that the lights are off. Lucifer steps out and says that something has happened and he's not going with her. He says that he can't make them go away and walks toward her. There are wings sprouting from his back, and as they flare out Chloe steps backward through the window and falls. Lucifer falls after him and tries to grab her hand, but something yanks him back.

Lucifer finishes describing his dream to Linda and asks what it means. She explains that there's some symbolism, and suggests that God might take away Chloe next. Lucifer insists that they have to show that God can't control him by defying him. He plans to remove Marcus' curse and kills him, but he has no idea how to do it. Lucifer wants Linda to remove his mental block via hypnosis. Linda tells him that there's no fix for a lack of ideas, and he just has to wait for inspiration. Irritated, Lucifer tells her that she was unhelpful and leaves. Amenadiel calls and Linda takes the call, smiling.

Chloe goes into Ella's lab and Ella tells her that she'd better not be canceling. The detective says that she has work to do and has to be a responsible adult, and Ella suggests that she put on a pink wig and not be a responsible adult. Chloe begs off and removes the wig, and Ella tells her that one day she'll realize what she's missing.

Chloe and Lucifer drive to the murder scene and Lucifer stares off into space. His partner finally asks what's on his mind, and Lucifer says that he has a puzzle that he has to solve. He asks Chloe what she does when she runs out of ideas, and Chloe explains that there's always a new angle to continue. The dead woman is Kathleen Peak, the author of a futuristic YA series called Class of 3001. Someone bashed in her head with her vintage typewriter. White goo is on the floor around Kathleen's head, and Ella says that it's melted ice cream. Kathleen was eating ice cream when someone killed her. Vincent Green, Kathleen's editor, found the body. As Chloe goes to talk to Vincent, Lucifer asks Dan how he does improve. Dan explains that he just says the first thing that comes to mind.

Vincent tells Chloe that he came over to pick up Kathleen's new book, which was going to have an action-packed ending. He doesn't know of any enemies, and wonders if it's his fault. He explains that he tweeted the news to her fans, and figures that a fan who wanted to read the book and make sure that no one else could. Vincent tells them that Kathleen had a case of writer's block and it took five years for her to finish her book. She told Vincent that the afterword would explain how she overcame her writer's block, and the manuscript has disappeared. Lucifer figures that if they find the book then he'll figure out the answer to his own problem.

Linda and Amenadiel have dinner at Linda's office and Amenadiel says that the last few weeks have been incredible. Linda agrees and says that she hates sneaking around on Maze. She wants to tell her friend but is afraid, and Amenadiel warns that Maze wouldn't take it well. Linda wonders if they're being cowards, and Amenadiel points out that they are but it's Maze, and she's staying busy. He agrees to check on her if it would make Linda better.

The next day, Lucifer reads Kathleen's last book and complains that it's too PG. He asks if Chloe's high school years were the same way, and she says that she didn't have much of a high school experience because she was a child actor and had tutors. Chloe has found someone on the Internet called Ashley3001Fan who argued with Kathleen online and wasn't happy the book too long. Ashley went offline afterward and they figure that Ashley might have sought revenge.

Amenadiel goes to the house and asks Trixie if Maze is there. He realizes that she's lying and asks Trixie to tell Maze that she stopped by. Trixie closes the door and joins Maze on the couch, and Maze says that Amenadiel is sneaking around with her friend and lying to her about it. The girl says that sometimes people are scared to tell the truth and need some help, and Maze figures that's her thing.

Lucifer and Chloe go to an ice cream store that Chloe cybertraced Ashley to. There are three attendants, Chloe admires them having stupid fun, much to Lucifer's surprise. When Chloe flashes her bed, one attendant Claire runs. Chloe quickly catches up to her, and the manager--Ashley Collins--comes out and asks what's going on. Lucifer demands the book.

At the station, Lucifer and Chloe interrogate Ashley. Ashley says that he didn't have the book, but admits that he brought the ice cream to Kathleen personally. He's shocked to hear that Kathleen is dead, and says that she's the greatest writer of their generation. Ashley tells them that high school was the best time of his life and the books are deeper than they think. Chloe shows him the online discussion, and Ashley admits that he made a mistake and sent his writing to Kathleen. She asked Ashley to help finish her book, but she decided to go in a different direction. However, it helped Kathleen overcome her block because she realized that she had to go back to her original inspiration.

Ashley tells them that the characters in Kathleen's novels were based on her real-life experiences at her high school. Chloe and Lucifer tell Dan, Charlotte, and Ella what they discovered, and Dan figures that one of the high school people killed Kathleen to keep themselves from being humiliated in public. Ella has put together a list of six possible suspects that have the most to hide. Charlotte points out that they have no evidence, and Chloe explains that Kathleen was rushing to finish her book for her high school reunion. She suggests that they go undercover, and Ella realizes that Lucifer can pose as Todd Cornwall, the class loner. Todd was the only one with zero social media presence, but he RSVP'd. Charlotte suggests that they distract Todd with a bounty hunter and leaves so she doesn't hear their plan.

Maze enters Linda's office and says that she called but never heard back. Linda claims that work was busy, and Maze asks if Linda found a boyfriend. The therapist insists that she doesn't have a boyfriend, and Maze offers to help set her up with a guy. Linda tries to beg off but Maze insists and Linda has no choice but to agree.

At home, Chloe reads the 3001 novels for research. Trixie comes out and says that it's morning, and Chloe realizes that she's been reading all night and lost track of time.

That night, Lucifer goes to the reunion with Chloe as his plus-one. Chloe admires the directions, and spots the six suspects: Emily Armantrout and Bo, Tristan Valenti and Jessica Johnson, and Max Evans and Isabel Deluca. She says that they're all there and gushes over them until Lucifer reminds her that one of them is a killer. Chloe goes over to sign in, giggling, and Lucifer wonders what's going on. Once Chloe gets their badges, she tells Lucifer that they should split up and question three suspects each. She goes over to question Lucifer.

Linda arrives at a steakhouse and finds Amenadiel there. He says that Maze invited him there, and Linda wonders if Maze is trying to make them squirm. Maze brings in Todd as Linda's date, and Maze shoves him at Linda and then tells her that she and Amenadiel are double-dating with them.

Lucifer approaches Isabel, who is shocked that "Todd" looks so different. She says that he's hot and leads him away to "catch up".

Chloe tells Tristan and Jessica that Kathleen's new book is coming out, and they complain that the books ruined their lives. Lucifer doesn't get anywhere with his suspects, while Chloe interrogates her suspects and gets very pushy. Max finally suggests that they go somewhere a little quieter to "talk".

Maze, Amenadiel, Linda, and Todd sit down and Todd starts talking about how he wets the bed. Linda says that it's more common than people think, and a disgusted Amenadiel says that serial killers often wet their beds. Maze suggests that they crank it up a notch, and Linda tells Amenadiel that they just have to sweat it out.

Lucifer questions Tristan, who finally says that they snuck into the school pool but they didn't invite everyone. Lucifer realizes that they all have the same alibi and goes off to find Chloe.

Max hits on Chloe when she tries to ask him where he was when Kathleen died. Isabel comes over and asks what Max is doing. She admits that she cheated on Max because she thought Max cheated on her, but she read in the book that he didn't. Lucifer and Emily arrive and they all start arguing, and Lucifer finally blurts out that none of them killed Kathleen. He tells Chloe that all of the suspects alibi each other, and Max says that Todd emailed him that he was hanging out with Kathleen. Lucifer realizes that "he" is the killer.

Lucifer and Chloe drive to the steakhouse and Lucifer figures that Todd is tired of being left out of the books. Chloe says that she was trying to make up for all of the teen drama that she missed out on. She tells Lucifer that it's ridiculous, and Lucifer says that it isn't.

Todd talks about abscessed teeth, and Maze hangs on Amenadiel. Linda finally tells her that it's inappropriate, and realizes that Maze knows that she and Amenadiel are involved. When Linda says that Maze is mean, Maze tells them that they've been lying to her for weeks. She asks Amenadiel if God sent him on a divine purpose to bang a selfish human. Linda complains that all she does is listen to everyone's problems, and for once she did what makes her happy. She says that what she and Amenadiel found was unexpected but 100% real.

Shocked, Maze says that Linda was her friend and walks off as Lucifer and Chloe arrive. They tell Todd to drop the steak knife and take him in for interrogation. He admits that he saw Kathleen two nights ago, but is shocked to hear that she's dead. Todd says that he's used to people judging him by his cover, and that's why he swore off social media. Kathleen wanted to discuss the final installment of her series with her. She was going to include Todd and make him the hero. Kathleen was going to reveal the book at the reunion, and Todd has no idea what was in the afterword. She told him that it was going to have a happy grounded ending with people finally understanding each other. It's nothing like the ending Vincent described.

Chloe calls Vincent and asks if Kathleen ever talked to him about working with a ghostwriter. Vincent says that Kathleen mentioned that Ashley was a creepy fan. Once Chloe hangs up, she and Lucifer go to the ice cream store.

Vincent goes to the ice cream store to kill Ashley and frame him for Kathleen's murder. Lucifer is wearing Ashley's coat and waiting for Vincent. Chloe trains her gun on Vincent and orders him to surrender, and says that Ashley confirmed that he wrote the action ending. She's also checked traffic footage and confirmed that he went to Kathleen's. Vincent admits that he went to Kathleen's to get the book. When he read it, he was horrified by the ending. They argued and he threw the typewriter at her, killing her. Vincent says that he destroyed the manuscript, and Lucifer demands to know how Kathleen fixed the block. All the editor knows is that Kathleen said she was inspired when she realized that she couldn't go back and change what happened. When Vincent struggles, Chloe fires a shot severing a gas line and knocks Vincent away. As she handcuffs Vincent, Lucifer says that he's far from okay.

The next day, Amenadiel and Linda go to the park. Linda says that Maze was right and they never should have lied to her. She admits that she knew what they were doing would hurt Maze but she did it anyway. Linda explains that she's happier than she ever has been but she was being selfish. She says that she can't be with Amenadiel anymore and it's not who she is. Amenadiel tells Linda that he may have strayed from who he is, and he understands. They both agree that it's over.

Lucifer calls Chloe to Lux and asks if she's back to being the "good detective". He explains that he likes it more when he's the irresponsible one and Chloe is serious. Chloe says that she likes being the responsible adult, and Lucifer figures that she won't want the corsage that he bought her. He pins it on her blouse and asks if she'll go to the prom with him. The two of them go out on the floor and dance. Chloe points out that Lucifer never got his inspiration and asks if he's going to tell him what he was trying to solve. He says that his father put a curse on someone and he wants to break it show his father that he's not as powerful as he thinks. Chloe suggests that it's better to move forward to stay stuck in the past. Lucifer figures that all he needs to do is go back and undo the reason for the curse, and thanks her.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 27, 2018

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